WIAW // Eating for Balance + Recovery

I think my biggest obstacle with getting back into blogging is finding a timeslot for it! When I was at school, I had a much stricter routine with my days (necessary to keep up with a college course load!) so blogging happened at the same time every day. Now that my work (and life) schedule is different every day, I’m finding myself ready to collapse into bed without having blogged yet.

But here I am! Hooray for me! It’s 10pm, I’ve been up and going since 5am, and am surprisingly still a functional human. Which I definitely credit a part of to my eats lately. There has been tons of fruits, vegetables, oatmeal and protein, with a solid injection of more indulgent meals out and desserts. Since I’m so active at work in addition to working out a lot, I think the extra calories have done me good! Or is it well?

But lezbehonest – nobody really cares.


No school –> my grammar begins to cause physical pain. Let’s prepare ourselves with pictures of my delicious meals from a day trip to Banff. Thanks to Jenn for hosting the WIAW linkup!

Breakfast at Wild Flour Bakery



Organic yogurt with berry compote and homemade granola. YUM. There was the perfect amount of everything in this meal, and it actually lasted me four full hours before I got hungry again. My stomach going longer than three hours is basically unheard of, so that was cool. Ish. But I really like food so eating every hour is a fun time for me.

Lunch at Bear Street Tavern


I really cannot explain it, but sometimes the thought of meat makes my stomach TURN. I had been craving a panini, though, and this goat cheese & veggie one hit. the. spot. Lately when I eat sandwiches I’ve been turning them into four open-faced toasts, so that I can taste all the delicious ingredients without being overwhelmed by the amount of bread. But still eating it all because CARBZ.

Dinner at HOME.


would follow up a comment about meat grossing me out with a meal of steak and mushrooms. What can I say, though? The heart stomach wants what it wants. Also greek salad because veggies are friends.

I definitely ate some snacks throughout the day, but apparently they were nothing noteworthy because I have no pictures of them! I do have a foggy image of unwrapping a Quest bar in desperation mid-car drive, though. 😉

I think it’s also noteworthy that while this was my second rest day in a row, I woke up on Friday even more sore than after a workout! My best guess is that recovery is FAR more important than any of us realize and our bodies take full advantage of the R&R (and nutrients) we give it.

Speaking of which, as you are reading this I am off for my last long run of 12 miles before next week’s half marathon! I say 12, but would be fine with 10. I really just want a PR (< 1:53), and I could really care less if it is ten minutes or ten seconds. As long as I cross the finish line grinning like a lunatic, I will be happy. But to do that I should probably grind out a distance I haven’t ran in OVER A YEAR.

Wish me luck, and happy Wednesday!


What I Ate Wednesday: A Glimpse into the Future.

I considered doing a “Final College Eats” edition of WIAW, but

a) I completely forgot to take any pictures

b) College food is atrociously unattractive & unappetizing

So, in honour of my last Wednesday at UBC, I decided to plan out exactly what I will be eating next Wednesday. When I’m home. Because that is happening.


fascinatingHow I’m sure you all feel about me talking about going home. Thank you! I’ll keep talking about it. 😉 

So I suppose this is technically “What I Will Eat Wednesday” vs. “What I Ate Wednesday”, which is really way cooler since who doesn’t want to be a 2015 version of Raven Symone<– to everyone reading: tell me if you have or haven’t heard of this show! I’m not sure if remembering it makes me “old” yet. 😉 

Do you guys remember when I ate the most delicious, satisfying, nutritious breakfast every. single. day? Because I sure don’t! I feel like it has been so so long since this beauty has been in my life and you had better believe I will be jumping right back on the bandwagon. Plain greek yogurt + diced apple + Bob’s Red Mill muesli + drippy organic peanut butter = absolute perfection.


We will follow that up with lunch made of barbecued chicken, perfectly ripe avocado, tomatoes, mango and spinach. Can I get a “hallelujah” for beautiful plates, organic poultry and non-bruised avocado?!



