Friday Favourites – Music To My Ears.

Full disclosure: I have dreamed of writing a post with the intro “IT’S FRIDAY” since last Saturday. I know it’s important to “live in the now”, but it just gets to be so incredibly hard during the last few weeks of term! Anywhoville, we made it, finally, so it’s time to chat about all the Friday Favourites!



Skora Performance Running Shoes. 

I stumbled across this brand on Twitter, and I am very intrigued to say the least! They are a minimalist shoe with balanced cushioning, and focus on high-quality weather resistant material. <– of the utmost importance for me living in Raincouver! They are also reflective – how cool is that? It’s built-in running safety.


Believe Training Journal. 

I only received this last week, and am already in love! I tried one of the workouts for my first foray back into fastish running, and it made 5 miles on the treadmill incredibly fun. And that is not an exaggeration. I was actually very annoyed with the construction worker that made me get off so he could use the plugin.

As if I wasn't inspired enough by  - IT'S HERE!  Big things are happening in 2015!

Spicy Apple Ginger Chews.

After breakfast, dinner, or just because, I plowed through my first pack of these in less than five days. Oops? But not really – so darn delicious! I most definitely made it a priority to get off campus to Whole Foods yesterday so I could buy a couple more packs. Gotta stay prepared!


Maroon Five. 

After reading Heather’s post on going to their concert, I have been listening swooning to Adam Levine on repeat. I think my current favourite is “In Your Pocket” –> so sassy!

Maroon-5-Adam-Levine-Overexposed-Tour-2013-North-America-Dates-Details-Live-Nation-VIP-FIJust…yup. ❤ .

The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella. 

I have no shame. This was an adorable read, perfect to relax and get my mind off of stress / studying. There is time for “intelligent” reading when I’m not swamped with 200 pages of assigned work!


Almond Butter & Jam. 

Sometimes in a sandwich, sometimes on a spoon, this combo has been getting a lot of extra love lately! Mostly because you just can’t beat that sweet / savoury combo, but also because it’s getting down to the end and you know what that means…overnight oats in a jar! So ready.

Sidenote: do any of you call it “jelly”? I’ve never used that term in my life, but apparently there are differences between the two? Please enlighten me!

6 thoughts on “Friday Favourites – Music To My Ears.

  1. Love those shoes! So cute:) I have some gin gins…My mom got them for me when we were moving to AK and she thought it would be good for sea sickness. I will have to check out that Sophie Kinsella book….I read the Can You Keep a Secret book from her and I really liked it!

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