The Best of October: Budgets, Burgers + Buble

Annnnd, just like that, it’s November. I wish I could skip the whole “OMG time is flying” cheesiness, but you guys. Does anyone please want to tell me when it stopped being August? Thanks.

Much to all of our disbelief, though, it is actually November, which means it’s the last month of first semester! Stress runs rampant, emotions run high, and Michael Buble runs with Emma. 🙂

michael-bubleYes, yes it is that time.

Anyway, it’s been so long since I’ve actually talked on here that I feel like there is so much to catch up on! So what better way than to let you guys know all the fab things that have been going on in these parts lately.

The Nourished Podcast. Okay, this is #1 for good reason. You guys, I have nothing but amazing things to say about this podcast! It’s hosted by Meg and Shawn, who spend the hour chatting about healing and loving yourself from the inside out. I don’t currently follow the Paleo diet, but I have to say that nothing has inspired me to give it a try more. A podcast that I just listened to recently featured a girl with Crohn’s Disease, who had her entire large intestine removed and, since going Paleo, has never felt better. My gluten intolerance plus very-likely-crazy-out-of-whack-hormones have me strongly considering taking the plunge.  It’s hard not to be inspired by them, and they are just so fun to listen to! I’ve actually barely been listening to music on my walks around campus, just because I love what I learn from this podcast so much.

nourished-logoSubscribe here! 

Cooking dinner. This sounds absolutely ridiculous, but bear with me. When I moved away from home for the first time last year, I was living in the dorms with a meal plan – my food was prepared for me, and all I had to do was swipe a card. This year, however, is the first time in my life that I’ve been responsible for my own food and I have epicly failed at it. A busy college lifestyle and general cooking-phobia (I’ve always been that baker gal) means I have seriously struggled to balance budgeting, preparing healthy meals, and time management. At least one of those three always gets thrown out the window, and more often than not it’s been healthy meals.

Case in point: I told my mom a friend was coming over to cook dinner and hang out, and this is what she said to me:

“Don’t make her oatmeal…”

So yeah. Oatmeal for dinner was happening FAR too often, and more and more processed foods were making their way into my diet. But I was sick of feeling like crap, motivated by all my podcast-listening, and have been (slowly) getting it together. Yay me! I made these cranberry chickpea burgers from Ambitious Kitchen yesterday almost entirely out of the contents of my freezer, and they are to. die. for. The best part? The recipe made six, so thats dinner handled for the week. HOLLAH.


JĀSÖN® skincare products. In my efforts to get rid of ALL the negative things in my life (not possible entirely, but you get where I’m going with this), I am working on transitioning to more natural makeup and skincare. Now, I’m obviously not about to throw away everything I already have (college student budget heeeeey), BUT I am making better choices about what I replace the products I run out of. Lately I have been obsessed with the JĀSÖN® shampoo, conditioner, and deodorant.


Straight from their website, they:

• Select safe, gentle and effective ingredients

• Rigorously test every formula to ensure safety and efficacy

• Never test on animals

• Constantly innovate and improve.

Yeah, it’s pretty darn good. And infinitely better than the chemicals I was spreading all over my skin beforehand.

Health articles backed by science. Do you want to know what drives me N.U.T.S? Seeing articles plastered all over the internet, in magazines, and the media ordering people do do “these 3 things” to get healthy. I don’t even buy magazines anymore for this reason. Articles telling girls how to “get toned” fall under the same umbrella. I’m sorry, but toning just flat out DOES NOT EXIST. Lift weights and build muscle. The end. Understanding the physiology behind things really gets me going these days. Like just the other day, my roommate was crying while chopping onions, and I just freaking had to know exactly why onions make you cry. So I read this article and was a happy camper. 🙂 My current favourite resource is Sports Fitness Advisor – they explain major concept in simple terms but in a scientific and proven way. LOVE.

(PORTABLE) Snickerdoodle ice cream. My favourite life hack to date:

1. mix a serving of PEScience Snickerdoodle protein with just enough water to make a pudding consistency.

2. freeze overnight.

3. remove from freezer the next morning and enjoy 100% ice cream perfection ~2 hours later.


