Homeless Livin’ + TOL

Hi, my name is Emma and I am currently WAY too stressed to write coherently, so let’s just thank our lucky stars that Thinking Out Loud is a thing and Amanda is our saviour.


1. I ate a donut for breakfast this morning.¬†Annnnnd it wasn’t as amazing as I thought it would be. I’ve been craving them for EVER so I’m a little bit shocked. Perhaps I should have gone for the apple fritter instead of chocolate dip? Maybe tomorrow today. ūüėČ

apple-frittersYeeeeah those are looking pretty darn sweet.

2. But my stomach has been growling since I woke up (despite LOTS of food) so perhaps I should consider eating some vegetables. Just a thought.

3. Another thought: I REALLY NEED A PLACE TO LIVE!¬†Like, it’s all well and good and wonderful and amazing that I got into Kinesiology, but I sorta don’t think going to school and living on the street is going to work out very well. I’ve gotten a couple of replies (to exactly seven billion emails), but since I can’t go visit the place I usually get passed over. Add to the fact that the Vancouver housing market is INSANITY and you have a recipe for one homeless college student.

4. I’m reading Harry Potter and the Order of the¬†Phoenix¬†for the fifteenth time.¬†Not an exaggeration. My friend James was making fun of me, saying that he was going to bring a new book for me to read, but honestly? I’ve got seven books in my life, I don’t need any more. ‚̧


5. READING is the key word there.¬†The picture is (obviously) of the movie, but I am so turned off of TV right now it’s not even funny. I will start watching something, thinking I’m going to unwind for a few minutes, and I am instantly bored out of my mind! That and extremely irritated by the flashing lights / noise.

6. Another aversion? COFFEE.¬†I don’t know who I am anymore. It’s been a week since I properly drank a cup of coffee, and much longer since I genuinely enjoyed it. Friday night I chugged half an iced coffee because I had a withdrawal headache, and on Tuesday I had to get my coworker to tell me what my espresso was like (so I could adjust the grinder) because it just all tasted awful to me.


I do love not feeling dependant on a substance, though, even if it does mean I’m a little bit more tired!

7. Tuesday’s 10 miler was a huge success!¬†I haven’t run longer than 7 miles since my half marathon on June 14, so I was a little bit worried to say the least. But it was probably one of my most solid long runs ever! I started slooow, kept it steady, and didn’t freak out on the hills. There was a little nausea and cramping towards the end which was gross, but I also didn’t suffer from that crippling fatigue I used to get so often!

8. And then I woke up the next morning to homemade¬†blueberry muffins.¬†Can I live at home forever, please? ‚̧

9. But really.¬†Is anyone in Vancouver looking for a¬†roommate?¬†I’ll go on runs with you and bake you muffins!


PR Half Marathon Training Week 5

Good morning guys! Happy Monday! I swear, I kept thinking that it was Monday¬†yesterday¬†and was surprised every time someone mentioned the weekend. I guess not having an alarm for two weeks, and then a rude 6:30am wakeup call will do that to you. My early wakeup was due to wanting to get a run in before the storage locker peeps showed up at 9am! I considered waiting until after, but decided against it¬†which was a very good choice…my day was absolutely jam packed and I am sitting here at the end of it ready to collapse.

Maybe I will do a post about it later…but maybe not since I don’t think anyone really wants to read about Emma’s Epic Moving Failures: 2015 Edition. LOLZ. Let’s just say I will be incredibly relieved once all my stuff is on the plane…

So it’s time to talk running! So much more fun. I want to preface this with a¬†huge¬†congratulations to Tina for rocking the London Marathon yesterday! She wanted to stop putting so much pressure on herself, so she ran a casual 2:41. NBD. Tina, you inspire me daily and your gorgeous accent¬†has been making my long runs so much more enjoyable. ūüôā

You can download her podcast here!


