Moving Away & Coming Home

Moving away is hard. But coming back is even harder. It’s been three (?) weeks since I’ve posted, and over a month since I’ve blogged regularly. I have 100% honestly thought about it every single day, but for one reason or another I haven’t been able to get it together to get a post up.

Readjusting to living at home has definitely not been what I expected. I assumed I would show up and essentially continue the lifestyle I had at university, with the extra benefits of my own bedroom, a kitchen, and cash.

As it turns out, that couldn’t have been farther from the truth. Not only does living at home dramatically decrease my independence, it’s also brought up a whole heap of personal issues that I quite literally ran away from in August. So between working full-time, learning to live with another person that has totally different preferences and attempting to actually deal with life, the blog fell by the wayside.

I’ve still been running, though! As sad as I am to not be running the Calgary (half) Marathon this Sunday, I’m super pumped for the MEC race on June 14. It will post definitely be a PR, hopefully sub-1:50, and there is a veeeerrryyyyy slim but present possibility of 1:45.

RUN the rainbow  BE the rainbow ☀️This run was not even that hard…I could keep it up for 8 more miles, right?

I’m also (slowly) returning to my early bird status! On Mondays and Tuesdays I start work at 8am, and for the first few weeks I woke up at the very last possible second, a total zombie for at least three hours and required 3+ coffees to survive my shift. But now? I’m actually getting my runs in before work, and am re-learning to love being awake before the rest of the world. Even if that does require a 5:30am wakeup call.

Another thing that’s been going on in these parts is a return to intuitive eating. I don’t have a lot going on here in Edmonton, since I’ve built my life in Vancouver, so I struggle with focusing too much on fitness. It got to the point where I was only “Emma the runner” / “Emma the super fit girl”, so when I missed a workout or ate out a bunch of times, I felt like I was totally worthless.

I love following the IIFYM girls on Instagram & Youtube, but I am not them. Tracking macros turns me into a completely insane person, which is why I am 100% back to simply eating what I want when I’m hungry. I actually just came back from a trip to Banff, where I ate out every single meal and did zero activity.

Cookie dough ice cream  has been in my dreams for weeks now ... And now it is in my stomach.  These past few days have been full of (delicious) burgers, sweet potato fries , and generally eats that have been great for my soul but not so much my body.  Looking forward to resetting tomorrow with a continued focus on  but also lots more nourishment. ☀️I ate this for “lunch” and then had a panini at 3pm.

Not only did I lose two pounds, but I quite literally felt my cortisol DROP. We all have enough stress in life as it is – food & exercise does not need to be added to the picture.

So where are we at now? Welp, back to blogging, obviously! I hope you guys don’t totally hate me for abandoning y’all, and that you still have some interest in following along with some running & life adventures. Maybe even some recipes now that I’m back in a kitchen!

What’s been going on in your life? 

What is your opinion on IIFYM? 


May Goals + April Update!

I know I’m a little (read: 5 days) late to the party on this, but it’s apparently it’s May now! If anyone wants to let me know when that happened, that would be excellent.

But since it is indeed a new month, I’m excited to continue this habit of goal setting and recapping. 🙂 Being accountable for goals > setting random ones and abandoning them 2.2 seconds later.

Here’s how I did for the month of April:


1. Run 100 miles. A+ Success! Two 30 mile weeks pushed me up to a 123 mile monthly total. Those two weeks felt really good, mostly because all I was doing was running and studying.

2. Take two rest days. A+ I am just on a roll, hey? It was tough for me to slow down and rest, but I know my body appreciated it. And now that I am home with the ability to be truly comfortable when I relax, they will be happening a lot more. 🙂


The reason I had such a hard time taking days off while at school was because I didn’t have anywhere to go that truly felt safe. My roommate could walk into my room at any given moment and start yelling on the phone / blasting music / turning the lights on at 2am / etc, so that was out. And it’s kinda hard to feel “at home” in public spaces like the library or a cafe. So I found it much easier to just keep myself busy and go-go-go. However, I am currently writing this post curled up on the couch, so things are already changing for the better. 🙂

3. Implement one technology free hour before bed. D. The shoe had to drop somewhere, right? I’ve had a few nights where I just read a magazine or book before sleep, but they were far and few between. I definitely noticed a different in that night’s sleep quality, though, so I am 100% a believer! It’s just … Instagram.


4. Feel confident in my decision. F-. I sorta kinda blogged about this but I was super vague about it. Well, I basically did everything in my power to keep from making this decision for as long as possible. Hence the F-, if that is even a thing. I will definitely post an update if/when I get my sh*t together! 😉

Annnnd, what do I plan to do for May?

1. Squat heavier. I don’t care how many reps, I don’t care how heavy the weight is, as long it is more than 115lbs! That is the heaviest I have ever gone in my life and I am ready to make some real progress. No more being stagnant!

There may also be an attempt at a gym selfie…just because I feel like one of those belongs right here.

2. Give up aspartame. Yep…that one is back again. I’m hoping that having access to an oven along with some healthy, clean food will be some good motivation. We shall see.

3. Try new recipes! I want to take full advantage of this kitchen, and that means doing more than just baking up a storm. If I ever intend to be a somewhat functional adult, I should probably know how to cook more than just breakfast…this coconut lime chicken via Pinch of Yum will be happening tonight!

coconut-lime-chicken-71// picture via // 

Well, I’m off for another crazy busy day! I’m hoping to squeeze in a run between work (starting at 8am again!!) and bar training in the afternoon. Plus exactly seven hundred and sixty errands. Wish me luck.

Have an excellent Tuesday!

What is the best selfie you have ever taken? 

Mine was hands down the awkward shot of me in line to meet James & Oliver Phelps. That was the pre-iPhone era, so it was on a (tragically disappeared) digital camera. </3

My First Week At Home.

Well, hello there!

I’m sorry for just dropping off the face of the Earth last week! I had totally planned a post explaining what I would be doing (I expected blogging to take a backseat) but writing it up ended up on the bottom of my never-ending to do list, and so it never got done.

But…yeah! I arrived home last Tuesday for the first time in three months. Our lease was up at the place I moved out of in August, which means that I walked into a completely brand new apartment on Tuesday night.


They were waiting for me with food and prosecco for a surprise party. I really am the luckiest. And now when I say I would be 100% happy to be a barista for the rest of my life, you will believe me. 😉

Can you tell I'm excited to be back with my favourite  ☕️! No Americano has ever tasted better.

Speaking of which, I will soon be an actual, legit barista – I’m getting bar training!

^ That means that I will be able to make espresso-based drinks instead just coffee and tea, and will begin working on my latte art ASAP.

I call it smurf-spresso.  Adventures in latte art - I'm just a wannabe .

Other than that, I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off working, moving, meeting up with friends and drinking ALL. THE. CAESARS!!


I’m legal again. That is all.

Workouts were a bit sketch last week, and I am approximately 0% concerned. I ran a few times and went to the gym on Sunday night, but it so wasn’t my priority! I tragically abandoned my Asics in Vancouver (my suitcases were about to split as it was), so I didn’t want to do too much mileage in my old Mizunos anyway.

On the plan for this week? Working at 8am today and tomorrow (please pray for me), a few other shifts, lots of baking, sleeping, organizing and fun with friends! I hope you all have a wonderful Monday. 🙂

What was the best thing about your week?