Yep. This is the exact same panini / picture of panini I have been talking about for weeks. What can I say?! It is the only one I have that really shows the magnificence of this exact sandwich. And it’s not like I can take a new one, or this would be an entirely different situation all together. I fully intend on eating this sandwich for dinner on Tuesday night when I get home, and most likely every single night for approximately 17 weeks.

Turkey + cheddar + hummus + avocado panini on flax dipped in salsa. Cannot. Be. Beat.




Obviously I will be snacking as well. There will definitely be a Credo cookie consumed with a coffee, a Quest bar baked in the oven (!!!), and some other delicious homemade goods. Baked in an oven. Because I will have one of those. Do you think I am excited about having an oven?! 

WIAW: Accidentally Vegetarian

How do you guys feel at the end of a school year? For me, as finals get closer and closer, I start to care less and less. Which is so bad, but I find myself super burned out and just apathetic about the whole thing.

Without fail, I end up in a “Meh. I’ll just read these notes and most likely pass. I don’t really care what my grades are anyway.” kinda situation.e

Only this time, I’m applying that situation to my finances as well! I have tons of meal dollars left on my account, but I’ve been eating out aaalll the live long day since the dining hall is just so 2008. 😉 More eating out –> more attractive food –> pictures for What I Ate Wednesday!

yay-memeI really am happy about it! But grumpy cats define my existence.

Regardless of whether I’m in the dining hall or not, though, I have found myself eating dramatically less meat! When I don’t have a wonderful mother preparing me delicious BBQ chicken caesar salads, or a cruise ship chef searing filet mignon to perfection, meat is just not all that appealing. I’m looking forward to having more of it (13 days!) since I feel way more energized with it in my diet, but for now we can just enjoy some plant-based goodness. 🙂

I was scrolling through my iPhone pictures figuring out to post for WIAW, and realized that on Sunday I was 100% vegetarian! This never happens (I usually will be 99% there and then have like, a slice of deli meat.) so it had to be documented! Thanks for hosting, Jenn. 🙂


Breakfast: Eggs & Toast at Heirloom 



What better place to start off my day of vegetarianism than a plant-based restaurant, right? I was craving poached eggs like no other, so I knew what I was having before I even arrived! I always crave interesting breakfast concoctions for meals later in the day…right at the beginning, simplicity is perfection for this girl!

Also, the combination of coconut oil + jam + eggs on toast will most definitely be repeated.

Lunch: Hummus + veggies + hard boiled eggs



I was extremely unimpressed by the options at the dining hall, so off to the salad bar it was! My life has been saved by that thing more times than I can count. I also had three hard boiled eggs, but I couldn’t fit them on the plate. 😉

Snacks: errthang 

I have a tendency to just snack the whole afternoon away, so I didn’t manage to get actual photographs. Just imagine a bag of almonds, a Kind bar, and an apple with chocolate peanut butter!

You guys. This peanut butter is SO. beyond. words. I don’t even love it for the protein, since I don’t feel like it makes a difference in terms of satiation/fullness. I tried Dark Chocolate Dreams by PB&Co a while back, and it just felt like I was eating chemicals. This stuff, though…heaven. 

Dinner: Whole Foods salad bar


I am basically incapable of setting foot within 20 minutes of Whole Foods and not attacking the salad bar. Since Heirloom is only a couple of blocks away, I obviously had to stop in on the way home to get something for dinner. I had to, you guys. Mushrooms, beets, asparagus, squash, chickpeas and rice made for a very happy evening.

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Do you eat meat? If so, what is your favourite kind?

If not, do you miss it? 

A Day In The Life // Balance + WIAW

What’s up party people? Okay, I know it’s a Wednesday which is basically the least-party day of the week BUT I am going to be telling you what I did / ate on Friday which means we can just pretend it’s the weekend. Right? Right. Thanks for hosting WIAW, Jenn!


