Unstoppable Strength Workout

I am not a girl that likes to sit still. Despite being in week nine (!) of my Film Studies course, I still dread the 3.5 hours of sitting in one place. I have the attention space (or lack thereof) of a squirrel – doing one thing for too long makes me fidgety, anxious and lethargic, all at the same time.

So when faced with a day of studying, what’s a girl to do? Hit the gym, obviously (obbbbbviously). In need of a mood boost, I decided to create a workout based on all of my favourite power moves – exercises that make me feel strong and hardcore. Hence, why this is called Unstoppable Strength – you will feel dang near unstoppable!


It’s a very straightforward format, because I don’t like to mess around when I workout. I get in, do my thang, and get on with my life. So the workout is comprised of four supersets, each of which you complete before moving on to the next.

I think that the majority of people are familiar with supersets, but if you aren’t, it would look like this:

  • 8 back squats –> 8 pull-ups
  • rest
  • 8 back squats –> 8 pull-ups
  • rest
  • 8 back squats –> 8 pull-ups

And then onto the split squats / dumbbell press superset! I love supersets because they allow me to rest one muscle group while still exercising – I don’t know of anyone that has time to just stand around timing rest between sets anymore. The other awesome thing about pairings like this is each muscle group truly rests. If you are combining, for example, leg extensions + deadlifts, or pull-ups + tricep extensions, some muscles never fully recover. Which has a time and place, but not for me.

I hope you try this out and love it! I can’t do strict pull-ups yet, so I use the assisted machine at the gym – but you can also do banded, jumping, or negatives. And remember that I am not (yet) a certified personal trainer, so use your best judgement and knowledge of your own abilities. 🙂

Do you have a “power move”? Back squats are my all-time favourite!


The City Gym Workout

For most of you lucky folks, your gyms are juuust starting to calm down. The massive hordes of resolution-ers have dropped off, and you can finally use your squat rack / bench / treadmill <— you know what I’m talking about!

Now, I’m not hating on the resolution-ers. I absolutely love to see people committed to starting a fitness journey. What I don’t love is not being able to move from a mat for 5 seconds before I see that someone has snagged my spot!


And for some of us, that is the case year-round. There are certain places in the world: popular cities, universities, universities in popular cities that are busy everywhere, all the time.

So, with this in mind, I bring you The City Gym Workout: minimal equipment needed, all of which you can bring to a little corner of the gym and do yo thang. You could even do this at home, if you are a lucky duck with a solid setup! This is, in my opinion, an awesome workout for runners because it incorporates plyometrics, core stability, balance, and strength all in one fun lil’ package.

The usual disclaimer: while I may be a wannabe kinesiology student / personal trainer, at the moment I am neither. So please use your personal discretion and recognize that this is what works for me and may not work for you. 🙂 


BOSU ball

Moderately heavy dumbbells (think bicep curl weight)

Medicine ball

Exercise mat


Yes, I most definitely had way too much fun making this graphic. The picture is of the bridge I drove across when I showed up to Vancouver for the first time in my life! Which was also the time that I moved here. 🙂

Some notes on the exercises: 

  • For single-limb motions, do ten reps per side = twenty in total!
  • The bosu squats, russian twists, and lateral lunges can all be weighted or unweighted, depending on your fitness / energy levels
  • Bosu squats
  • Renegade rows
  • Half ball jumps
  • Please google any others that you are unsure of! Safety + proper form > all


I plan to do this on those days that I just can’t drag myself out of bed early enough to hit the gym before class, and have to squeeze in during peak times. Fun fact: last week my gym was at capacity, meaning I had to wait outside until someone left. #UniversityGymLife.

Have a happy Wednesday!

What do you do when someone steals “your” equipment at the gym? 

I very seriously consider making that a legitimate excuse to skip a workout…then force Mature Emma to show up and get it together.

WAY OUT THERE Bodyweight Workout

Have you ever had one of those days where you know you want to work out, but you have absolutely no clue what to do? That was me this morning. I had already run two days in a row, so I knew I didn’t want to do that – the torrential downpour confirmed it. Walking for 20 minuets to the gym in said downpour was juuust slightly unappealing, especially at dark o’clock in the morning when skunks are prowling the neighbourhood campus.

So what’s a girl to do? There is a box of a fitness center in the commons block where I live, but it’s hardly a gym. There is one treadmill, one elliptical, two incredibly horrendous bikes, and about five random weight machines. NO free weights / dumbbells / anything helpful. All of the bodyweight exercises and workouts I’ve found lately have sort of left me feeling…meh. You can only do so many air squats, am I right? So I ended up compiling the most exciting bodyweight exercises I’ve found into one incredibly fun workout!

I personally love moving every morning – it keeps me from getting antsy sitting in class all day, energizes me, and makes breakfast pretty darn delicious. I’m really happy to have found a workout I can do anytime, anywhere! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. 🙂


Some notes on the exercises:

  • Complete each bubble three times through, with ten reps of each exercise.
  • You don’t need to do 10 one minute planks! That is the only exercise in the entire workout that is its own rep – just do it three times, after the ten reps of the other exercises.

Planks with leg raise

Inchworms –> YES, that guy’s voice is super irritating! But it’s a good demo. 😉

Welp, I’m off to go study for the rest of my life a few hours. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

When is your favourite time to work out?