PR Half Marathon Training Week 2.

This post needs to be prefaced with a HUGE FREAKING CONGRATULATIONS to Liz for running a half marathon last weekend!! Liz, you are an absolute sweetheart and completely rocked 13.1. I feel so lucky to call you my friend, and am inspired by you daily. ❤

And a very happy Easter to all of you who observe! Now onto the running. 🙂


I have to say, this week of training was pretty darn good! Despite a strange hip soreness, my runs made me feel like I was flying and I felt so grateful to be out there, moving my legs. Some thoughts for the week:

  • I am going to be doing way less long slow distance. That doesn’t mean scrapping long runs (no chance!), it means incorporating tempo / speed work to keep things interesting. I ran 9 miles on Wednesday and it didn’t even feel like a long run. Like I tweeted, I had to actually check my Garmin to make sure I ran my planned distance. It could have been 5K!
  • I have no idea what different paces feel like. I seem to have two gears: easy & sprint.
  • Leg day needs to go away for a while. The morning after I trained them, the aforementioned hip pain took over and lasted all week.

Monday: 5 easy miles + legs. I had grand plans to do a cool workout from my Believe journal, but it was raining outside and there were no treadmills available anywhere (I checked two places!). So easy run it was, with leg strength in the evening.

Tuesday: upper body strength.

Wednesday: 9 miles –> 3 easy // 3 tempo // 3 easy. I thought I would try for the tempo miles at half marathon pace, but this is what happened instead: 7:30 / 8:05 / 7:15. While I’m super impressed with myself for pulling a 7:15 mile out of nowhere, I have no idea how to run 8:00! This is a problem considering I’m supposed to do that for 13.1 miles pretty soon.

Thursday: OFF. Lucky me woke up at 4am thanks to factors outside of my control and I was a total zombie all day. I may have definitely got a few refills at 49th Parallel. 


Friday: 6 mile Rowland Tempo. I finally got to do the workout from my Believe journal! I did the same thing as last week, only a touch faster: my progression was 3 minutes of each pace: 8:00 –> 7:47 –> 7:35. YIKES. I had time for 3 rounds of that and was sweating like a mother. Gotta love that post workout adrenaline rush, though! Also Easter Brunch nomz.

Saturday: total body strength. Hooray for squats! I’ve sort of accepted that I’m nowhere near squatting my bodyweight and probably won’t be for a looooong time. It’s still fun though. 🙂

Sunday: 7 easy miles. This was one of the best runs I have had in forever! The sun was shining, my legs felt strong and I was on top of the world. The massive hill at the end didn’t even phase me!

This 27 mile week puts me perfectly on track for two of my goals: 100 miles in April + 2 rest days! Success is a good feeling.

What was the best part of your week? 


6 thoughts on “PR Half Marathon Training Week 2.

  1. I have to admit, I laughed out loud a bit when you said your 9 miler felt easy. LET ME GET TO THAT POINT IN RUNNING PLEASE. I just did 9 miles for the first time last Thursday and I felt like I was just moving forever. And then I got home, didn’t stretch (#rebel), and couldn’t walk for the rest of the night hahaha. All your running inspires me!

    • It’s so weird – that 9 miler may have felt easy, but when I ran 10 I actually felt like I was about to die. The last 2 miles took exactly seventeen hours in my brain. I bet your next long run will feel SO much better!

  2. Your shoutout just made my whole freaking day – thank you!!!!
    Also, you absolutely rocked your second week of training! I haven’t run a 27 mile week in ages – hopefully I’ll be up to that by May or June 🙂

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