The Great (YouTube) Fitness Tag

WHAT IS UP, friends. I have literally been staring mindlessly at my computer screen for the last fifteen minutes, but my brain is toasted. Dunzo. I don’t really feel like I got enough studying done today but tomorrow is a fresh start, amiright?

Now that I have (tragically) finished Grey’s Anatomy, I need something else to watch in the evenings. I tried out a couple other Netflix shows, but nothing was really doin’ it for me. Somehow I stumbled across this whole world of fitness youtubers, and have been happily binge watching all their videos. 🙂

Now, I am very happy as a non-calorie counting long distance runner, but there is something about the whole flexible dieting / heavy lifting world that I find really interesting! Brittany Lesser is what got me interested it in the first place, and she is just an awesome, inspirational girl regardless of her achievements (which happen to be pretty awesome!).

Anyway, she posted a “Fitness Tag” video that looked like it would be fun in blog form! I obviously edited a couple of the questions to make it fit the healthy living blogger world, so I would definitely love it if you wanted to do it too! 🙂

1. If you never got into healthy living, what would you be doing?

Drinking until 5am, and living surviving off of bagels and ramen noodles! <– I am actually very proud to note that none of the above has occurred during my first year of university. I may be in the minority of college students, but I am so happy that my life is where it is!

2. What is your favorite and least favorite body part to work?

I LOVE to train legs. Even though I can’t squat/deadlift/etc. all that much weight, it still makes me feel strong and amazing. I’m not really a fan of any upper body workouts, but I especially dislike shoulders. They are just hard and annoying for me.

3. What would your last meal on earth be?

A homemade panini with avocado, hummus, turkey and cheddar dipped in salsa, with Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream for dessert. DONE.


[Tweet “Gut reaction: what would your last meal on earth be? “]

4. If you had to choose between eating only carbs or only fats, which would you choose?

Haha…I sorta feel like I do this anyway –> all the carbs. I notice that I feel SUPER snacky and have intense cravings when I don’t eat enough fat, but I often go all day eating probably around 70% carbs. #oops?
5. Who is your “crush” in the fitness industry?

Lauren Fleshman! I also love Kara Goucher and Shalene Flanagan, but Lauren feels so much more relatable to me, for whatever reason (I think she is 30ish with a child). Maybe because she is a blogger too? I absolutely love her mindset with regards to women’s running, fairness in the pro world, and basically everything else. #girlcrush


6. If you had to pick ONE food to have 0 calories (but still taste the same) the rest of your life, what would you choose?

This is kind of a strange question, since it honestly wouldn’t affect the way I eat anything. BUT I suppose I wouldn’t mind a nightly bowl of ice cream having zero impact. 🙂
7. Would you rather never be allowed to lift again but have your ideal physique, or be allowed to lift but work your butt off for your physique?

Since my physique is not anywhere on the list of why I lift, I definitely have to go with the first one! I lift weights so that I can be a strong runner and strong in life. And I run because it makes me feel strong in life. 

8. What are your short and long term fitness goals?

Long term: Qualify for the Boston Marathon. Which means I really super need to get around to running my first marathon!!!

Short term: 1:45 half marathon, and everything else necessary to achieve the above! This winter I also would love to train for a sub-20 5K, as well as squat my bodyweight.
9. What is the best thing that has changed about your life since committing to this lifestyle?

I always have something to strive towards, no matter what is going on in my life. Whether it’s friend troubles, family issues, or moving away from home, I always having running and health to keep me focused and grounded on what is really important.

10. a) Runners: What is your favorite way to get your cross training in? 10. b) All other peeps: What is your favourite form of exercise? 

Heavy lifting! Preferably squats but I am becoming more and more partial to deadlifts. I wish I loved yoga / plyometrics since those are much more running-specific, but I’m very happy with where I am at. 🙂

What are your long and short term fitness goals? 

What would win a fats vs. carbs showdown? 


Running Favourites.

Do you know what is my favourite? Wednesdays that feel like Mondays. Because when you have a holiday Monday, no classes on Tuesday / Thursday, Wednesday is pretty much the only day of the week. Because we all know that Friday doesn’t really count. Who wants aboard a one day week? ALL. FREAKING. ABOARD.