I¬†think¬†this was week 5 of half marathon training…I don’t really feel like I am training, to be honest! Just running, working hard, and enjoying every minute. ūüôā

Monday: total body strength

Tuesday: 6 miles easy

Wednesday: 10 miles.¬†The ushz (<– I¬†know that looks¬†ridiculous but how else am I supposed to spell it?!)¬†long run of late.¬†It wasn’t easy but it also wasn’t impossible.

Thursday:¬†upper body strength –> basically a rest day. The gym is the best way for me to relieve stress, but on upper body only days I don’t work hard at all and just kinda stroll around.

Friday: 8 miles.¬†I had my heart set on doing my favourite workout from Lauren Fleshman, the Rowland Tempo, but¬†there were no available treadmills! I have zero capability to gauge my pace so I can only really do it indoors. I wasn’t in the mood to do my usual 5 easy miles – I wanted to feel accomplished! So I decided to do a way longer midweek run than usual. ‘Twas a success! And 10 miles doesn’t feel quite so daunting anymore. ūüôā

Saturday: total body strength

Sunday: 6 miles. This was done on the treadmill, mostly easy. I did throw in one 8:00 mile and 5-6ish one minute hill climbs!

TOTAL: 30 MILES. I was determined to hit 30 miles again last week, since I know this week my mileage is going to go way down! Today and tomorrow will be run days, and then the rest of the week will involve my couch + Grey’s Anatomy. And not much else. ūüėČ

Tomorrow night I will be home…but first I’ve got to make it through the rest of my packing and another exam tomorrow morning! I hope your Monday treats you well!

How was your week of training / workouts? 

Any moving experiences to share?

#6 has been one for the books, that’s for sure.

How to Pack a Dorm Room During Finals

Good morning! Even though Tuesdays are typically the most annoying day of the week (what do you mean we’re not even halfway through yet?!), I am feeling like today is going to be excellent. There are two reasons for this:

1. I didn’t wake up feeling like I had been hit by a truck.¬†Yesterday morning was one of those “I can’t function without coffee…but I need to function to GET coffee.” It was rough.

2. The SUN is out. Monday was either super gloomy or a torrential rainstorm all day lonnng. The only thing that perked me up was a hot chocolate around 6pm. Never underestimate the powers of chocolate.


Moving on. There are a lot of things I am not qualified to do: give you specific nutrition advice, design workout routines, run the country (my Canadian friends, you know exactly what I am getting at here). But, as someone that has moved no less than five times in the last four years, I feel qualified to give you some advice on this situation. And¬†as I get ready to go home in¬†exactly two weeks (!!!),¬†I’ve gathered¬†a little more life experience:

How to Pack A Dorm Room During Finals

1.¬†Start by staring aimlessly around your room.¬†It is very important to spend time simply soaking in your surroundings. Don’t get down on yourself – creating anxiety and panic over how much you have to do is¬†very¬†productive.

dorm-roomLet’s appreciate my very¬†necessary¬†“DO HOMEWORK!” motivator. ūüėȬ†

2. Make sure you remind yourself the impossibility of the situation.¬†“There is absolutely no freaking way¬†all of this is going to fit into three suitcases” –> words your brain needs to hear to understand the severity of the situation.

3. Don’t bother with labelling boxes.¬†Oh, this fur-covered hot water bottle fits in with the bedsheets! In it goes. Let’s also stuff a screwdriver and old French notes in there, because we need to keep the weight balanced.

4. Dancing is an excellent companion to packing.¬†It’s the best when you are in the process of getting dressed after a shower, and¬†another human being has the ability to open the door at any given time. Make sure the music is either Hilary Duff or the Jonas Brothers for maximum effectiveness.

Yes, just yes.

5. Take regular breaks. You did all of the above for ten minutes straight! GO YOU, beautiful. Now reward yourself with an hour of Instagram.

Congratulations! You have officially made it to move-out day successfully. But just as a precaution, I would also invite friends to help out. You know, just in case. 

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Do you have any good moving tips? 

I need help….

Am I the only one still shamelessly rocking out to the early 2000s?