A Week of Solid SeaWheeze Training!

AKA my most productive training week in who knows how long! It wasn’t my highest mileage, but it also

a) didn’t end in an injury

b) didn’t end in burnout

c) included a long run, tempo run, speed work AND easy/recovery run

d) included two strength training sessions

YUP. I am impressed with myself this week. I also took a rest day on the day I needed it, not when it was planned. Now if I could only figure out how to take care of my body and eat well, I’d be on a serious roll.


Monday: 6 miles with 5 @ 8:00. 1 mile warmup, 5 at goal half marathon pace, and a few minutes walk home to cool down and stretch. This was a 5:30am treadmill workout for me to be at work by 8am, so I didn’t have time to get fancy! This was a grinder but I managed it relatively well.

Tuesday: total body strength

Wednesday: 12 miles @ 9:00. Slow and steady wins the race. 7.5 miles outside and 4.5 on the treadmill once it got too hot out. I didn’t feel amazing during this run but I also didn’t feel awful, although I battled serious nausea for the rest of the day.

Thursday: 4 recovery miles

Friday: OFF. This is definitely the new plan post-long run: short, slow recovery run followed by an off day. I had almost no soreness!

Saturday: 6 miles with 8 x 400m. Read about that workout here! It was my first attempt at formal speed work and it was definitely a success. Now it’s time to nerd out on all the different types of workouts I can do. 🙂 🙂

Sunday: total body strength

TOTAL: 28 MILES. The plan was 30 miles, but since I cut Saturday’s workout short it dropped a bit and I didn’t feel like running 2 miles just for the sake of a weekly total. Plus, maybe a gradual increase in miles will keep me from getting injured again…just maybe. 🙂

What was the highlight of your week?

Are you training for anything right now? 


Fast Approaching: Half Marathons #3 and 4!

Um, oops? I was struggling for a while to get back into a running groove after my second half marathon, but I am TOTALLY loving being back on the grind now. Runs are mainly on the treadmill these days, initially due to the obnoxiously hot 30+ degree days we were having (86F), but now there have been mass forest fires in Alberta and the air is thick with smoke. Just walking outside is enough to put me in a gross, lethargic mood, so I know better than to attempt running in it.

It’s all good, though, because running on the treadmill always motivates me to actually work hard and run at something other than an easy pace. Who would’ve thought that was possible?! 😉

I’m feeling very conflicted as to my goals for Seawheeze. I know I want to run a 1:45 half marathon, and ultimately 1:40, but I also don’t know how bad the hills are.


The Edmonton Marathon is the following weekend, and has a pancake-flat course, but if my legs are trashed from racing 13.1 miles eight days prior I won’t have hope there, either.

The way I see it, these are my options:

#1. Run Seawheeze easy and race Edmonton. This is the easiest on paper, but I hate the idea of running a race easily! Especially one as expensive as Seawheeze, I feel like I should make the most of the massive adrenalin boost!

#2. Race Seawheeze and scrap Edmonton / run a shorter distance. Since I have zero obligation to run Edmonton this is totally feasible, but …

– What if I don’t PR Seawheeze?

– A friend is running her first half at the Edmonton Marathon and I don’t want to only do the 5/10K. Always the adrenalin junkie. 😉

#3. Run Seawheeze moderately and race Edmonton. This is definitely the one I am leaning towards. If the course isn’t super hilly, I could probably eek out a mini PR and then focus on truly racing the next weekend. I feel like I recovered so quickly after the MEC Half Marathon that this has a good chance of working!

Obviously for any PRs to happen, the next four weeks need to be a serious training block! Here’s what I did last week.

Monday: 5 mile tempo. 1 mile warmup, 3 miles @ 8:00, 1 mile cool down. 5:30am treadmill miles, BOOM.

Tuesday: 10 mile long run. There were no nerves and no mid-run fuel for this one. I ate breakfast about an hour before and then headed off! It was the only cool day of what seems like the entire summer, so I wanted to take advantage of it. The last mile my neck started cramping horribly, and my legs were feeling pretty Jell-O – like, but other than that it was a solid jaunt!

Wednesday: total body strength. I reduced my squat by like 50 pounds – maybe the day after running long isn’t the best day for weights, but it was the only time I could fit it in and neglecting strength workouts = INSTA INJURY for Emma.

PBR-Total-Body-Strength-WorkoutLoved this circuit from Jen! 

