Vancouver Sun Run 10K Recap

Everything about this race was fun, exciting, and surprising! I went into it planning on it being an easy run that I paid $60 for, since everyone told me the crowds at this event were pure insanity. It was definitely busy, but it felt on par with a “normal” busy race, what I would imagine the Chicago or New York marathons feel like.

I do have a couple of comments, though.

1. Why must so many groups of ~8 run holding hands in one big line? We aren’t playing Red Rover here, folks.

2. By all means, register for the sub 40 minute corral and yell to the masses you have never run 10K before. I’m sure you just have remarkable natural ability.

That is my one major complaint with the Sun Run! It seems like everyone registers for a time that they are fully aware they have no possible chance of achieving. I really like the way NYRR organizes their corrals, with your fastest pace for a run > 3 miles acting as your expected pace. One more reason to move to New York. ❤

Okay, okay, back to my race now. 😉 For the record, I am going with my Garmin time because it sounds better, and I earned that time!

Time: 46:58 (7:33 pace) –> official time was 47:21 / 7:37 pace

Age Group Place: 10 / 1018

Overall Place: 1978 / 39 045 –> I may have been a little off on my Instagram caption…just 30 000 or so. 😉 It has been edited. 

Apparently I like 10Ks more than I thought I did – they are the only races I have done since my half marathon a year ago, and I’ve done three of them! They are long enough to seem “legit” to my distance-runner mind, but aren’t so long that I get nervous.

I’ve never eaten an apple before running nor ran in compression socks, but what better time to try both out than the morning of a race?

SunRunThat would be my super attractive throwaway sweater courtesy of my friend’s father. 🙂

After a literal face plant on the pavement (just a bloody knee to show for it!) I headed over to my corral. Only I would get injured before the actual running even starts. 😉

This was how the race went in my head:

Okay, there are a lot of people around. Maybe try for 8:00 pace?

Oh, 7:50, that works too. Don’t slow down. 

7:40? Yay!

7:30?! Double yay! I hope I don’t die! 

I kept my Garmin on the “pace” screen, so I spent the entire time wondering if that pace was the average per mile, or average for the entire run. The race was marked in km, and I had no idea how long I had been running, so I really was totally oblivious to my pace. This also made it go by so much faster! Kilometers are really short, you guys.

Except the hill at 9km. Really?!

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 9.43.09 PM

I swear I didn’t notice any other hill except for that one. And the elevation chart makes it look non-existent.

Also, it is necessary to include that MacMillan translates a 46:58 10K to a 1:44:42 half marathon. Just saying……Because if I can hold 7:33 pace for 6.2 miles, I really should be able to hold 8:00 for 13.1, right? RIGHT?

Overall, this race was lot’s of fun and a huge success! I didn’t ever feel like I was going to die (except maybe the last 400m), and definitely came away with a lot of confidence and an “I really love running” mindset. 🙂

What is your favourite race distance? 

I’ve only done one but I still say 13.1 whenever anyone asks!


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