I’ve always considered myself to have fairly good time management. I’ve never pulled an all-nighter before (knock on wood), very rarely leave things until the last minute, and don’t often find myself having to cancel something because I don’t have enough time. That doesn’t mean I’m not super busy at times, it just means I am so extremely type A that I will plan my schedule out by the hour if need be. And lately, with finals and moving day looming, it is needed.

7am. Wake up and run! Some days are easier than others; this one wasn’t too bad because the rain had finally let up.

8am. Stretch / foam roll / shower / get dressed

8:45am. Time for the nomz. This is plain whole milk yogurt with blueberries, strawberries, pumpkin granola + chocolate PB2.


9am. Read and comment on blogs / brush teeth / make coffee

9:30am. Walk to class while drinking my coffee (one of the best parts of my day!)

10am-10:50am. Classclassclass. In Journalism 100, we had three group presentations – luckily I had already done mine the previous week!

11am-11:50am. Time for English; we finished watching Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close to help us with our study of the novel and I most definitely shed a several tears.

12-12:50pm. Psychology! To be honest, this was a pretty boring class. My professor tends to just rehash the textbook in his lectures, so for someone that does the readings there isn’t much point in going. But I’m always paranoid that he is going to say something the textbook doesn’t cover, which will then show up on the exam – so I try to attend most of the time.

1pm. Time for lunch! Normally I have a snack during English, but I wasn’t hungry this morning so I held off. Now I am super duper extra starving, so a bigger lunch than usual is necessary. Time for eggs on toast with jam, an apple and an (unpictured) yogurt!


2pm. Friday afternoons I volunteer at a student-run cafe, and today was the last day! So sad.

4pm. I decide to take a mini “me” break and sit down for some blog reading. This is the first time I’ve really had to decompress all day, and I need it! I also need to take advantage of an outlet to charge my phone, haha. I swear I charge that thing at least three times per day!

4:30pm. Bus out to Kitsilano

5pm. Sit in 49th Parallel and attempt to work on my essay (key word = attempt). I wrote my works cited page…does that count for anything? I had citrus ginger tea instead of coffee, and I did not miss the espresso one bit! Maybe that’s because it was 5pm…


6pm. All the food shopping. I got some yogurt, apples & carrots at Whole Foods, and then ran over to a supplement shop to pick up Quest Bars. I always say I am going to eat less of them, and then I run out and it’s like…NOPE. Addicted.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese are the only ones I will eat cold, all the others must be microwaved! .

6:30pm. Meet up with a friend to see Insurgent! I have to say, it was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. But it was also super enjoyable because the bad parts were so bad that we were just cracking up. For anyone that’s seen it, did you catch the way they totally ripped off Voldemort’s “death” multiple times?

7:30ish pm. At some point during the above hilarity, I broke out the overnight oats I packed for dinner. Perks of university life: breakfast for dinner 6/7 nights is 100% appropriate. I knew I wouldn’t have time to eat dinner on campus, so I came prepared. Is it strange that I literally will not go anywhere without food?

9:30pm. Move finishes and hop in the car to go back to campus. My amazing friend drove me back to my dorm (in the opposite direction of where she lives) because she is a gem. There was a torrential downpour outside and bussing / walking back would have been miserable.

10pm. Shower / chill out / read

11pm. Hop in bed! I know, such a wild Friday night. But honestly, at this point I am freaking tired! I have plans for a long run the next morning and promptly pass out.

There you have it! A perfect mix of running, cafes, friends and relaxation = my ideal day. Happy Wednesday!

If you have seen Insurgent, what did you think?

What time do you wake up / go to sleep?

How many times do you eat breakfast per day?

I just realized that all three of my meals were technically “breakfast”….

What I Ate Wednesday – Gastown Adventures!

