Things That Made Me Happy This Week.

There are lots of ideas floating around in my head and I am feeling like my blog could use a dose of something substantial-ish, but…my brain is mush right now. So rather than forcing a post and risk sounding like a total cheese ball, I am just going to tell you my favourite things that happened this week. Because it being the last week of classes, was pretty darn amazing. I’m linking up with Heather & Clare, because I have Five Friday Favourites. 🙂

1. Easter delivery from home! 

I know I blogged about this yesterday, but it seriously made my whole entire day. It was just so thoughtful, not to mention the coffee was the best I’ve had in months. If I hadn’t been counting down the days already, that definitely would have made me start! But I’m not even counting down in TOLs anymore, we’re down to 18 days. ❤

2. Peaceful morning run + green smoothie. 

So…I can’t remember if this happened on Sunday or Monday, but we’re going to put it in this post anyway. 😉 This was just the perfect morning all-around: I woke up without an alarm, ate toast + coffee while perusing blogs, and then ran down to Whole Foods. I got my first smoothie in months, and drank it while wandering West Fourth Ave enjoying life. (oops. there’s the cheese ball.)

Feeling so incredibly grateful on this beautiful Easter Sunday. ☀️ Jesus gifted me with a wonderful life  and I celebrated it with a strong run and nourishing smoothie. Life is good.

3. Looking + feeling like a girl. 

Judge me all you want for putting this on the list, but it is just so true! For whatever reason, this past week I have put a lot more effort into wearing actual clothes (instead of #alltheleggings) and doing my hair, and it has honestly made such a difference in how I feel! I’m more confident, more outgoing, and happier about life in general.

4. A life that doesn’t revolve around school. 

I’m not sure how this has happened, especially so close to the end of the semester, but I’m definitely not complaining. Instead of panicking about assignments and finals, I have been going on so many nice evening jogs with friends, as well as out for delicious meals. This is such a change from the girl that always ran alone and literally refused to eat out, ever. I’m seriously hoping I can carry this momentum through the end of exams. 🙂

Delectable Easter  brunch mimosa action.   (at lunchtime )Picture from Good Friday brunch! I was also wearing a skirt – contain your shock. 

5. Spending more time unplugging. Amanda inspired me to really get on this, and I’m already feeling the effects. I sleep better (except when I’m awoken by an atrocious fire alarm), and don’t feel as irritable during the day. I’m currently just reading random / average books though, so please hit me up with some suggestions!

Tell me one thing that made you happy this week! 

What do you do right before bed? 


Five Fast & Fantastic Feasts

Don’t you wish there was a word for “meals” that started with F? Yeah, me too. All day, er’ day. OH WAIT – there is! Thank you, thesaurus.

Last summer, when my only responsibility in life was to show up to work a few hours at a time, I had a lot of extra hours on my hand. Sure, I’ll spend half an hour grilling waffles to perfection on this random Tuesday morning, why not? 

wafflesIf I go to a fancy restaurant, maybe. 

These days, that doesn’t really fly. Not only do I not have the time available to do that, I have no desire to! If I have an hour break for lunch between classes, I want to spend at least 57 of those having a break. Sue me! But a girl can only eat so many pre-made sandwiches while retaining sanity, so something’s gotta give. Enter: the fast and easy-to-prepare meal. It feels homemade and tastes homemade, minus all of that prep work!

These are my five favourites that I rotate through pretty much daily. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, am I right?


1. Peanut Butter Overnight OatsThe first one is a shameless plug – my apologies. But there is just seriously nothing better than waking up and having breakfast already made for you. 

2. Avocado / Hummus + Egg Toast. <– always unsure whether or not I want to capitalize things like that – not a recipe title, but still a title. #englishnerdstruggles. There are so many nutrients packed into this, and if you throw the pan in the sink to wash later, it takes less than three minutes!


3. Microwave Egg White Oatmeal via Peanut Butter Fingers. What can I say – oatmeal makes my world go round!

Three-Minute-High-Protein-Egg-White-Oatmeal-Recipe_thumb Image from Peanut Butter Fingers

4. Sweet potato + ground turkey. If you pre-cook these two (!) ingredients, this meal takes literally 30 seconds. Every time I go home we cook up a few batches for me to freeze, so that I have instant meals even with no oven access! Just mix it all up into a bowl and devour hot or cold – this is one of my all-time favourite meals.

