A Day In The Life // Balance + WIAW

What’s up party people? Okay, I know it’s a Wednesday which is basically the least-party day of the week BUT I am going to be telling you what I did / ate on Friday which means we can just pretend it’s the weekend. Right? Right. Thanks for hosting WIAW, Jenn!


I’ve always considered myself to have fairly good time management. I’ve never pulled an all-nighter before (knock on wood), very rarely leave things until the last minute, and don’t often find myself having to cancel something because I don’t have enough time. That doesn’t mean I’m not super busy at times, it just means I am so extremely type A that I will plan my schedule out by the hour if need be. And lately, with finals and moving day looming, it is needed.

7am. Wake up and run! Some days are easier than others; this one wasn’t too bad because the rain had finally let up.

8am. Stretch / foam roll / shower / get dressed

8:45am. Time for the nomz. This is plain whole milk yogurt with blueberries, strawberries, pumpkin granola + chocolate PB2.


9am. Read and comment on blogs / brush teeth / make coffee

9:30am. Walk to class while drinking my coffee (one of the best parts of my day!)

10am-10:50am. Classclassclass. In Journalism 100, we had three group presentations – luckily I had already done mine the previous week!

11am-11:50am. Time for English; we finished watching Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close to help us with our study of the novel and I most definitely shed a several tears.

12-12:50pm. Psychology! To be honest, this was a pretty boring class. My professor tends to just rehash the textbook in his lectures, so for someone that does the readings there isn’t much point in going. But I’m always paranoid that he is going to say something the textbook doesn’t cover, which will then show up on the exam – so I try to attend most of the time.

1pm. Time for lunch! Normally I have a snack during English, but I wasn’t hungry this morning so I held off. Now I am super duper extra starving, so a bigger lunch than usual is necessary. Time for eggs on toast with jam, an apple and an (unpictured) yogurt!


2pm. Friday afternoons I volunteer at a student-run cafe, and today was the last day! So sad.

4pm. I decide to take a mini “me” break and sit down for some blog reading. This is the first time I’ve really had to decompress all day, and I need it! I also need to take advantage of an outlet to charge my phone, haha. I swear I charge that thing at least three times per day!

4:30pm. Bus out to Kitsilano

5pm. Sit in 49th Parallel and attempt to work on my essay (key word = attempt). I wrote my works cited page…does that count for anything? I had citrus ginger tea instead of coffee, and I did not miss the espresso one bit! Maybe that’s because it was 5pm…


6pm. All the food shopping. I got some yogurt, apples & carrots at Whole Foods, and then ran over to a supplement shop to pick up Quest Bars. I always say I am going to eat less of them, and then I run out and it’s like…NOPE. Addicted.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese are the only ones I will eat cold, all the others must be microwaved! .

6:30pm. Meet up with a friend to see Insurgent! I have to say, it was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. But it was also super enjoyable because the bad parts were so bad that we were just cracking up. For anyone that’s seen it, did you catch the way they totally ripped off Voldemort’s “death” multiple times?

7:30ish pm. At some point during the above hilarity, I broke out the overnight oats I packed for dinner. Perks of university life: breakfast for dinner 6/7 nights is 100% appropriate. I knew I wouldn’t have time to eat dinner on campus, so I came prepared. Is it strange that I literally will not go anywhere without food?

9:30pm. Move finishes and hop in the car to go back to campus. My amazing friend drove me back to my dorm (in the opposite direction of where she lives) because she is a gem. There was a torrential downpour outside and bussing / walking back would have been miserable.

10pm. Shower / chill out / read

11pm. Hop in bed! I know, such a wild Friday night. But honestly, at this point I am freaking tired! I have plans for a long run the next morning and promptly pass out.

There you have it! A perfect mix of running, cafes, friends and relaxation = my ideal day. Happy Wednesday!

If you have seen Insurgent, what did you think?

What time do you wake up / go to sleep?

How many times do you eat breakfast per day?

I just realized that all three of my meals were technically “breakfast”….


8 thoughts on “A Day In The Life // Balance + WIAW

  1. I saw Insurgent this weekend as well, and although I didn’t like it as much as the first one, I wouldn’t say it was horrible! Why do you think it was so bad? My fiance actually liked it way more than Divergent. Just curious what made it so bad for you!
    Sounds like a fun and relaxing day! I miss college…

  2. I wake up at 4:45 and go to bed between 10 and 11 🙂 Also, I do breakfast at least 2x per day – I often have oatmeal for lunch or a smoothie for a snack.

    I cannot run in the morning – at least without the XC team practices!

  3. wow up at 7, when do you go to bed?! i have my alarm set for and noramlly get up at 830 to workout. and my after noon & night time snack is usually a yogurt +food dish of sorts, so breakfast 24/7 yes 😀 (then again, i eat dinner leftoverss with breakfast too 🙂

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