Friday Favourites + An Attempted Taper.

Happy Friday friends! Even though today is technically my Monday, after a one day weekend… womp womp. The life of a part-time shift worker. 😉

^ Funny story: on Monday, I had to ask my coworker what day of the week it was because I genuinely had no idea. My random start times / days off from work are throwing me off like no other! So although it might not feel like it for some of us, let’s cheers to the weekend anyway! It’s been a minute since I linked up with Heather for some Friday Favourites action. Here’s what I’ve been loving this week! 🙂


Half Marathon Excitement. I can’t say I’ve been loving the (self-imposed) taper week, but I’ve got all sorts of butterflies for my race on Sunday! There are differing opinions on whether or not a taper is necessary / beneficial for a half marathon, but my legs did not feel very rested going into my first 13.1 so I figured I might as well give it a shot! I did my longest run of 12 miles 10 days out, and yesterday ran my last “hard” run of 1 mile each: easy / HMP / easy / HMP / easy. I’M. SO. EXCITED!!! I can’t wait to see what these legs can do!

New Closet Organization. After going from approximately two feet of closet space at UBC, to two temporary racks on a wall, to absolutely nothing while my floor is painted, putting together a fancy new closet organization system has me all sorts of giddy. We purchased this IKEA PAX Wardrobe, so now it’s just time to tackle the construction!



Cappuccino and Macchiato Mastery. Well, maybe mastery is saying a little much, BUT YOU GUYS!! For the longest time I just could not make these two drinks. Because they are on the small side (6oz and 4oz, respectively), the milk is much more difficult to steam correctly and pour. After trying (and failing) approximately 7 billion times Tuesday afternoon, I finally got it on Wednesday! I’m so impressed with myself.



Frozen Smoothies + Granola. This girl is incapable of functioning before a peanut butter berry protein smoothie topped with dark chocolate granola. I’m not mad about it.

This morning's beauty: Strawberries +  PB protein powder + coconut milk +  dark chocolate granola.  Heaven!  I'm going to go out on a limb and say that my bodyweight x 5 squat had a little something to do with this.

And a random assortment of things making me happy this week that will go unpictured:

  • disgusting white converse thrown into the washing machine –> my babies are beautiful again
  • couch time is the best time
  • fudgsicles as post-run mid-morning snack DESSERT.
  • re-watching Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone for the 37th time and quoting the entire moving / driving my dear mother absolutely insane. (She’s secretly impressed)

SPEAKING OF WHICH… I may or may not have had a little freakout Wednesday morning due to the chaos in my room that comes with not having a closet. This quote was the first thing that popped into my mind and I’m still laughing about it. You know you’re a true HP fan when…

But seriously. That was me to a T. Have a lovely weekend everyone! I’ll catch ya on the flip side with a race recap, so stay tuned. 🙂

What is your favourite breakfast dessert? Fudgesicles are definitely making a comeback for me.

Any one movie / book that you ALWAYS quote? 


Things That Made Me Happy This Week.

There are lots of ideas floating around in my head and I am feeling like my blog could use a dose of something substantial-ish, but…my brain is mush right now. So rather than forcing a post and risk sounding like a total cheese ball, I am just going to tell you my favourite things that happened this week. Because it being the last week of classes, was pretty darn amazing. I’m linking up with Heather & Clare, because I have Five Friday Favourites. 🙂

1. Easter delivery from home! 

I know I blogged about this yesterday, but it seriously made my whole entire day. It was just so thoughtful, not to mention the coffee was the best I’ve had in months. If I hadn’t been counting down the days already, that definitely would have made me start! But I’m not even counting down in TOLs anymore, we’re down to 18 days. ❤

2. Peaceful morning run + green smoothie. 

So…I can’t remember if this happened on Sunday or Monday, but we’re going to put it in this post anyway. 😉 This was just the perfect morning all-around: I woke up without an alarm, ate toast + coffee while perusing blogs, and then ran down to Whole Foods. I got my first smoothie in months, and drank it while wandering West Fourth Ave enjoying life. (oops. there’s the cheese ball.)

Feeling so incredibly grateful on this beautiful Easter Sunday. ☀️ Jesus gifted me with a wonderful life  and I celebrated it with a strong run and nourishing smoothie. Life is good.

3. Looking + feeling like a girl. 

Judge me all you want for putting this on the list, but it is just so true! For whatever reason, this past week I have put a lot more effort into wearing actual clothes (instead of #alltheleggings) and doing my hair, and it has honestly made such a difference in how I feel! I’m more confident, more outgoing, and happier about life in general.

4. A life that doesn’t revolve around school. 

I’m not sure how this has happened, especially so close to the end of the semester, but I’m definitely not complaining. Instead of panicking about assignments and finals, I have been going on so many nice evening jogs with friends, as well as out for delicious meals. This is such a change from the girl that always ran alone and literally refused to eat out, ever. I’m seriously hoping I can carry this momentum through the end of exams. 🙂

Delectable Easter  brunch mimosa action.   (at lunchtime )Picture from Good Friday brunch! I was also wearing a skirt – contain your shock. 

5. Spending more time unplugging. Amanda inspired me to really get on this, and I’m already feeling the effects. I sleep better (except when I’m awoken by an atrocious fire alarm), and don’t feel as irritable during the day. I’m currently just reading random / average books though, so please hit me up with some suggestions!

Tell me one thing that made you happy this week! 

What do you do right before bed?