Anywhoville, on the topic of favourites: I saw this survey over at The Athletarian last week, and decided it was the perfect replacement for WIAW. Cause it’s almost exams and ain’t nobody got time fo food pictures ova here.

Um…I’m not actually a gangster. Ok. Moving on.

1. Favourite running location: By the seaside.

Yup, I run by the seaside. How idealistic is that? If I was in Edmonton answering this question, there is an 89% chance I would have said the treadmill. Buuuuut I am currently living in a paradise that puts the mountains right behind the water. I’m okay with this.

Perfect views & a perfect run.The view from where I end my long runs. 

2. Time of day. ALL. DAY.

I’m sorry, but I don’t have a proper answer to this question. In the spring / summer, I love running in the morning equally as much as I do running in the evening. Mornings runs start my day off right and make me feel like a rockstar, but evening runs give me something to look forward to and let me be super lazy all night with zero guilt. That happens anyway, but it’s nice to have a legit excuse.


In the winter though…there is no favourite time. I hate and despise running in the dark with a burning passion, so that leaves about eight hours during which I am occupied with school & work. Solution: let’s move to California and live in a perpetual state of summer.

3. Ideal weather. 14 degrees Celsius.

I say this because I just came back from a beautiful sunset run (I’m writing this Tuesday night), and that was the temperature outside. I was in shorts and a T-shirt, and was neither hot nor cold. BUT a hot shower still felt amazing.

4. Fuel. Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews / Orange Nuun / Vega sugar-free energizer .

On runs over 7 miles, I use some sort of fuel. Lately, I have been loving drinking Nuun with breakfast, and then a few energy chews along the way. If I am doing a shorter run before breakfast and feel like I need a boost, then Vega energizer to the rescue! I also just ordered some Picky Bars because I am obsessed with Lauren Fleshman and am excited to try those out as well.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 9.47.28 PM

They seem pretty Picky about quality nutrition.

5. Accessories. Spibelt / Garmin Forerunner 10 / iPod shuffle

Super attractive fanny pack? Numbers & stats for my inner Type A? Distractions for the girl with an attention span shorter than a chipmunk? Check, check, and check.

6. Rewards. 

I don’t really feel like I need to reward myself for the physical act of running, since I honestly find it rewarding on its own. BUT I already cheated on a question above so: ice cold chocolate milk and couch time with Runner’s World.

How is your week going so far? 

Tell me some/all of your running favourites!

Sometimes I Wear Nice Clothes & Answer Questions.

I have to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you guys commenting on Friday’s post! I definitely felt a little nervous posting such a big and risky decision on the internet, so hearing all of that support made me feel so much more confident in my decision. Rockstars. ❤

^I wrote Monday’s post on Friday, hence my lack of appreciation of your awesomeness yesterday. But it is most definitely there!

Okay guys. You have no idea how much I wish it was Thursday right now so I could link up with Amanda and dish all my insane thoughts. I have so much to tell you! But for now I will just say that I am tensing every single muscle in my body to not spaz at my roommate who is yelling on her phone again….

I am quite literally in the hallway with my earphones in playing music full blast AND I CAN STILL HEAR HER!!! You guys know that super angry looking devil emoticon? Yeah he’s here right now.


Okay. Moving. On. I’ve been working on my Kinesiology application after a super long day, so there is limited brain function over here – hence the scattered thoughts! I’ve decided that it is the perfect time for a lil’ ol’ survey – so grab some coffee (and hopefully some peace and freaking quiet!!). 🙂

I stole this one from Laura, mainly because it is the most recent one floating around the Interwebz and I don’t want to be that creeper looking at someone’s post from 2011…

1. What is your current health goal? 

PR in the half marathon! Ultimately I dream of running sub 1:45, but I have decided that is a bit too lofty of a goal to accomplish during one training cycle. So I’m just going to chip away at my 1:53 PR until it comes naturally. 🙂

