Twelve Mile Musings.

I ran twelve miles yesterday for the first time in 377 days. I know this because the last time I did it was the day of my high school commencement! I felt wiped out for a few hours, but was back to myself by around 4pm (I finished at 11am). Eating every two hours, despite not being hungry at all, is definitely what I need to do following a long run! Otherwise I will end up (unintentionally) with something ridiculous like burning 1000 calories and only eating 800 until I die at 3pm.


Speaking of dying…that did not happen when I ran up a hill. Twice. I normally avoid hills LIKE. THE. PLAGUE. But my next two races are supposed to be rather hilly so I’m trying to be a smart person over here. Anyway those miles were slow, but I never felt the urge to stop.

That came at mile 10 with a brick wall. I literally hit 10 miles and have never felt a greater urge to walk in my life! Seeing as I’ve run that distance a bunch of times by now this was super weird…it is lucky I was approaching a big downhill or things could have gone… downhill. 😉

A random cyclist tried to impress me by biking hands free as we approached from opposite directions. I’m sorry buddy but after 90 minutes of running, not much impresses me.


How much slower are long run paces than half marathon race pace? I did this run at an 8:30 pace and would love to run 13.1 between 8:00 and 8:20 –> 1:45-1:50 pace.

This will only seem unrelated to my run if you have never ran long before. Crusty french bread dipped in peanut butter = THE FOOD OF THE GODS.

Speaking of which…my stomach is growling again. The life of a runner. Time for round three of dessert (you wish I was kidding). See the first GIF.

Obviously Snape


I’m thinking a coconut banana muffin and some quality HP time is in my future. And bed because I’ve only had one coffee today (cue shocked expression).

What is the most you’ve ever eaten at one time? 

What is the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever seen a person do to get attention? 


4 thoughts on “Twelve Mile Musings.

  1. LOL at Cookie Monster gif!! Hill running is SO good for your booty girl. Seek those hills. 😉 I had a weirdo smoking a cigarette wink at me once and I was like ugh no. Smoking does NOT impress the runner. I haven’t run anything past 10 since my marathon in April. But will be back at the longer runs late July. Training for a fall marathon!! So excited but I loathe summer long runs lol hot and humid weather isn’t my favorite. Have a super weekend

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