A New Direction

Hm. This is harder to write than I was expecting. I think it’s because I hate / am so incredibly sick of the typical “I’m baaaacckkkkk! This time I’m seriously going to blog more, like FO REALZ.” And then that never happens and the black hole of the blog just gets more and more awkward.

So since we have more than enough awkward around here as it is, we’re going to skip all that shiz. What happened to this little corner of the internet? To make a long story short, I ran out of things to say. I was home for the summer, didn’t have much direction, and the idea of blogging about my morning run and baking escapades just did not entice me.

But now that I’m learning about human physiology, active health, and biomechanics to name a few? Let’s just say I want to talk about allthethings allthetime. I’m finding little things pop into so many of my conversations that I just have to have a geek-out moment.

Case in point: I was incredibly stressed/freaked out writing my Active Health exam, part of which was on the stress response. So I am frantically scribbling down every item of knowledge in my brain, can barely feel my right hand, all while thinking: “My Sympathetic Adrenal Medullary Axis is seriously firing right now. There are so many catecholamines in my bloodstream it’s crazy.” 

I LOVE talking about exercise physiology, health, and fitness. It’s a topic I’ve always been passionate about but felt hopelessly uneducated in. But the fact that I am now just a teensy tiny little bit more knowledgable, EXCITES THE FREAKING HECK OUT OF ME.

So we’re back, bitches. Get ready.



On Finding Passion + Burnout: Life + Running

Oh hi there! You might not recognize me, seeing as it’s been a solid 2 weeks since I blogged and about 2 months since I was properly involved in the blogworld. As I get closer to my nineteenth birthday (ZOMG I’M SO OLD CAN I HAVE A QUARTER LIFE CRISIS YET?!), I’m noticing more and more that I’m looking for learning opportunities in every experience. This little blogging hiatus is no different. And it also just so happened to coincide with a running hiatus.

*cue dramatic gasp*

I KNOW. I just ran a huge PR in the half marathon, was totally fired up about running and training, and then…I stop running altogether for a week. Long story short: I took zero recovery time post-half, focused on nothing but running, and entirely burned myself out. It got to the point where I wasn’t even running fast, it was just slow slogs to “put the miles in” because I felt like I had to reach that magic number every week.

Yesterday capped off eight days of zero running, and my hiatus most definitely went out with a bang – I barely moved from my backside all. day. long. Honestly, I cannot remember a day where I just allowed myself to rest, recover, and do what I wanted! So instead of forcing myself to get it in gear and do life things / go to the gym / be a functional human, I curled up with my BFF Harry and took breaks to eat peanut butter and bake.

Yeah. It was a good one. And it reminded me that burnout is real. It doesn’t matter how passionate you think you are about something, or how much you think you are enjoying yourself, there is always the potential to push too far. And once you jump off that cliff, climbing back up is a different story.

I’m lucky to have avoided it with running, but I fell hard off the blogging bandwagon. I turned it into a chore, something that I “had” to do, and once I had that mindset everything I wanted to post about seemed pointless.

You don’t have a degree or any sort of certification, Emma. Your stupid musings about your stupid running are stupid and a waste of time. 

^ The things I said to myself every time I wanted to blog, hence why there was no blogging.

Welp, that’s all about to change, for two BIG reasons.

#1. RECOVERY. It’s not just for fitness, people. Our minds need it too.

#2. CERTIFICATION. IN. PROGRESS. On Monday, June 29, I was accepted into the Faculty of Kinesiology at UBC! I was rejected twice and wait listed once, so to say this was a huge surprise is the understatement of the century. But I am SO incredibly excited to announce that I am now pursuing my Bachelor of Kinesiology, CSEP training certification once I complete two years of study, and then a Master of Physiotherapy following graduation! Having a plan laid out is pretty sweet…especially when it leads right to where my heart lives. ❤

There’s the requisite obnoxious cheesiness in Emma’s blog posts. Moving on from that, I’M SO EXCITED TO BE BACK. YAY. HOORAY FOR PASSION.

Free Candy! (I Moved)

http://lifesarunner.com <– You know you want some click action! 

Okay, so there isn’t actually any free candy.

But would you believe me if I told you that if I could throw you some chocolate through the screen right now, I’d do it?

Actually, scratch that. If I could lovingly give you homemade, hand-wrapped chocolate truffles drizzled with caramel and a touch of cinnamon…

I would!

Why all the sweet talk, you ask?

I moved!

I’m now blogging at http://lifesarunner.com! I’ve always needed to put 110% into everything that I do, and I wasn’t able to do that on WordPress.com. So don’t make me start all over and visit me! 🙂