2. What is your biggest irrational fear? 

Hmmm….the microwave beeping before I pull my food out, my cell phone dying, toenail polish chipping off…shall I continue? My biggest fear is of being submerged in water, but I can’t decide if that’s irrational or not. I’ve never drowned nor come close to it but I won’t even set foot near a pool, let alone the ocean. (and I had a friend ask me to do a triathlon! HAHAHAHAHA)


3. Do you enjoy wrapping presents? 

Is this even a question?! Michael Buble playing in the background, sitting by the fireplace with my dearest madre getting gifts ready for Christmas? It’s probably my favourite part of the holiday season. But wrapping presents for any other occasion…I usually use a bag with tissue paper. 😉

4. What’s your favourite cross-training activity?

Lifting weights! I tried the elliptical once and lasted approximately 37 seconds. Truth.

5. If I came to visit you, what would we do?

I would take you on a run along the Seawall, and then we would get smoothies at Whole Foods before wandering around every. single. aisle. After that, we would probably attempt to go shopping on West 4th ave before dying of boredom an hour in, and bail to go eat more delicious food (preferably Heirloom) and explore Vancouver.


6. You have two weeks off work and two round trip plane tickets to ANYWHERE. Where would you go and who would you take? 

Toulouse, France. I don’t really need to take anyone because one of my closest friends actually lives there, and I haven’t seen her in far far too long. But if I had two tickets, I would bring our other friend Naomi in a heartbeat (she is from New Jersey; we all met on a volunteer trip)

7. What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you during a run or race? 

Well, that’s a rather pointed question, isn’t it? I haven’t really had any disasters…but it was pretty awkward getting into the elevator with a regular at my old cafe when I was breathing so hard I couldn’t form sentences nor use the buttons (numb fingers, thanks Alberta winters).

8. Tell me the three best days of your life. Or at least the first three that pop into your mind. 

1. Finishing the Calgary Half Marathon. I felt on top of the world for pretty much that whole week.


2. My first day back at work this past December, after being away for three months. I basically skipped around the cafe for six hours and got paid. (in case this wasn’t obvious, I would work there for free)

3. One random day during first semester. I have no idea which one it was, but I remember feeling so happy with where my life was that I almost started crying. A combination of good friends, confidence, fun classes and a surprise visit from your boss from aforementioned cafe will do that to ya.

9. Okay, you HAVE to eat a fast food mea. What restaurant would you choose and what would you order? 

Cookie dough ice cream from Marble Slab, hands down. And if you don’t consider ice cream a legitimate meal (crazy pants), a burger from In’n’Out. Plus a milkshake. The fact that there are none in Canada is tragic irrelevant.

10. Have you ever met a celebrity? 

ABSO – FREAKING – LUTELY. I met James and Oliver Phelps, hugged them, and then cried. (don’t worry, I was able to hold it in until leaving). The only thing that would have been better was meeting the Queen herself, but that day will come too.

JamesOliverAutographs were $60…photographs $100.

11. Share a picture of yourself in non-workout clothes! 

This was surprisingly not challenging…thank you, Italy. ❤

rp_DSCN0244-768x1024.jpgThose shoes gave me blisters, but damn they look good hey? 

12. If you could choose to have a  do-over and switch careers, what would you choose and why? 

Well, since I’m smack dab in the middle of a “career change” (but still in university), I wouldn’t change a thing! I wouldn’t even start my first year as a Kinesiology major, because the Media Studies program allowed me to meet my wonderful friends, have a (much needed) break from science, and succeed in Computer Science! Yes, I am actually thankful for that because it’s what gave me the courage to study science again.

13. If you won the Olympic Gold Medal – how do you think you would react? 

I would probably give it to Shalene Flanagan. I’m not even American but damn that girl deserves it.

14. What do you want for Christmas?

I’m so incredibly thankful for everything that I received a month ago, there are no “things” that I have any desire for. But if everything works out this fall so that I’m in Toulouse for Christmas 2015…I wouldn’t complain.

15. What skill do you lack? 

Spontaneity. I’ve gotten a lot better at it since moving to Vancouver, but I still get anxious whenever I don’t have at least a day to prepare for whatever is happening.

All right, Liz and Christine! You’re it!

