What I Ate Wednesday: A Glimpse into the Future.

I considered doing a “Final College Eats” edition of WIAW, but

a) I completely forgot to take any pictures

b) College food is atrociously unattractive & unappetizing

So, in honour of my last Wednesday at UBC, I decided to plan out exactly what I will be eating next Wednesday. When I’m home. Because that is happening.


fascinatingHow I’m sure you all feel about me talking about going home. Thank you! I’ll keep talking about it. 😉 

So I suppose this is technically “What I Will Eat Wednesday” vs. “What I Ate Wednesday”, which is really way cooler since who doesn’t want to be a 2015 version of Raven Symone<– to everyone reading: tell me if you have or haven’t heard of this show! I’m not sure if remembering it makes me “old” yet. 😉 

Do you guys remember when I ate the most delicious, satisfying, nutritious breakfast every. single. day? Because I sure don’t! I feel like it has been so so long since this beauty has been in my life and you had better believe I will be jumping right back on the bandwagon. Plain greek yogurt + diced apple + Bob’s Red Mill muesli + drippy organic peanut butter = absolute perfection.


We will follow that up with lunch made of barbecued chicken, perfectly ripe avocado, tomatoes, mango and spinach. Can I get a “hallelujah” for beautiful plates, organic poultry and non-bruised avocado?!



Yep. This is the exact same panini / picture of panini I have been talking about for weeks. What can I say?! It is the only one I have that really shows the magnificence of this exact sandwich. And it’s not like I can take a new one, or this would be an entirely different situation all together. I fully intend on eating this sandwich for dinner on Tuesday night when I get home, and most likely every single night for approximately 17 weeks.

Turkey + cheddar + hummus + avocado panini on flax dipped in salsa. Cannot. Be. Beat.




Obviously I will be snacking as well. There will definitely be a Credo cookie consumed with a coffee, a Quest bar baked in the oven (!!!), and some other delicious homemade goods. Baked in an oven. Because I will have one of those. Do you think I am excited about having an oven?! 


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