Thursday: 5 miles treadmill hills / easy.  I basically just played with the incline the entire time and it probably wasn’t as easy as it should be but the pace never strayed farther than 8:34 – 8:57.

Friday: 6 mile Rowland Tempo. THIS IS SO FUN. I’m not even joking, it is a genuinely enjoyable time and I would rather do this than a whole host of other things. I found the workout here, and it’s great because you never feel like you are absolutely going to die, but you’re working hard enough to feel badass and switching gears often enough to stave off boredom. I’d do this every day if I could. My paces were 8:13 / 8:00 / 7:47 and it honestly felt too easy.

Saturday: total body strength. 

Sunday: OFF

TOTAL: 26 MILES. A Much smarter re-entry into training than that random 30 mile week that I followed up with a total week off due to intense hamstring pain. That pain actually flared up again on Friday but is gone by now so I’m not too sure what to make of it – I am hitting up the chiro this afternoon though, just to make sure everything is in order. And I’m excited to hit 30 miles this week, with hopefully a 12 / 13 miler in there!

My Second Half Marathon: Training Peak Week

I totally did not follow a training plan for this half marathon. Back in December, I recommitted to running regularly and focused on lacing up 4x per week, building up to a weekly long run of 10 miles. I ran whatever distance/pace I pleased, but it was generally pretty easy.

Once I arrived at home, my running definitely took a hit! There were a few weeks where I did less than 15 miles, and I skipped a long run on more than one occasion. The one run I didn’t want to skip, though, was a twelve miler! I felt like I needed that run mentally just to remember that I could actually run that far, hah.

I also ran fast last week for the first time in who knows how long! It was the day before I ran long and MAY not have been the smartest plan, but it was pretty darn fun.

Here is what went down for my last week of “training”:


Monday: 5 miles easy. 

Tuesday: OFF. I was expecting to do my 12 miler on Wednesday, National Running Day!

Wednesday: 6 miles speed. 2 miles @ 7:15, 1 mile @ 8:04, then 3 miles treadmill progression @ 7:44 average. I spent some time around 6:57 pace and felt surprisingly good!

Thursday: 12 miles @ 8:30. I think the part of this run that I am the proudest of is that I actually ran UPHILL. 993 feet of elevation gain later, I stumbled in my front door and just about died.

Friday: OFF. I was too busy eating donuts for National Donut Day to bother with exercise.

Saturday: 7 miles easy

Sunday: total body strength. Man I suck at strength training these days. I love it, but it’s so much harder to fit it into my schedule than going out for a run! Plus I’ve been prioritizing running lately with races coming up so everything else has been taking a hit.

TOTAL: 30 MILES. 4 runs, 1 long and 1 speed. Time to taper! Who knows how to do that, anyway?

PR Half Marathon Training Week 5

Good morning guys! Happy Monday! I swear, I kept thinking that it was Monday yesterday and was surprised every time someone mentioned the weekend. I guess not having an alarm for two weeks, and then a rude 6:30am wakeup call will do that to you. My early wakeup was due to wanting to get a run in before the storage locker peeps showed up at 9am! I considered waiting until after, but decided against it which was a very good choice…my day was absolutely jam packed and I am sitting here at the end of it ready to collapse.

Maybe I will do a post about it later…but maybe not since I don’t think anyone really wants to read about Emma’s Epic Moving Failures: 2015 Edition. LOLZ. Let’s just say I will be incredibly relieved once all my stuff is on the plane…

So it’s time to talk running! So much more fun. I want to preface this with a huge congratulations to Tina for rocking the London Marathon yesterday! She wanted to stop putting so much pressure on herself, so she ran a casual 2:41. NBD. Tina, you inspire me daily and your gorgeous accent has been making my long runs so much more enjoyable. 🙂

You can download her podcast here!


think this was week 5 of half marathon training…I don’t really feel like I am training, to be honest! Just running, working hard, and enjoying every minute. 🙂

Monday: total body strength

Tuesday: 6 miles easy

Wednesday: 10 miles. The ushz (<– I know that looks ridiculous but how else am I supposed to spell it?!) long run of late. It wasn’t easy but it also wasn’t impossible.

Thursday: upper body strength –> basically a rest day. The gym is the best way for me to relieve stress, but on upper body only days I don’t work hard at all and just kinda stroll around.