On Tuesdays and Thursdays I go to the gym at 6:30am, and then have class from 8-9:30am. I don’t have quite enough time to eat a meal before class / I’d rather pay attention that eat during lecture, so I’ve been looking for a portable snack with a solid amount of protein to help me recover from lifting. I’ve never been able to drink a protein shake (nasty), so when I saw Elle freeze her protein for 5ish minutes I had the lightbulb. And don’t worry, my overnight oats at 10ish are much enjoyed, so there are definitely enough carbs in my world. 🙂 Speaking of which…

CARBS. Yeah. They are 100% necessary. Last week I ran 7 miles, not really a long run for me but the longest I’ve gone in about a month, so a big deal for my legs. Anyway, I woke up so incredibly sore the next morning, which shocked me! I’ve been regularly running 5 miles with the occasional 6 thrown in there, so this shouldn’t been a big deal. And yet I felt like I had been beaten up for a solid 3 days. Later in the week, I realized that I had eaten dramatically less carbs than usual (less running + more lifting makes me crave fats and proteins), so it was clear that my muscles simply did not have enough fuel to recover. So eat them potatoes kids. 🙂

I hope you all have a fantastic week! They weekend may have flown by like it always does, but let’s ROCK THIS MONDAY.

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Homeless Livin’ + TOL

Hi, my name is Emma and I am currently WAY too stressed to write coherently, so let’s just thank our lucky stars that Thinking Out Loud is a thing and Amanda is our saviour.


1. I ate a donut for breakfast this morning. Annnnnd it wasn’t as amazing as I thought it would be. I’ve been craving them for EVER so I’m a little bit shocked. Perhaps I should have gone for the apple fritter instead of chocolate dip? Maybe tomorrow today. 😉

apple-frittersYeeeeah those are looking pretty darn sweet.

2. But my stomach has been growling since I woke up (despite LOTS of food) so perhaps I should consider eating some vegetables. Just a thought.

3. Another thought: I REALLY NEED A PLACE TO LIVE! Like, it’s all well and good and wonderful and amazing that I got into Kinesiology, but I sorta don’t think going to school and living on the street is going to work out very well. I’ve gotten a couple of replies (to exactly seven billion emails), but since I can’t go visit the place I usually get passed over. Add to the fact that the Vancouver housing market is INSANITY and you have a recipe for one homeless college student.

4. I’m reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for the fifteenth time. Not an exaggeration. My friend James was making fun of me, saying that he was going to bring a new book for me to read, but honestly? I’ve got seven books in my life, I don’t need any more. ❤


5. READING is the key word there. The picture is (obviously) of the movie, but I am so turned off of TV right now it’s not even funny. I will start watching something, thinking I’m going to unwind for a few minutes, and I am instantly bored out of my mind! That and extremely irritated by the flashing lights / noise.

6. Another aversion? COFFEE. I don’t know who I am anymore. It’s been a week since I properly drank a cup of coffee, and much longer since I genuinely enjoyed it. Friday night I chugged half an iced coffee because I had a withdrawal headache, and on Tuesday I had to get my coworker to tell me what my espresso was like (so I could adjust the grinder) because it just all tasted awful to me.


I do love not feeling dependant on a substance, though, even if it does mean I’m a little bit more tired!

7. Tuesday’s 10 miler was a huge success! I haven’t run longer than 7 miles since my half marathon on June 14, so I was a little bit worried to say the least. But it was probably one of my most solid long runs ever! I started slooow, kept it steady, and didn’t freak out on the hills. There was a little nausea and cramping towards the end which was gross, but I also didn’t suffer from that crippling fatigue I used to get so often!

8. And then I woke up the next morning to homemade blueberry muffins. Can I live at home forever, please? ❤

9. But really. Is anyone in Vancouver looking for a roommate? I’ll go on runs with you and bake you muffins!

Friday Favourites + An Attempted Taper.