Like I said yesterday, this past weekend I had the most wonderful time hanging out with my mom! It was a much-needed break before the final end-of-year/semester push, not to mention access to beautiful and delicious food. So of course What I Ate Wednesday is back to celebrate!

I don’t even realize how gross/boring/ugly my food is until I am presented with perfectly plated meals multiple times per day! So here are some of the super awesome things that entered my mouth last Saturday. Be prepared to drool.

Meghan over at CleanEatsFastFeets is taking over from Jenn today for the link party! So make sure to go check her out for 7.1 billion other awesome meals for your viewing pleasure.


Breakfast at Nelson the Seagull


We stumbled upon this place as it was the only restaurant we could find open at 9:30am on  a Saturday morning. Cold, hungry, and wet, I was really only looking for some basic eggs & toast, but this breakfast went above and beyond! The bread was hearty and chewy, eggs poached perfectly, and they gave me fried mushrooms. <– if you want to impress me, give me fried mushrooms.

I can definitely see myself coming back here! The place has a super cool industrial / hipster vibe, and all the employees were incredibly friendly and cheerful.



I have literally been craving quesadillas for months, but haven’t had any because I knew the dining hall would disappoint. These didn’t! I can’t actually remember where they are from… #fail. But they were chicken & cheese – yummy,  but nothing to write home about.



Apologies for the gross picture – but the food definitely wasn’t! I don’t even remember the last time I had steak / red meat, but my body has been asking for it. I didn’t even need ketchup it was so delicious! I didn’t quite manage to finish it all, but ate that sweet potato & mushrooms times four. 🙂

There was the usual apple + PB / grapes / random snacking after dinner, of course! And this next meal is actually from Sunday, but I can’t resist showing you because it is from my FAVOURITE restaurant in all of Vancouver!

Breakfast at Heirloom

This was pretty good, but I wish I had tried one of their specialities. I’ve heard the avocado toast is to die for, and the omelettes looked delicious as well! But my stomach had been fairly finicky over the evening and early morning, so I decided to stick with the ever-so-classic eggs & toast.


It was one of the only times I’ve ever enjoyed breakfast potatoes, though, so there is that!

Other than that, there were happy hour snacks (short rib croquettes and OMG cheesy bread, anyone?), grilled cheese sandwiches, and Whole Foods smoothies! I’m thinking that last one will start making a sizeable dent in my wallet – SO. GOOD!

What is your typical breakfast order?

#1 craving right now? 

What I (Wish I) Ate Wednesday

Wow, it has been a while, hasn’t it?! I stopped doing WIAW for a few reasons – I didn’t like the inevitable comparison trap that comes along with posting a full day of eats, and frankly, since moving to university, my food looks gross. Like, every single meal. Nobody wants to see a picture of that! But because I always occasionally browse through my photos and drool over my beautiful meals from the past, I decided to rejoin the world of What I Ate for a week.


Acai Bowl from Juice Generation in New York City. I’m pretty sure the price of a trip back there would be worth this breakfast, and that is not an exaggeration. I’m pretty sure I said “Oh my goodness this is so good” after every. single. bite. It’s a good thing I don’t live in the city or I would be broke from this place alone.



I also vividly remember this bowl of oats. I had just gotten back in from my longest run ever (at the time), an 8-miler. I did it in -15C and rode the elevator afterwards with a Credo regular, unable to move or speak. It was super classy. But I don’t think oats have ever tasted so delicious!


Lunch: Oh come on. Are you really surprised? If I had to choose one food from home that I miss the most, it would hands down be panini. There is just nothing that compares to those crispy grill lines & melted cheese… swoon. ❤ And yup! I’m getting cheesy about cheese. It happens. I think the one I’m craving most right now is hummus, avocado, turkey + cheddar. Dipped in salsa + tzatziki, obviously.


snape-obviouslyNecessary every time the word comes up. Every. Damn. Time. 