I’m copying Laura! Pick one, and tell me your own answer! 

Behind the Scenes

Hey guys! I hope your weekend didn’t go by too quickly and that you’re ready for Monday! I mean…no one’s ever really ready, but sometimes we can pretend, right? t was tagged by Liz to write about what goes on “behind the scenes” at Life’s A Runner! Not that there is much of a backstage…it is very much my nonstop / fumbly life, but I thought it would be fun anyway!

What am I working on?

I have a ridiculous amount of drafts going on right now. On my two hour break between Friday classes, I started this post, one on cardio/calories, a Thanksgiving post (I do in fact know I am not American), and I think something else? My brain is just a tad fuzzy – I spent all the live long day studying today. Woo finals!

finals-great-gatsbyAlas…I’m not actually legal in this province so the above will have to wait until December 4. 

How does my work differ from others?

I like to think that I am a fairly unique college student, what with my focus on genuine health and nutrition. I refuse to slave away on the elliptical, I don’t skip breakfast but I also do my fair share of indulging. I know this isn’t an easy place to get to, but I’m very proud of the way I’ve been able to prioritize my health and balance that with adjusting to my freshman year of university.

kits-whole-foods-barI would take this over reheated dining hall chicken fingers any day. 

Why do I write and create what I do?

Writing always has and always will be my number one passion. Anytime I am remotely confused about something, writing it out in my journal or a blogpost never fails to help me make sense of it. I’m not always the most eloquent speaker, but the words just flow effortlessly when I’m writing, and there is no time that I ever feel more at peace.

selfieSelfie because I like this picture and can use it as much as I want.

I’m also incredibly passionate about helping other people reach a truly healthy lifestyle. Like I said above, all around me there are either girls subsisting on salads, living on the elliptical, or people eating a Tim Hortons muffin for their first meal at 1pm. I have a dream of reaching as many people as I can, and helping them get to wherever their personal sweet spot is for their health.

How does my writing / creative process work?

This is actually the one place where my type A personality does not exist at all. I don’t have a blog calendar, or even an idea of what I am going to post for the week. I love linking up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud, but that’s pretty much the only thing I count on. I love to post whatever is going through my head at the moment, what I feel is important based on my experiences lately, and what I think would be helpful for others! Lately I have fallen into a routine of reserving 9-11pm ish for blogging, which is a wonderful thing to look forward to / relax with, but sometimes I’m too tired to even think coherently! So I’m experimenting with doing some blogging when I used to study, to give myself a mental break during the day.


I tag Christine over at Apple of My Eye, also known as #1 baker extraordinaire and fellow Michael Buble stalker lover. 🙂

Now You Know The ABC’s

Next time won’t you play with me?

Welp, I think that tops the list of cheesy blog post intros. 😉

I’ve been looking for good things to post while I’m away, and this survey has been floating around for quite a while, so I figured it was about time I up and did it.

But don’t fret, I still have lots of other posts and recipes coming your way while I’m off galaxy globe trotting.

A: Attached or Single?

Absolutely attached…


To this angel! Okay, well, he’s actually not mine. But I snapped this picture last summer in our old backyard when my friends and I were hanging outside. It was 900% heartbreaking hearing him cry and try to tunnel under the fence for hours. I look through my photos every so often and this one melts my heart every time. So I suppose that answer was just a big ‘ol lie. 😉

B. Best friend?

My Julie…I’ve known her for 185 months – since I was a year and a half old. That’s 15.5 years, folks. I can tell her absolutely everything and anything and she can do the same. I consider myself so lucky every day to have a friend like her, because they don’t come around often.

C. Cake or Pie?

I will NOT be that bit annoying person who says neither, although it’s true that they don’t really do much for me. Homemade apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream, however, is in a league of its own. Everything else…meh.


D. Day of choice?

Thursday. During the year, when Friday comes, I’m normally too exhausted to even think straight. And when I’m working, I’ll usually have to do a shift that evening. So on Thursday, I’m excited for the weekend, not totally wiped yet and still get to relax in the evening. Perfect!

