Half Marathon Training Week 1.

AT. FREAKING. LAST! That is exactly what I have to say about recapping my first week of training. To be honest, I sort of feel like I’ve been “training” since December, since that’s when I really committed myself to running regularly and building up my milage. But until last week, all I did was run easy whenever I felt like it, plus a long run on the weekend. And while I’m keeping that philosophy for the most part, I am excited about dedicating twelve weeks to tougher workouts and getting faster!

This is what happened last week. It wasn’t super exciting, but it was more interesting than four easy paced runs a la December – February. 🙂

Monday: 5 recovery miles. Holy man alive was I sore for this run. A long run on Saturday plus heavy squats on Sunday made my legs absolutely hate me. Typically a slow run helps my soreness much more than taking a day off, so that’s what I did! Cracking up to Tina Fey’s audiobook most definitely helped.


Tuesday: total body strength training. As expected, my legs felt 100% better – if they hadn’t, I would have taken the day off.

Wednesday: 5 mile tempo workout. AKA my first run of substance in who knows how long. I found it in my Believe training journal, and did it on the treadmill thanks to Raincouver. I had exactly enough time for 5 miles, and no more, so that explains some of the wonky times / mileage. I’m so looking forward to having my own treadmill and schedule!

  • 8 minute warmup
  • 3 minutes slightly slower than tempo
  • 3 minutes at tempo (I’m using goal HMP)
  • 3 minutes slightly faster than tempo
  • 5 minute recovery
  • Repeat the above 3 x 3 minutes once, then, with no recovery
  • 1 mile @ tempo
  • 3 min cooldown

I would have loved to do a few sets of the 3 x 3 minutes since it didn’t really tire me out all that much, but maybe it was for the better. Easing into things and all that. 😉 Also, cool down for more than 3 minutes! That is not a good example.

Thursday: total body strength. Nothing that fancy/taxing, just about half an hour of some random strength moves.

Friday: 5 easy miles. Exactly the same as Monday!

Saturday: 8 mile long run. I sorta considered doing 10 again, but the massive knots in my quads told me to keep it a bit shorter this week. Plus, running 10 miles last weekend absolutely destroyed me. I was not functional at all for the entire day and I wasn’t in the mood to experience that again.

Beautiful morning  to start the weekend off right! Are those cherry blossoms  I see

The promise of a beautiful post-run smoothie at Whole Foods was incredibly encouraging as well. 🙂

Sunday: OFF. Slept over at a friend’s on Saturday night, and by the time I made it back to my dorm on Sunday it was time for all the essay writing. Have I told you I’m writing it on cats in horror movies? My two favourite things…

^ they are actually my two least favourite things if the irony wasn’t tangible enough for you.


7 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Week 1.

  1. Great week of runs! It’s no fun running the day after legs day. My body is always screaming, so great job doing 5 miles! I also had a tempo run this week (outdoors). Your treadmill run seems cool though! I’ve always done a sustaining tempo run (slowly increase to 10k pace and hold for most of the run then bring it back down) but I might have to try that if I’m ever stuck indoors! Luckily I love running in rain, so I should be ably to get most of my runs outdoors now! Have a great week 🙂

  2. You have been KILLING your workouts! Sadly, the same hasn’t been true for me ;). I just got back from spring break and I think I only managed to get in one short 3 mile run and a long hike… my half marathon is coming up faster than id like haha!

    • Thanks girl! I am not even remotely worried about your half marathon. Just because you haven’t been perfect recently doesn’t mean you haven’t been putting in the work for MONTHS (which is about the length of time since I’ve gotten a running pic from you…..hint hint. 😉 )

  3. You are absolutely rocking your training! Seriously, you just brushed off that tempo treadmill workout like no big deal, but I would probably fall off the machine at least twice 😉
    Also, I’ve decided that I am going to start recapping my workouts too – both because I love reading other people’s and maybe I’ll be able to actually hold myself accountable to the workouts I say I will do 🙂

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