Dinner: I could most definitely put another panini here and be happy as a clam. Buuuut there are some other pretty freaking delicious foods out there that this university student has no access to. Case in point:


Nothing too fancy, though. Just a nutritious, home-cooked meal in the comfort of my own home. ❤


19+ in British Columbia. That is all I have to say about that. (Except for the fact that this was my first legal drink ever and it was a pretty phenomenal beverage on an absolutely perfect day.)

caesarP.S. Hop on the Caesar train, Americans. You will not regret it. 

While we’re talking about my 18th birthday, we might as well remember this beauty. I didn’t tell the waitress it was my birthday until she saw me crying over my present, and then a few minutes later she turned up with this! Cheesecake for breakfast dessert? Don’t mind if I do!


What is the #1 thing you wish you were eating RIGHT THIS MINUTE?

WIAW: Whole Foods, We Meet At Last.

It’s tough being from up North sometimes – I know that my fellow Canadian bloggers out there can relate . Now, don’t get me wrong – I absolutely love being Canadian and I have no desire to move to the USA (still love you Americans though, plus your NYC kinda rocks), but being bombarded with foodie product after product that we can’t have?! It gets a little tiresome.

FirstWorldProblem to the max, I recognize. But I digress – 1/800 of the pumpkin deliciousness, zero  Justin’s, 2 flavours of Oreos, and oh yeah…NO WHOLE FOODS.

Or so I thought – hence why this discovery is so exciting, and merits its very own WIAW post. 🙂 Thanks for hosting as usual, Jenn! 

On the very first day that I arrived in Vancouver, we were driving along west 4th avenue in Kitsilano, on our way to the apartment we would stay at for two days before I moved to UBC.

I was peering out of the window like an excited little five year-old. This was my city now! I wanted to soak it all in.

We passed a beautifully painted Lululemon, cafe upon cafe upon cafe, chic-looking shops, and then out of nowhere…

Whole Foods.



I’m pretty sure only other food / healthy living bloggers / readers of said blogs will understand my excitement.

Obviously I dashed in immediately and spent far too long for my dear mother’s liking wandering the aisles. I couldn’t buy too much – probably a blessing in disguise – since we were of course living temporarily and I had less than 48 hours left with fridge access!

And then, just last week I made my first foray to the salad bar! I know, it’s tragic how long it took me.


I have to say – at first glance I was seriously disappointed with the takeaway box size! It looked SO puny! You would think that if they are charging you by weight, they would provide bigger boxes…but nope. Anyway, I piled as much as humanly possible into that thing and went on my merry way. I was actually pleasantly surprised that it “only” cost $11. That’s about as much as the dining hall salad bar charges, and this meal was approximately 7892x nicer.

It wasn’t until I took it home and dumped it in a bowl that I realized just how much food I actually got! Which was a very good thing, because the day had gotten away from me and I hadn’t eaten since lunch. I kid you not, I literally do not remember the last time there was no afternoon snack in my life.

whole-foods-salad-barCan you believe there was a time when I detested mushrooms? Blasphemy! 

This beauty was rotisserie chicken, shredded beets + carrots, roasted sweet potato + mushrooms and asparagus. Plus something else, probably, but I am forgetting because there was just so much! 😉

That weekend I went AGAIN, but did not have nearly as wonderful as an experience. I wasn’t in the mood to take the 45min bus ride to the bigger Whole Foods, so I hopped over to the small Kitsilano location. I’ve got to say – while I will go there for groceries ALL the time, never again for the salad bar! The highlight of this meal was steamed carrots + broccoli. Even more delicious when you have zero stove access, but after Wednesday’s dinner…underwhelming.


I have no classes until 3:30pm tomorrow (hooray for cancelled computer science labs!) so you can bet I will be making a trip out to my beloved grocery store. Sorry, dining hall, you’ve been replaced!

Have you ever been to Whole Foods?

Or are you laughing at me because you go daily? 

It’s okay if you are. I would too.