College Dorm Room Snack Hacks.

Let it be known that I am a professional snacker. I don’t even bother trying to “make it” to the next meal. That would be not only an incredibly unpleasant idea for me, but everyone around me that would be faced with Hangry Emma. And nobody wants to meet her. 😉

That said, though, I don’t have the luxury of whipping up pancakes and smoothies whenever a craving hits. For 21 (!!) more days, I’ve gotta work with that mini fridge / freezer / snack drawer lifestyle.


^ By the way, my snack drawer is better than your snack drawer. The one above it filled with skirts has been opened exactly twice since I moved in last September, but the one with the food…we’re tight. I also take full advantage of the freezer on my floor. I’m pretty much the only one that does, unless you count the girl with the biology project…but I personally prefer my nomz.

Anyway, I’ve gotten a few things figured out. Made a few discoveries, realized what doesn’t work, you get the idea. Just a little disclaimer: I don’t eat perfectly healthy right now, for two main reasons:

1. I don’t have enough money on my meal card. The salad bar is expensive, bagels are not.

2. When I get the munchies at 11pm, I can’t exactly go whip up a batch of organic kale chips.

So these options are not chocolate bars and easy mac, but they are also not perfect. But perfection is boring, am I right?

Current obsession: Frozen yogurt tubes.

I was taking a casual stroll around Safeway (What? You don’t get your exercise lapping grocery stores?) when I came across Phineas & Ferb yogurt tubes. It was like I had an epiphany –> I instantly remembered being like eight and obsessed with frozen yogurt tubes. And apparently not much has changed after a decade. I bought a box on Friday, annnnnd, now it’s gone.


Seriously though, these are perfect whether you are in a dorm room or not. They are the perfect size for a little snack / breakfast dessert and are sweet enough to satisfy a craving. Plus you get a platypus on your wrapper…that just can’t be beat.

Staple: Almond butter + rice cakes.

This could not be more perfect for a college student.

Picture this: You are on the go nonstop, only returning to your room for six hours to sleep. One night, after collapsing on the floor in exhaustion, you notice a strange green thing on top of your mini fridge. “I didn’t buy that?” you think to yourself, before realizing that said green item is in fact moldy bread 870 days past it’s expiry date.


Morale of the story: buy rice cakes. I prefer the caramel chocolate ones because they are actually super delicious and don’t taste like cardboard. No, they aren’t as healthy as organic sprouted grains, but I will take them over green fuzzies any day!

Luxury: Chocolatified greek yogurt. 

I live on this stuff way too much to actually admit. I consider this a luxury because I can’t buy it with my meal plan, so I have to shell out actual (student loan) dollars to buy it. The thing about the dining hall, though, is that there are basically zero protein sources. Of course you can get it in the prepared entrees, but those are covered / mixed in questionable sauces & ingredients 100% of the time. So since I choose to say away from those, my options are cottage cheese, eggs, and 0.5oz chicken breasts.

The size of my $4 chicken from the dining hall ... They are officially trying to starve meI would bet money that is how much this weighs. 

The solution: cocoa powder + stevia + Frye’s cocoa. My absolute favourite dinner is to dip an apple in this, and then microwave a Quest bar. It’s the most satisfying thing I can make for myself, and I know I am getting a solid combination of carbs / protein / fat.

Easy Nutrients: omnipresent veggies. (English nerd much?)

 I should probably include some veggies on my healthyish living blog, hey? Pro tip: carry a tupperware container with you at all times. Then, when you find yourself in the presence of produce, load up! If you aren’t hungry, take it back with you and leave it in your dorm room. That way, you always have something healthy on hand. Sometimes the dining hall has roast carrots (my absolute favourite) at 2pm approximately seven seconds after I’ve eaten lunch. So instead of lamenting this sad state of affairs, I just take some back with me to enjoy later on!

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I hope that this was helpful to you guys! It’s currently NINE DEGREES and sunny out right now, so I am off for a quick run and then some essay writing on the grass. 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

What was your favourite snack when you were younger? 

Do wimpy portions make you as mad as me? 

I’m still upset about that chicken breast weeks later…


4 thoughts on “College Dorm Room Snack Hacks.

  1. Hahaa love this! I swear I’m not laughing at your wimpy chicken breast situation :straight face: . Because that is just depressing!
    I was a huuuge fan of some chocolate chip yogurt back in the day (packaged)…
    As off recently snacks of choice have been no-bake bars and cookie bites 🙂 . Oh and mug cakes – me love!

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