The Last Thinking Out Loud

1. Of my first year of university! You may remember I pulled this trick back in August for “the last Thinking Out Loud” of living at home. The next time I publish one of these, I will be back in Edmonton in a brand new condo! Don’t worry, Amanda, I’m not going anywhere. 😉


2.  BUT I am never going back to the place that I left. A bit weird, but I’ve moved so many times recently that it didn’t really feel like “home” anyway. I actually only lived there for 5 months! At this point, I am more used to my dorm room.

3. Which I have absolutely no hope in packing up. I just heard from a friend that the storage lockers most of us are using are less than 3 x 3 x 3 (feet). Isn’t that like, two boxes?


4. Calling all Vancouverites. Please drive out to UBC and let me store my stuff with you. I’ll buy ice cream.

5. I haven’t worn makeup in almost two weeks and I cannot believe how much better my skin is looking! It seriously looks the same as it usually does with tinted moisturizer and concealer. Aside from the freckles…I guess I never really grew out of those. 😉

6. 7pm exams are not enjoyable. In my head, 7pm is the time I wind down my work, start to think about what I want for dinner, and just generally “turn off”. So having to keep my brain on those extra 2.5 hours was killer! Not to mention my stomach started growling approximately half an hour in…

ryan-reynoldsThe fact that I’ve been studying psychology nonstop makes this too accurate for words.

7. Neither was serious Boston FOMO. You guys. I don’t think I have ever wanted to go to something as badly as I wanted to go to the Boston Marathon. Extreme jealousy occurred with every single Instagram / Tweet / blog post.

8. Which leads me to…my first marathon! I am so torn up about this. On the one hand, I really want to start training ASAP and do the Edmonton Marathon this August. Why miss another Boston, right? But on the other hand, the chances of me qualifying this summer are basically nil, which is the whole reason I want to run a marathon in the first place. So do I go for it now, or focus on getting stronger/faster before taking the plunge?!

9. So many adult decisions. I miss the days when my most important choices involved which spring sport I wanted to play and whether I should take foods or drama as an elective. (foods always won)

10. … I think that is all I have to say! I don’t remember the last time I actually ran out of thoughts for a Thinking Out Loud but that appears to be the case. My life is not all that exciting right now… study / run / friends / sleep. It’s all good, though. After two crazy semesters, I am very happy to be winding down. 🙂

Have you ever had an exam at a strange time? 

My next one is less awful, but still 3:30pm on a Saturday!

How many places have you lived? 

This new place will be #6 for me. (in 4 years!)

4 thoughts on “The Last Thinking Out Loud

  1. I’ve run a few marathons, and my #1 advice is to not try to BQ on your first marathon. It’s an entirely different beast from the half marathon, so don’t set your goal so high for your first one! Most people don’t even recommend setting a time goal for the race, just having small goals like not hitting the wall, getting all your fueling done the way you practiced, finishing alive…etc. It’s not easy and you have plenty of opportunities to BQ! I would personally sign up for a few marathons to get a feel for it before really attempting to BQ.

  2. A 7 pm exam?!? No.freaking.way. My brain is dead by that point. My ideal time to take an exam is actually first thing in the morning because then I don’t have as much time to stress about it and that’s when my mind is fully awake. That being said, I had to take a few on Saturday mornings, and let’s just say my brain isn’t big on the idea of thinking on the weekends either 😉

  3. Good luck with moving! Moving so often really stinks. I had a couple of exams at 7 PM when I was working on my PhD and they were terrible. Especially since the class was normally a morning class. My brain shuts off after 4 or 5, so that was tough for me. Good luck with the rest of your exams–hope they go well!

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