5. “Beefed” Up Snack Plate. Seriously – when all else fails, don’t forget it is totally acceptable to throw a bunch of everything together and call it a meal. One of my favourites is veggies + hummus (I will go for at least 1/2 cup!), deli turkey and an apple + almond butter. So much crunchy satisfaction, and again – probably less than a minute of prep time! I also love wrapping carrot sticks in turkey and then dipping them in hummus. Try it!

 What is the maximum time you will spend preparing a meal? 

Top Five Quotes from Emma the Crazy Canadian

I seem to say a lot of hilarious things. They don’t sound that ridiculous coming out of my mouth, but once my friends hear them, they become impossible to let go. It’s all good fun, and we still laugh about things I said in October. So I decided to bring you my Top Five Quotes from the “Shit Emma Says” note in my friends phone. Because, yup, that definitely exists.

Alternatively titled: Favourite Times Emma Sounded Insane


1. “You’re going back to New Zealand?! Can you bring me something made of sheep?” I suppose I could have just said “wool”…but that would have required me to actually make that connection.


And on the same note…

2. “I’ve never seen a sheep before. Does it look anything like a lamb?” I was most definitely imagining “Mary Had A Little Lamb” while asking this question. I DON’T LIKE ZOOS OKAY?!


3. “William Shatner – the guy who wrote my Pyschology textbook!” “YES, HE DID WRITE IT.” “I will bet you money!” “Oh…Shacter.” All you Star Trek fans, I am deeply sorry. Please forgive me.

4. “Why do you care if it’s raining when we go to the waterpark? It’s inside!” Apparently in places with normal weather (aka everywhere except Alberta), they have watermarks outside…what a concept! Although I would definitely be down with going down a water slide on a toboggan.

wem-waterparkI used to love this place so much I had my birthday there.

5. “How many people does it take to lift the ship’s anchor?” Righhhht. Because an anchor heavy enough to secure a 200 000 ton vessel in the middle of the ocean can just be, you know, casually tossed off the edge.

Linking up with Clare and Heather today!

Five Goals I’ve Abandoned

Every year I fall prey to the “New Years Resolution” trap, and usually abandon my goals right around when everyone else does. BUT, instead of leaving them to shrivel up and die, I’m acknowledging my slacking off right here and now – so that I can get back on the wagon and try again! I think that most people “break” their resolution by, for example, only making it to the gym three times instead of five and then completely give up. And while that is something I would usually do as an all-or-nothing type of person, it is not what is happening in 2015!

1. Eliminate artificial sweeteners. I feel like I cancel out all the good things I add into my diet like kale when I go on a crazy gum / Fresca attack. It’s not easy for me to access nutritious vegetables in university, so why would I undo that extra effort? GUM = GONE. Again.

kits-whole-foods-barIf I’m dropping $12+ at Whole Foods, it had better not go to waste! 

2. No technology before bed. It is honestly dramatic how much better I sleep when I don’t go on  my phone right before passing out. It’s tough for me to give it up since I sleep fine when I do it – just not great. I still need to use my phone for an alarm, but I can at the very least switch to a book / magazine while my head is literally on my pillow.


3. Wear my contacts less. Since I live on a floor with 30 other people, I fall into the trap of feeling like I always have to look “presentable”. So I’ve been wearing my contacts something like 16 hours per day, every day. It’s gross, and I know that I am overwearing them! So I will start with 12 hours per day MAX, and cut down from there. Ultimately I want to wear them 8 hours per day, 5 days a week.

4. Spend money mindfully. “It’s only a $3 coffee.” “It’s only a $2 pack of gum.” Well, Emma, that adds up to $50 and $100 charges like that. If I want to take next year off, I need to be able to pay back my student loans ASAP – which means not making them worse with unnecessary purchases.

rp_coffee1-1024x1024.jpgMy cafe at home is an exception, though, obviously.

5. Prioritize recovery. I haven’t completely abandoned this goal, but on Monday I definitely went straight from a 5 mile tempo run to sitting on my butt all day in class. Well, I showered too, but you get the point. I need to get back to the place where foam rolling + stretching is an automatic, non-negotiable thing, no matter the intensity / length of the run.

Linking up with Clare for Five Things Friday today!


Update me on your recent goals / resolutions!