Friday: 8 miles. I had my heart set on doing my favourite workout from Lauren Fleshman, the Rowland Tempo, but there were no available treadmills! I have zero capability to gauge my pace so I can only really do it indoors. I wasn’t in the mood to do my usual 5 easy miles – I wanted to feel accomplished! So I decided to do a way longer midweek run than usual. ‘Twas a success! And 10 miles doesn’t feel quite so daunting anymore. 🙂

Saturday: total body strength

Sunday: 6 miles. This was done on the treadmill, mostly easy. I did throw in one 8:00 mile and 5-6ish one minute hill climbs!

TOTAL: 30 MILES. I was determined to hit 30 miles again last week, since I know this week my mileage is going to go way down! Today and tomorrow will be run days, and then the rest of the week will involve my couch + Grey’s Anatomy. And not much else. 😉

Tomorrow night I will be home…but first I’ve got to make it through the rest of my packing and another exam tomorrow morning! I hope your Monday treats you well!

How was your week of training / workouts? 

Any moving experiences to share?

#6 has been one for the books, that’s for sure.

PR Half Marathon Training Week 4 + BOSTON.



I am actually writing this post on Sunday, since as you read this I am either a) still sleeping or b) rushing off to my Film Studies final exam tutorial, so you will have to wait for all my thoughts on it until tomorrow / via Instagram / Twitter.

Just know that I have been obsessively following everyone running it through social media and watching clips of Shalane Flanagan approximately 700.89 times per minute.


You guys, I really need to BQ. Like, yesterday. SO, in order to do that I need to get my half marathon time way down! I don’t want to be one of those people that runs 14 marathons before they qualify. I’m pretty sure my knees would murder me if I let that happen. One race equivalency calculator told me I needed to run a 1:37 half for a 3:30 marathon…I’m really hoping that’s not true because I’m pretty sure that’s my 5K pace.

We will stick with 1:45-1:50 for now! Here is the rundown of last week:

Monday: total body strength. 

Tuesday: 7 mile tempo. The overall pace of this run was 7:59…but there was not one mile split within 20 seconds of that pace. It also included a super slow cool down up a hill (excellent planning, Emma) so apparently my pacing skills leave much (or everything) to be desired.

Wednesday: 10 miles. Hooray for not feeling like death after a 10 mile run! It used to be that 9 miles felt like nothing, and then as soon as I added one more I could barely move all day. Well, for whatever reason this did not happen this week and I am super duper happy about it! I’ve started eating a snack instead of drinking chocolate milk after I finish…maybe that has something to do with it?

simply-bar-maple-pecan-2Classic Canadian move…image via Angela 

Thursday: total body strength. I was planning to only do upper body to rest my legs, but the squat rack was empty… The squat rack is never empty!! So I had to go for it. After 3 x 8 @ 95lbs, I ended with 5 reps @ 115lbs! I’m pretty sure I can do 1-2 reps at 130lbs (bodyweight) at this point but I am too scared to try without a spotter.

Friday: 6 miles easy. Easy runs around campus = awful + boring. Easy runs into Kits / Whole Foods = I love running lalalala life is wonderful and perfect. Which one do you think I went for?

Saturday: OFF. You could not pay me to do more than drink coffee and sit in my stretchy pants.

Sunday: Vancouver Sun Run 10K. Recap coming tomorrow! Spoiler alert: It is the largest 10K in Canada and everyone told me I would be shuffling, not running. WELL GUESS WHO PROVED THEM WRONG. #rockstar. 🙂 + 1 mile cool down.

TOTAL: 30 MILES. Never in my life have I run over 30 miles per week! I probably won’t increase it more than 35. But I will be getting a training plan from Beth soon so we will see what her knowledgable mind tells me to do.

Did you follow the Boston Marathon?!

Do I need a spotter to go for 130lbs? 

PR Half Marathon Training Week 3.

WHAT IS UP, FRIENDS. I have officially completed my last week of classes of first year university! Say whaaaaat? Of course, I can’t say that I have actually finished first year until I pass all of those pesky exams. Which is a legitimate concern considering I attempted to study, failed, and resorted to blogging on my floor instead. #LifeOfACollegeStudent

So let’s talk about half marathon training instead! So much more fun.

Things of note from the week:

  • ALWAYS. HANGRY. Every single day this week I have literally been starving less than an hour after most meals. This is pretty excellent timing considering I have a lot of meal dollars to use up. 😉
  • I was strangely tired as well. Both Monday and Thursday’s run seriously knocked me out, to the point where it was a struggle to do my readings lying down.