E. Essential item?

My phone. My music. I’m not really sure if that counts as an “item” but let’s just pretend it does. Music makes everything better for me. Whether I’m happy, sad, lonely, scared, on a run, just waking up or about to go to sleep, listening to the right song puts me in the perfect mood.

tumblr_mblkometZg1rw8lgiCome on, do you really expect this to get old?

F. Favourite colour:

Red! It has been for my whole entire life. I went through a random phase of liking orange, but now that I’m about to go through approximately 30 years worth of change in 1, (read: travelling in Europe by myself for a month, graduating high school, and moving away from to a new province) I’m craving everything familiar. So red it is!

G. Gummy bears or worms?

Worms. Because who honestly feels right decapitating three cute little bears and sticking their bodies together?!

H. Home town?

A city with rather extreme weather in the lovely province of Alberta. 🙂

iceThe vast majority of my life involves snow and ice.

I. Favourite Indulgence?

Blueberry scone from a local bakery. There aren’t even words in the English language to describe its perfection.

sconeRecycled picture, because it’s been waywayWAY too long since I had one of these babies.

J. January or July?

Everyone says July, but honestly, I love January! It’s partly because I absolutely love fresh starts of any kind. But it’s also because school’s still out, and you’re in that post-Christmas/New Years delirium. The weather is still super-cold, which is perfect for getting cozy on the couch with a mug of tea and a rom-com. July is just hot. Although, the whole extended lack of school thing is much appreciated.

K. Kids?

Yeah…no. Talk to me in 15 years.

L. Life isn’t complete without?

Experiences so completely wonderful that remembering them makes you cry because of how happy you were/are.


M: Marriage Date?

Far away.

N: Number of Brothers and Sisters?

Zero! Only child here. Although, from when I was five until eleven I had a neighbour that was pretty much my sister. So I never got too lonely. Although the family vacations did get to be a bit much from time to time – a kid needs to run around!

O: Oranges or Apples?

Not even a question. Oranges go bad in our house. I have a recipe coming up (or its already posted…the joys of travelling) using up oranges on their last legs. I regularly consume 2-3 apples per day and have been known to demolish five. Yep, I have a problem. Nope, I don’t intend to do anything about it.

P. Phobias?

Change. Yes, standing on top of a 3 thousand foot building would probably make me squirm, but it’s not like I’m deathly afraid of it. I’ve jumped off cliffs (into water!) and skied at 100km/hour – I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie. Throw me out of my comfort zone in life though, and I can turn into a nervous wreck.

Q. Quotes?

Oh goodness, I have so many. I really try to live by quotes, because I feel like they are the best way to take a piece of advice and internalize it. That being said, here are a few of my all-time favourites.


quote3 quote2 quote1

R: Reasons to Smile:

Look at the people around you and the life you’re living in. If it makes you smile, you’re doing it right. If it doesn’t, smile about what you’re going to do so that it does.

S: Season of choice?

Winter. There’s just something magical about coming in from a cold day and hopping onto the couch with a HP movie and some hot tea. We also get 6+ months of it up here, so I had better enjoy it. 😉

great hallThis pretty much makes any cold day perfect. 

T. Tag 5 People.

Welp, pretty much everyone I know of has done this already. If you haven’t, don’t be a leader, be a follower! Just for this. Hah.

U. Unknown Fact About Me?

I like to think I’m a pretty transparent person – I am how I am and I don’t try to hide anything. That being said, I’m pretty sure that you don’t know that I’m Lord Voldemort. In all real and true honesty. I seem to have an infatuation with villains – I did every single one of my Hamlet projects on Claudius, and my name in all my friends phone is Voldemort.

1160857-voldemortMy facebook banner.

V: Vegetable?

CarrotscarrotscarrotsCARROTS holy crap if you cannot tell I am obsessed with carrots. I crave them all the time, even at breakfast. I will be 100% just as satisfied with a big ‘ol bowl of carrots as I would some ice cream.

carrotsA day in the life.

W. Worst habit?

My inability to sit still. It’s a wonder I can even blog without going batsh crazy. I can sit through 1/3 of a movie, MAX before I have to start walking around and moving. I’ve actually given my mom my running shoes to hide on a rest day so that I won’t run, because I get so so restless. Although, I had zero problems sitting through this.


