PR Half Marathon Training Week 5

Good morning guys! Happy Monday! I swear, I kept thinking that it was Monday yesterday and was surprised every time someone mentioned the weekend. I guess not having an alarm for two weeks, and then a rude 6:30am wakeup call will do that to you. My early wakeup was due to wanting to get a run in before the storage locker peeps showed up at 9am! I considered waiting until after, but decided against it which was a very good choice…my day was absolutely jam packed and I am sitting here at the end of it ready to collapse.

Maybe I will do a post about it later…but maybe not since I don’t think anyone really wants to read about Emma’s Epic Moving Failures: 2015 Edition. LOLZ. Let’s just say I will be incredibly relieved once all my stuff is on the plane…

So it’s time to talk running! So much more fun. I want to preface this with a huge congratulations to Tina for rocking the London Marathon yesterday! She wanted to stop putting so much pressure on herself, so she ran a casual 2:41. NBD. Tina, you inspire me daily and your gorgeous accent has been making my long runs so much more enjoyable. 🙂

You can download her podcast here!


think this was week 5 of half marathon training…I don’t really feel like I am training, to be honest! Just running, working hard, and enjoying every minute. 🙂

Monday: total body strength

Tuesday: 6 miles easy

Wednesday: 10 miles. The ushz (<– I know that looks ridiculous but how else am I supposed to spell it?!) long run of late. It wasn’t easy but it also wasn’t impossible.

Thursday: upper body strength –> basically a rest day. The gym is the best way for me to relieve stress, but on upper body only days I don’t work hard at all and just kinda stroll around.

Friday: 8 miles. I had my heart set on doing my favourite workout from Lauren Fleshman, the Rowland Tempo, but there were no available treadmills! I have zero capability to gauge my pace so I can only really do it indoors. I wasn’t in the mood to do my usual 5 easy miles – I wanted to feel accomplished! So I decided to do a way longer midweek run than usual. ‘Twas a success! And 10 miles doesn’t feel quite so daunting anymore. 🙂

Saturday: total body strength

Sunday: 6 miles. This was done on the treadmill, mostly easy. I did throw in one 8:00 mile and 5-6ish one minute hill climbs!

TOTAL: 30 MILES. I was determined to hit 30 miles again last week, since I know this week my mileage is going to go way down! Today and tomorrow will be run days, and then the rest of the week will involve my couch + Grey’s Anatomy. And not much else. 😉

Tomorrow night I will be home…but first I’ve got to make it through the rest of my packing and another exam tomorrow morning! I hope your Monday treats you well!

How was your week of training / workouts? 

Any moving experiences to share?

#6 has been one for the books, that’s for sure.

2 thoughts on “PR Half Marathon Training Week 5

  1. Oh my god! You are such a sweetheart!!!!!! Thank you so much! That is so kind of you, and you have made my morning! Thank you 🙂 Great job with your week, and keep up the good work….although I am still a little confused on the ushz….? 😉

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