Easter Thoughts + Decisions Out Loud.

Hooray for Thursday! Hopefully all of you have tomorrow off, and everyone gets to do the Friday dance a day early. 🙂 If not, Amanda’s link party never fails to be a mood booster. Bring on the random thoughts!


1. I’m loving this college lifestyle. The weather is supposed to be super nasty on Saturday, the day I usually do a long run, so I decided to go for it yesterday! Because what is better than a hump day full of “I’m a freaking rockstar” endorphins? Nothing, my friends. Absolutely nothing.

2. Cheese is freaking delicious. I’ve had two packages of cheddar cheese slices sitting in my fridge for who knows how long, and decided I had better start eating them so nothing goes to waste at the end of the year. I don’t love cheese in sandwiches, so I’ve just been chomping on it as a snack and I’ve got to say, I’m a fan! Delicious plain, but especially yummy with cold, crisp apples.

3. I’m starting to stress about moving. I’m not sure how much I will have to ship back home on the Greyhound, how much it will cost, and if I will regret not getting a storage locker! I really need to decide what I’m doing next year.


4. WHAT AM I DOING NEXT YEAR?! Ugh. I absolutely love UBC, but I hate the idea of only being home for four months. I just feel like the day I leave is going to be looming over my head and I won’t feel like I am truly home. Is that stupid? Probably.

5. Why are there no acai bowls in Canada? After being bombarded with beautiful photos on Instagram, and hearing Gina wax poetic about them on the daily, I am getting fed up with their nonexistence in my life. I can see them not being available in Edmonton (hello polar vortex), but I feel like Vancouver has a solid grasp on the healthy living atmosphere. SO. WHY?

AcaiBowlThe first, best and only acai bowl in my life a la summer NYC.

6. One should not, under any circumstances, keep Twitter open in a tab. Because every time a new tweet shows up (which seems to be exactly every 2.2 seconds in my case),  you will stop what you are doing and stare at said tweet while completely forgetting the task at hand. This does not lend itself to productivity.

7. Haha…productivity. Why can’t cats in horror films write about themselves?

8. I’m by myself for Easter and don’t know how I feel about it. Tomorrow I’m going for brunch with a friend who is also away from family, but for the actual holiday I’m on my own. It’s never been a huge deal in our family, but has always been a nice and meaningful holiday to celebrate. I love that, unlike Christmas, the focus is 110% on Jesus during Easter, so it will definitely be strange not to have anyone to share that with. Suggestions on what I should do with myself?

9. Aside from eating ALL the mini eggs. Why are they so darn delicious?!

Do you celebrate Easter? If so, what are your plans?

If not, anything exciting going on this weekend? 


6 thoughts on “Easter Thoughts + Decisions Out Loud.

  1. “Aside from eating ALL the mini eggs. Why are they so darn delicious?!” <– I ask myself that same question whenever I reach the bottom of the bag. And I have no idea why we don't have acai bowls either. I got to enjoy them for the first time when I was in Hawaii last month, and they're AMAZING. I guess we can always buy little packets of the mix and make it at home, but it'd be nice to have some options!

  2. I celebrate Easter 🙂 This year, I’m running the half marathon on April 4th and then hanging with family for the rest of the weekend!
    Anytime you want to talk about Jesus, text me – I’m always down for those kind of talks! 😀

  3. if youre making a trip to WF soon check out their freezer section for an acai pack! wait… you just said you couldnt make smoothies… scratch that haha. just make any smoothie thichker and make a smoothie bowl when you get home 🙂

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