X. X-ray or ultrasound?

I love how this is even a question. I’ve never had an ultrasound, but when I had an x-ray the technician was basically getting me to do the macarena with my (broken) arm, so let’s just cheat and say NEITHER.

Y. Your favourite food?

See answer V or O.

Z. Zodiac sign: 

Leo the LION. Grrr.


Fun fact! I used to hate being a Leo, and would call myself a “Gemini in disguise.” Yep. Cool cat, right here. 
Do a couple of these with your own answers! 

Food + Fitness: Tell All

To be honest, I’m feeling a little brain dead right now, considering I just sat through two mind-numbing hours answering questions about evolution and macromolecules. So while I escaped the beast for now (No more biology until September!) I’m still feeling some of the effects. Which resulted in having no inspiration for a post today! However, I can’t bear to actually skip a day of blogging, so I decided to do this Food & Fitness Survey I found on Meals & Moves!

1. What did you eat for breakfast? My obsession, a greek yogurt bowl with strawberries, blueberries and granola! And because I just want to keep you salivating informed, my granola is strawberry + dark chocolate. 🙂 There was also the ever-present homemade 2% latte.


2. How much water do you drink a day? Between 2 and 15 glasses. I know some people just read that and are going “2?! And you call yourself healthy?!” But some days it just happens. And since on other days I drink a litre before I even start my 9am workout, I’m not actually that concerned.

3. What is your current favorite workout? This one! I was browsing Pinterest looking for a good lower body workout that didn’t involve me leaving my house. I know my gym is 2 minutes away but if you saw the weather here you would understand. Total gloom-fest. 😦 Anyway, I did it before jetting off to an undisclosed location demanding my presence (Does that sound cooler than grade eleven finals?) and it BURNED by the end. I used 10 lb dumbells, if you are wondering.


4. How many calories do you eat a day? Working on not counting! However, I do add them up still at the end of the day and on a good day it falls between 1600-1800 and on a bad day, 1300. The goal is around 2000, though.

5. What are your favorite healthy snacks? Well, since it’s already been established that I am a snacking MACHINE, I have a ton of favourite snacks. I typically will go for an apple, peanut butter and a 2% latte but I have been known to also have cashews, veggies + tzatziki, Quest bars and caprese-style roll ups. (Recipe coming soon!)

IMG_0537These have been making several appearances as well. 🙂 

6. What do you usually eat for lunch? CHICKENchickenCHICKENchicken. Can you tell i love chicken? CHICKEN. I honestly don’t know what it is, but I am completely obsessed with it and have to restrain myself from eating it for every meal of the day (including breakfast) when we have it in the house. Baby carrots, snap peas and tzatziki are my favourite sides, however on occasion I’ve been having a chicken sandwich as well.


7. What is your favorite body part to strength train? I’m all about leg day. I don’t usually enjoy working my arms, mostly because they’re just so weak! I know that’s a bad excuse, but if you had eleven years of competitive-skier trained legs you would understand 🙂

8. What is your least favorite body part to strength train? Oops, already got there! I did actually manage to do a pretty good arm workout yesterday, but now I’m sore and can’t decide if it’s from too much writing or the weight lifting (lol).

9. What are your “bad” food cravings? NO FOOD IS BAD. Remember that please 🙂 But I will never say no to Marble Slab!

IMG_0517These, however, I most definitely would say no to. Gross. 

10. Do you take vitamins or supplements? Nope. There’s literally nothing else to say because I couldn’t even tell you what a supplement was if it hit me in the face.

11. How often do you eat out? Rarely, if at all. It’s partially a personal preference, but also because I just don’t understand the point of spending $50+ dollars on unhealthy food when you could eat at home for a fraction of the cost and save that money for travelling (or something else). But again, that’s just my opinion.


My favourite when we do venture into the world of restaurants. Earls Margherita Pizza = heaven. 

