WIAW: Accidentally Vegetarian

How do you guys feel at the end of a school year? For me, as finals get closer and closer, I start to care less and less. Which is so bad, but I find myself super burned out and just apathetic about the whole thing.

Without fail, I end up in a “Meh. I’ll just read these notes and most likely pass. I don’t really care what my grades are anyway.” kinda situation.e

Only this time, I’m applying that situation to my finances as well! I have tons of meal dollars left on my account, but I’ve been eating out aaalll the live long day since the dining hall is just so 2008. 😉 More eating out –> more attractive food –> pictures for What I Ate Wednesday!

yay-memeI really am happy about it! But grumpy cats define my existence.

Regardless of whether I’m in the dining hall or not, though, I have found myself eating dramatically less meat! When I don’t have a wonderful mother preparing me delicious BBQ chicken caesar salads, or a cruise ship chef searing filet mignon to perfection, meat is just not all that appealing. I’m looking forward to having more of it (13 days!) since I feel way more energized with it in my diet, but for now we can just enjoy some plant-based goodness. 🙂

I was scrolling through my iPhone pictures figuring out to post for WIAW, and realized that on Sunday I was 100% vegetarian! This never happens (I usually will be 99% there and then have like, a slice of deli meat.) so it had to be documented! Thanks for hosting, Jenn. 🙂


Breakfast: Eggs & Toast at Heirloom 



What better place to start off my day of vegetarianism than a plant-based restaurant, right? I was craving poached eggs like no other, so I knew what I was having before I even arrived! I always crave interesting breakfast concoctions for meals later in the day…right at the beginning, simplicity is perfection for this girl!

Also, the combination of coconut oil + jam + eggs on toast will most definitely be repeated.

Lunch: Hummus + veggies + hard boiled eggs



I was extremely unimpressed by the options at the dining hall, so off to the salad bar it was! My life has been saved by that thing more times than I can count. I also had three hard boiled eggs, but I couldn’t fit them on the plate. 😉

Snacks: errthang 

I have a tendency to just snack the whole afternoon away, so I didn’t manage to get actual photographs. Just imagine a bag of almonds, a Kind bar, and an apple with chocolate peanut butter!

You guys. This peanut butter is SO. beyond. words. I don’t even love it for the protein, since I don’t feel like it makes a difference in terms of satiation/fullness. I tried Dark Chocolate Dreams by PB&Co a while back, and it just felt like I was eating chemicals. This stuff, though…heaven. 

Dinner: Whole Foods salad bar


I am basically incapable of setting foot within 20 minutes of Whole Foods and not attacking the salad bar. Since Heirloom is only a couple of blocks away, I obviously had to stop in on the way home to get something for dinner. I had to, you guys. Mushrooms, beets, asparagus, squash, chickpeas and rice made for a very happy evening.

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Do you eat meat? If so, what is your favourite kind?

If not, do you miss it? 


13 thoughts on “WIAW: Accidentally Vegetarian

  1. It’s always a big accomplishment when I go an entire day vegetarian as well (I think some people will scoff at me for saying that, but it’s true!). My dad is Norwegian so my family had a lot of steak and potatoes growing up and there’s still nothing in the world that I like more ;). Kinda swooning over that perfectly toasted toast and I NEED some of that PB! I don’t think I’ve ever seen it at the grocery store, though. Did you order it online?

    • I got it at Popeye’s! I’m not sure if they have that in the US, but I’m guessing any sort of supplement shop will carry it. 🙂

      I so agree with you on being a carnivore. It’s nice to go meatless every once in a while, but girl needs her steak! Hah.

      • haha 5 weeks until I am done with school and can go home 🙂

        the nearest Wf is a 55 minute drive away!! And I’d need a way to get there. But i live 2 hours away, so I’ll just wait i guess!
        My parents do visit every 2-3 weeks and they bring food so thats good 🙂

  2. Those poached eggs are looking too much like ice cream right now! I’m actually mostly vegetarian myself; I find I generally lean towards that category on a daily basis… But that doesn’t stop me from enjoying chicken/steak if that’s what I’m craving.
    Oh I just want to send the recently arrived Quest bars packing and get those Kind bars here :p !

  3. Yum! Great eats:) I do eat meat, but I like to stick to basic chicken, beef, fish, and turkey (on occasion). I don’t eat lamb or duck, and try and have small portions of meat. I don’t really like to get the larger portions because I have a hard time eating them for leftovers, or there’s just too much, and I don’t like wasting animal meat.

    • I definitely agree with hating to waste animals – it’s something I always try to avoid. With me, I can easily eat a huge serving of meat, but then I feel SO sick after. I would much prefer a massive serving of sweet potato. 🙂

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