Happy Friday friends! Even though today is technically my Monday, after a one day weekend… womp womp. The life of a part-time shift worker. 😉

^ Funny story: on Monday, I had to ask my coworker what day of the week it was because I genuinely had no idea. My random start times / days off from work are throwing me off like no other! So although it might not feel like it for some of us, let’s cheers to the weekend anyway! It’s been a minute since I linked up with Heather for some Friday Favourites action. Here’s what I’ve been loving this week! 🙂


Half Marathon Excitement. I can’t say I’ve been loving the (self-imposed) taper week, but I’ve got all sorts of butterflies for my race on Sunday! There are differing opinions on whether or not a taper is necessary / beneficial for a half marathon, but my legs did not feel very rested going into my first 13.1 so I figured I might as well give it a shot! I did my longest run of 12 miles 10 days out, and yesterday ran my last “hard” run of 1 mile each: easy / HMP / easy / HMP / easy. I’M. SO. EXCITED!!! I can’t wait to see what these legs can do!

New Closet Organization. After going from approximately two feet of closet space at UBC, to two temporary racks on a wall, to absolutely nothing while my floor is painted, putting together a fancy new closet organization system has me all sorts of giddy. We purchased this IKEA PAX Wardrobe, so now it’s just time to tackle the construction!



Cappuccino and Macchiato Mastery. Well, maybe mastery is saying a little much, BUT YOU GUYS!! For the longest time I just could not make these two drinks. Because they are on the small side (6oz and 4oz, respectively), the milk is much more difficult to steam correctly and pour. After trying (and failing) approximately 7 billion times Tuesday afternoon, I finally got it on Wednesday! I’m so impressed with myself.



Frozen Smoothies + Granola. This girl is incapable of functioning before a peanut butter berry protein smoothie topped with dark chocolate granola. I’m not mad about it.

This morning's beauty: Strawberries +  PB protein powder + coconut milk +  dark chocolate granola.  Heaven!  I'm going to go out on a limb and say that my bodyweight x 5 squat had a little something to do with this.

And a random assortment of things making me happy this week that will go unpictured:

  • disgusting white converse thrown into the washing machine –> my babies are beautiful again
  • couch time is the best time
  • fudgsicles as post-run mid-morning snack DESSERT.
  • re-watching Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone for the 37th time and quoting the entire moving / driving my dear mother absolutely insane. (She’s secretly impressed)

SPEAKING OF WHICH… I may or may not have had a little freakout Wednesday morning due to the chaos in my room that comes with not having a closet. This quote was the first thing that popped into my mind and I’m still laughing about it. You know you’re a true HP fan when…

But seriously. That was me to a T. Have a lovely weekend everyone! I’ll catch ya on the flip side with a race recap, so stay tuned. 🙂

What is your favourite breakfast dessert? Fudgesicles are definitely making a comeback for me.

Any one movie / book that you ALWAYS quote? 

WIAW // Eating for Balance + Recovery

I think my biggest obstacle with getting back into blogging is finding a timeslot for it! When I was at school, I had a much stricter routine with my days (necessary to keep up with a college course load!) so blogging happened at the same time every day. Now that my work (and life) schedule is different every day, I’m finding myself ready to collapse into bed without having blogged yet.

But here I am! Hooray for me! It’s 10pm, I’ve been up and going since 5am, and am surprisingly still a functional human. Which I definitely credit a part of to my eats lately. There has been tons of fruits, vegetables, oatmeal and protein, with a solid injection of more indulgent meals out and desserts. Since I’m so active at work in addition to working out a lot, I think the extra calories have done me good! Or is it well?

But lezbehonest – nobody really cares.


No school –> my grammar begins to cause physical pain. Let’s prepare ourselves with pictures of my delicious meals from a day trip to Banff. Thanks to Jenn for hosting the WIAW linkup!

Breakfast at Wild Flour Bakery



Organic yogurt with berry compote and homemade granola. YUM. There was the perfect amount of everything in this meal, and it actually lasted me four full hours before I got hungry again. My stomach going longer than three hours is basically unheard of, so that was cool. Ish. But I really like food so eating every hour is a fun time for me.

Lunch at Bear Street Tavern


I really cannot explain it, but sometimes the thought of meat makes my stomach TURN. I had been craving a panini, though, and this goat cheese & veggie one hit. the. spot. Lately when I eat sandwiches I’ve been turning them into four open-faced toasts, so that I can taste all the delicious ingredients without being overwhelmed by the amount of bread. But still eating it all because CARBZ.

