PR Half Marathon Training Week 3.

WHAT IS UP, FRIENDS. I have officially completed my last week of classes of first year university! Say whaaaaat? Of course, I can’t say that I have actually finished first year until I pass all of those pesky exams. Which is a legitimate concern considering I attempted to study, failed, and resorted to blogging on my floor instead. #LifeOfACollegeStudent

So let’s talk about half marathon training instead! So much more fun.

Things of note from the week:

  • ALWAYS. HANGRY. Every single day this week I have literally been starving less than an hour after most meals. This is pretty excellent timing considering I have a lot of meal dollars to use up. 😉
  • I was strangely tired as well. Both Monday and Thursday’s run seriously knocked me out, to the point where it was a struggle to do my readings lying down.


Monday: 5 mile tempo run. It wasn’t as fancy as it sounds! All I really wanted to do was run one mile slow, 3 fast-ish, and then another slow one. Welp, I ended up with a 22:58 5K PR in the middle! My goal was to break 23 minutes, so I guess we’re moving on from that? HAH.

Tuesday: 5.7 easy miles. I headed out around 6pm to run with a friend from my floor! Seeing as I had just eaten a massive snack and neeeever run that late in the day, I was very lucky that we took it easy. This girl can pull a 45 minute 10K / 1:45 half marathon out of nowhere, so I was relieved to say the least!

Wednesday: upper body strength. It was SO SO weird not to run before my MWF classes, but my legs needed a break.

Thursday: 10 miles. Truth time: if it wouldn’t have left me stranded in the middle of nowhere I would have quit at 6 miles. It wasn’t that I was tired, I was just feeling meh and not into it. A thought crossed my mind of doing the 9 mile tempo I did last week to make it shorter, but my legs denied. Anyway, I perked up the last 2 miles and finished strong, which is always a nice feeling! Although I did feel like absolute garbage the rest of the day –> seriously something I need to figure out as this has happened before!


Friday: upper body strength. Exact same dealio as Wednesday.

Saturday: LEG. DAY. There is just something about leg day that makes me feel like a rockstar. Even more so than on long runs. And, now that I’ve been running more, I can usually only fit them in on weekends, so I have definitely been making the most of them! Pro tip: superset squat jumps with barbell back squats and chase me around with a gun when you finish.

Sunday: 4.3 easy miles. Yes, the .3 was necessary to make it an even 25 miles for the week. I know you Type As out there understand! It was kind of cold/gross out so a quick little jaunt in the morning was perfect for me.

What is something that makes you feel like a rockstar? 


2 thoughts on “PR Half Marathon Training Week 3.

  1. First of all, you are an absolute rock star for running 10 miles so regularly – I cannot wait to reach a point where I don’t feel like I’m going to die while training! And that pace is amazing 🙂
    I feel like a rockstar when squatting or after a long run; we maxed in squats yesterday, and I got to 125lbs x 8 reps – so I still have to find my max tomorrow 😀

    • I’m not going to lie, every time I do it I feel like dying for the whole rest of the day!

      I think I need to come visit you so we can squat together. I’m pretty sure if I attempted 125lbs for even one rep, I would immediately collapse and it would be #deathbybarbell

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