12. Do you eat fast food? Nope. Again, not that much to say here, either. I’m not saying I don’t treat myself, but it’s never EVER of the greasy drive-thru variety.

food incPretty much turned me off fast food for life. 

13. Who is your biggest supporter? My mom, forever and always! No matter what is going on with other family members or friends, she is ALWAYS there for me and I can never thank her enough. 🙂

14. Do you have a gym membership? Under normal circumstances I would say no during the summer, since I typically only run when its warm out. However, I’m cutting back on cardio and working on gaining some muscle, so right now, I have a membership to the Y. It’s close, a great atmosphere and has a ton of group fitness classes! (Which I have still been too intimidated to try…soon!)

zumbaThe Fitnessista will convince me eventually.

15. How many hours of sleep do you get a night? Heh. Considering the fact that I’ve only had to wake up early three times this week (and will only have to twice more TOTAL until September) I average about 10-11. Don’t judge me, I have a MASSIVE sleep debt to catch up on after pretty much 10 straight months of 5-6 hours. The brutal life of a high-schooler.

16. Do you have a “cheat” day? I actually tried to do this once, but felt so sick after that I said NEVER AGAIN. I would prefer to just treat myself whenever I want (3-4 ish times per week) and feel good about myself 24/7.

sconeI need things like this beauty way more than once per week. 

17. Do you drink alcohol? NO. I don’t care that it’s completely normal for teenagers to drink, and most of the time they don’t get caught. It’s just not worth it to me to sacrifice my health, morals and potentially my criminal record so that I can look cool. I have a TON of fun wherever I go because I choose to, not because I’m dumping poison down my through, thankyouverymuch.

18. Do you have a workout buddy? I wish 😦 Literally every single one of my friends doesn’t give a damn about health, eats pizza for three meals a day and calls walking between class cardio. Anyone want to be workout buddies with me?? 😉

friendssNot even an exaggeration. 

19. What is the best thing that has changed about your life since committing to a healthy lifestyle? Confidence. I feel good about myself and about my life, something that was severely lacking before. I now wake up excited about where I am and where I’m going, instead of just trying to get through the day.

20. What is the best thing that has changed about your life since committing to a healthy lifestyle? Can it be the next healthy thing I’m about to do? The last food-related thing I did was eat some egss…Not that interesting. But I’m literally 10 minutes away from hitting a HARD tricep workout at the gym!

jamie-trainer-marketingOh Jamie, how you destroy me. 

What do you usually eat for lunch?

What’s your current favourite workout? 

How has health changed your life? 


Marvelous In My Monday!

Good morning! I just finished up a quick 20 minute circuit workout, and am about to chow down. Yay for linking up to MIMM for the first time! I have absolutely no idea if I’m doing this right, so let’s just hope for the best, shall we? 🙂

Marvelous is… Baking chocolate chip cookies on a rainy Sunday afternoon. After a waffles + whipped cream brunch with the madre. Perfect. ❤


Marvelous is… Satisfying the sweet + crunchy factor at one time with homemade apple chips! I used this recipe, and they turned out FANTASTIC! I used an Asian pear in the hopes that it wouldn’t end up in the trash, and I am super excited to try this out with a whole whack of other fruits 🙂

Marvelous is… Afternoons spent with a coffee + a pen.


This is just TOO true for words. (source.)

Marvelous is… Friends that are there for you through thick + thin. I’ve had hard times, they’ve had hard times, but my girls are the STRONGEST people I know and I am so proud to call them my best friends. ❤

Marvelous is… Summer finally arriving. I won’t show the picture I took of the weather app from my phone since that would display my location a little too publicly, but let me just tell you we had 30 degrees in May, when my city has been known for having snow in every month of the year. Yeah, you read that right. Apparently it has literally snowed at least once during every single month here. Woo, Canada. (not all in the same year, though!!)

Marvelous is… #ThrowbackMonday to meeting James + Oliver Phelps. I was scrolling through the pictures on my phones this morning and came across this one. I swear to God, that day (and HUG!) were absolutely, 100% the best in my life. I teared up multiple times. It is impossible to describe my love for them and the HP series, and I don’t even care how dramatic that sounds.


What’s marvelous in your Monday?