Dinner at HOME.


would follow up a comment about meat grossing me out with a meal of steak and mushrooms. What can I say, though? The heart stomach wants what it wants. Also greek salad because veggies are friends.

I definitely ate some snacks throughout the day, but apparently they were nothing noteworthy because I have no pictures of them! I do have a foggy image of unwrapping a Quest bar in desperation mid-car drive, though. 😉

I think it’s also noteworthy that while this was my second rest day in a row, I woke up on Friday even more sore than after a workout! My best guess is that recovery is FAR more important than any of us realize and our bodies take full advantage of the R&R (and nutrients) we give it.

Speaking of which, as you are reading this I am off for my last long run of 12 miles before next week’s half marathon! I say 12, but would be fine with 10. I really just want a PR (< 1:53), and I could really care less if it is ten minutes or ten seconds. As long as I cross the finish line grinning like a lunatic, I will be happy. But to do that I should probably grind out a distance I haven’t ran in OVER A YEAR.

Wish me luck, and happy Wednesday!

The Last Thinking Out Loud

1. Of my first year of university! You may remember I pulled this trick back in August for “the last Thinking Out Loud” of living at home. The next time I publish one of these, I will be back in Edmonton in a brand new condo! Don’t worry, Amanda, I’m not going anywhere. 😉


2.  BUT I am never going back to the place that I left. A bit weird, but I’ve moved so many times recently that it didn’t really feel like “home” anyway. I actually only lived there for 5 months! At this point, I am more used to my dorm room.

3. Which I have absolutely no hope in packing up. I just heard from a friend that the storage lockers most of us are using are less than 3 x 3 x 3 (feet). Isn’t that like, two boxes?


4. Calling all Vancouverites. Please drive out to UBC and let me store my stuff with you. I’ll buy ice cream.

5. I haven’t worn makeup in almost two weeks and I cannot believe how much better my skin is looking! It seriously looks the same as it usually does with tinted moisturizer and concealer. Aside from the freckles…I guess I never really grew out of those. 😉

6. 7pm exams are not enjoyable. In my head, 7pm is the time I wind down my work, start to think about what I want for dinner, and just generally “turn off”. So having to keep my brain on those extra 2.5 hours was killer! Not to mention my stomach started growling approximately half an hour in…

ryan-reynoldsThe fact that I’ve been studying psychology nonstop makes this too accurate for words.

7. Neither was serious Boston FOMO. You guys. I don’t think I have ever wanted to go to something as badly as I wanted to go to the Boston Marathon. Extreme jealousy occurred with every single Instagram / Tweet / blog post.

8. Which leads me to…my first marathon! I am so torn up about this. On the one hand, I really want to start training ASAP and do the Edmonton Marathon this August. Why miss another Boston, right? But on the other hand, the chances of me qualifying this summer are basically nil, which is the whole reason I want to run a marathon in the first place. So do I go for it now, or focus on getting stronger/faster before taking the plunge?!

9. So many adult decisions. I miss the days when my most important choices involved which spring sport I wanted to play and whether I should take foods or drama as an elective. (foods always won)

10. … I think that is all I have to say! I don’t remember the last time I actually ran out of thoughts for a Thinking Out Loud but that appears to be the case. My life is not all that exciting right now… study / run / friends / sleep. It’s all good, though. After two crazy semesters, I am very happy to be winding down. 🙂

Have you ever had an exam at a strange time? 

My next one is less awful, but still 3:30pm on a Saturday!

How many places have you lived? 

This new place will be #6 for me. (in 4 years!)

What I Ate Wednesday: A Glimpse into the Future.