Monday: 5 mile tempo run. It wasn’t as fancy as it sounds! All I really wanted to do was run one mile slow, 3 fast-ish, and then another slow one. Welp, I ended up with a 22:58 5K PR in the middle! My goal was to break 23 minutes, so I guess we’re moving on from that? HAH.

Tuesday: 5.7 easy miles. I headed out around 6pm to run with a friend from my floor! Seeing as I had just eaten a massive snack and neeeever run that late in the day, I was very lucky that we took it easy. This girl can pull a 45 minute 10K / 1:45 half marathon out of nowhere, so I was relieved to say the least!

Wednesday: upper body strength. It was SO SO weird not to run before my MWF classes, but my legs needed a break.

Thursday: 10 miles. Truth time: if it wouldn’t have left me stranded in the middle of nowhere I would have quit at 6 miles. It wasn’t that I was tired, I was just feeling meh and not into it. A thought crossed my mind of doing the 9 mile tempo I did last week to make it shorter, but my legs denied. Anyway, I perked up the last 2 miles and finished strong, which is always a nice feeling! Although I did feel like absolute garbage the rest of the day –> seriously something I need to figure out as this has happened before!


Friday: upper body strength. Exact same dealio as Wednesday.

Saturday: LEG. DAY. There is just something about leg day that makes me feel like a rockstar. Even more so than on long runs. And, now that I’ve been running more, I can usually only fit them in on weekends, so I have definitely been making the most of them! Pro tip: superset squat jumps with barbell back squats and chase me around with a gun when you finish.

Sunday: 4.3 easy miles. Yes, the .3 was necessary to make it an even 25 miles for the week. I know you Type As out there understand! It was kind of cold/gross out so a quick little jaunt in the morning was perfect for me.

What is something that makes you feel like a rockstar? 

PR Half Marathon Training Week 2.

This post needs to be prefaced with a HUGE FREAKING CONGRATULATIONS to Liz for running a half marathon last weekend!! Liz, you are an absolute sweetheart and completely rocked 13.1. I feel so lucky to call you my friend, and am inspired by you daily. ❤

And a very happy Easter to all of you who observe! Now onto the running. 🙂


I have to say, this week of training was pretty darn good! Despite a strange hip soreness, my runs made me feel like I was flying and I felt so grateful to be out there, moving my legs. Some thoughts for the week:

  • I am going to be doing way less long slow distance. That doesn’t mean scrapping long runs (no chance!), it means incorporating tempo / speed work to keep things interesting. I ran 9 miles on Wednesday and it didn’t even feel like a long run. Like I tweeted, I had to actually check my Garmin to make sure I ran my planned distance. It could have been 5K!
  • I have no idea what different paces feel like. I seem to have two gears: easy & sprint.
  • Leg day needs to go away for a while. The morning after I trained them, the aforementioned hip pain took over and lasted all week.

Monday: 5 easy miles + legs. I had grand plans to do a cool workout from my Believe journal, but it was raining outside and there were no treadmills available anywhere (I checked two places!). So easy run it was, with leg strength in the evening.

Tuesday: upper body strength.

Wednesday: 9 miles –> 3 easy // 3 tempo // 3 easy. I thought I would try for the tempo miles at half marathon pace, but this is what happened instead: 7:30 / 8:05 / 7:15. While I’m super impressed with myself for pulling a 7:15 mile out of nowhere, I have no idea how to run 8:00! This is a problem considering I’m supposed to do that for 13.1 miles pretty soon.

Thursday: OFF. Lucky me woke up at 4am thanks to factors outside of my control and I was a total zombie all day. I may have definitely got a few refills at 49th Parallel. 


Friday: 6 mile Rowland Tempo. I finally got to do the workout from my Believe journal! I did the same thing as last week, only a touch faster: my progression was 3 minutes of each pace: 8:00 –> 7:47 –> 7:35. YIKES. I had time for 3 rounds of that and was sweating like a mother. Gotta love that post workout adrenaline rush, though! Also Easter Brunch nomz.

Saturday: total body strength. Hooray for squats! I’ve sort of accepted that I’m nowhere near squatting my bodyweight and probably won’t be for a looooong time. It’s still fun though. 🙂

Sunday: 7 easy miles. This was one of the best runs I have had in forever! The sun was shining, my legs felt strong and I was on top of the world. The massive hill at the end didn’t even phase me!

This 27 mile week puts me perfectly on track for two of my goals: 100 miles in April + 2 rest days! Success is a good feeling.

What was the best part of your week?