I considered doing a “Final College Eats” edition of WIAW, but

a) I completely forgot to take any pictures

b) College food is atrociously unattractive & unappetizing

So, in honour of my last Wednesday at UBC, I decided to plan out exactly what I will be eating next Wednesday. When I’m home. Because that is happening.


fascinatingHow I’m sure you all feel about me talking about going home. Thank you! I’ll keep talking about it. 😉 

So I suppose this is technically “What I Will Eat Wednesday” vs. “What I Ate Wednesday”, which is really way cooler since who doesn’t want to be a 2015 version of Raven Symone<– to everyone reading: tell me if you have or haven’t heard of this show! I’m not sure if remembering it makes me “old” yet. 😉 

Do you guys remember when I ate the most delicious, satisfying, nutritious breakfast every. single. day? Because I sure don’t! I feel like it has been so so long since this beauty has been in my life and you had better believe I will be jumping right back on the bandwagon. Plain greek yogurt + diced apple + Bob’s Red Mill muesli + drippy organic peanut butter = absolute perfection.


We will follow that up with lunch made of barbecued chicken, perfectly ripe avocado, tomatoes, mango and spinach. Can I get a “hallelujah” for beautiful plates, organic poultry and non-bruised avocado?!



Yep. This is the exact same panini / picture of panini I have been talking about for weeks. What can I say?! It is the only one I have that really shows the magnificence of this exact sandwich. And it’s not like I can take a new one, or this would be an entirely different situation all together. I fully intend on eating this sandwich for dinner on Tuesday night when I get home, and most likely every single night for approximately 17 weeks.

Turkey + cheddar + hummus + avocado panini on flax dipped in salsa. Cannot. Be. Beat.




Obviously I will be snacking as well. There will definitely be a Credo cookie consumed with a coffee, a Quest bar baked in the oven (!!!), and some other delicious homemade goods. Baked in an oven. Because I will have one of those. Do you think I am excited about having an oven?! 

Thinking Out Loud: Packing, Potatoes + A Pathetic Brain

1. Studying for finals is apparently making me less smart, not more. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this:

Brownie points  to whoever can spot my note-taking  ...  My brain has checked out, apparently.

I literally just can’t. What is your concept of “knows”? If I may quote Ange, “my brain can’t brain”.

AKA, the reason we all praise Amanda for hosting Thinking out Loud every week. Because what would we do without our regularly scheduled brain dump?!


2. I may be turning into an alcoholic. Usually before I come home, my mom asks me things I want in the house for when I arrive. The past three times I’ve said: sweet potatoes, peanut butter, carrots and panini ingredients. Nothing more, nothing less. This time, though?

Vodka. (Only mixed with stuff so I can’t taste it though)


Underage-dom in British Columbia has me unimpressed.

3. One day I will remember to take a “running selfie” AKA those incredibly cool pictures of people where both their feet are off the ground and they look like total rockstars. For my past three runs I have planned to do it and then just…not.

4. How does one become less addicted to caffeine? So I obviously have no intention to stop drinking it all together. But on Monday, I didn’t drink any coffee until about ~3 hours after I woke up, and I was literally nauseous all day. I felt like my energy had been zapped, I was dragging myself around campus (to sit in libraries) and was just a disaster. But I only ever have one coffee per day! So I don’t know how to cut back without going cold turkey. –> not like there is a chance of that anyway.


5. I suppose I could mix my beans with decaf… But there is something that just sounds so “Starbucks” about half-caf and I’m not sure if I can go there.

6. I can, however, go home in 12 days. You guys know I just had to throw that in there. I have to move all my stuff into the storage locker in 10, and exactly 1 box has been packed. This will be interesting.

7. More interesting than my exam tomorrow, though. From 7-9:30pm. I mean, really? Who has final exams on Friday night? I also have one on Saturday afternoon.


8. Don’t ask me where this idea came from, but I have a serious craving for roasted cheddar potatoes! I’m not much of a cheese / potato fan in the slightest (except in Schwartzies potatoes NOM NOM NOM), but yes that will be happening as soon as an oven is in my vicinity again.

9. And I will be able to post recipes! Not that this is going to turn into a fancy food blog or anything…you guys know I am far too obsessed with running & these random thoughts for that to happen. But I’m still excited to be able to sprinkle in more variety to my blog posts! Plus I miss baking like no other.

muffinsRemember when I used to make muffins for you?

10. So I will leave you with this. What? We were on the topic of baking, after all. 😉 Go make these for me ASAP please! Or wait until I get home, and then come over for a waffle party. Actually, yes, do that.

What is the funniest mistake you have made recently? 

Do you have more exciting Friday plans than I do?