Pizza, French Fries + Ice Cream / Thinking Out Loud

1. The productivity struggle is real. Why is it so much more pleasant to stare blankly at a screen than actually read / do work?

2. I’m doing it now. It’s been a long day, my mind is at a blank, and staring is just so darn peaceful. This is why we have link parties like Thinking Out Loud, because intense procrastination = word thought vomit.


3. THOUGHT! I continue to be amazed by what I see at the gym. And not always in a good way. Earlier this week, I saw a personal trainer taking a (incredibly) overweight man through a workout. First of: hooray him for getting active! But he had the guy doing machine assisted preacher curls for a solid 20 minutes. I know I’m not a personal trainer, but just…ugh. I don’t see the point in such artificial, isolated movements! Especially if you are trying to lose weight. Rant over.


4. My smoothie craving is taking over my life. The only place I know of to get healthy smoothies is at Whole Foods, at $8-$10 a pop. I’m already planning my morning for next Wednesday so I can get another one. 10am cancelled class = goodbye, savings fund.


5. Speaking of cravings… Mint chocolate chip ice cream. Ham & pineapple pizza. Peanut butter & banana panini. Fries dipped in vanilla ice cream. Yup…that about covers it. I guess I could throw this juice in there too…ya know, since this is supposed to be a healthyish blog and all that.

6. I have a new obsession. It is called a cat emoji. If you didn’t know this already, I despise cats. Like, cringe every time I see one / run in the opposite direction / spend way too long ranting about the nasty creatures. BUT yeah this has been in approximately 100% of my texts lately. It’s an issue.


7. Would it be bad to do two half marathons two weekends in a row? SeaWheeze is August 15 (which I am definitely doing), and the Edmonton Marathon is the week after.I’m planning on running SeaWheeze super super easy, and I am kinda in love with the idea of a race that starts 3 feet away from my front door. Plus it gives me a backup if I crash and burn on my 1:45 this June!


8. Apparently Nisku is in Alberta. Geographically Challenged Emma was convinced it was in the Bahamas, which is not surprising considering my friend once made me believe she was in NY when she was really in Devon (also in Alberta). Also, my deepest apologies for that run-on sentence but it is Thinking Out Loud day which means I’m allowed to do exactly that.

9. UberFacts: 40% of twins invent their own languages which are called autonomous languages. 

10. “And I rap myself right into this bubble / oh I guess it’s bubble wrap.” Best. Lyric. Ever. It seriously makes me crack up no matter where I am (which is usually the very public university gym).

Favourite emoji as of late? 

Does anyone else have ridiculous procrastination habits? Like just staring…for hours…

6 thoughts on “Pizza, French Fries + Ice Cream / Thinking Out Loud

  1. I’ve done halfs back to back..I think if you train well enough you should be fine! I would have to say my favorite emoji is the heart in eyes or blowing a kiss! I use those a lot..and the dog one. He’s so cute!

  2. I laughed out loud at that rap (or wrap 😉 ) lyric 🙂 My twin and I used to have our own language when we were younger – apparently we would stand in our cribs and babble to each other and seem to understand what we were saying.
    Maybe I’ll come run SeaWheeze with you – we could have an awesome time, and your easy pace would be my PR pace 😉

  3. My favourite emoji will always and forever be the one where he’s got one eye wide open, one eye closed, and his tongue out. Love. And I don’t even want to know how much money I’d spend on smoothies if I wasn’t making them myself. I was just in Maui and the prices there were INSANE. I’d have to sell my kidney on the black market to be able to afford that sort of thing, and even then it wouldn’t be for very long!

  4. Fries dunked in ice cream?! Are you for real? Am I missing out? You know, feeding the soul is uber important so I’m all for smoothies alongside pizza 🙂 .
    I swear I am in love with the “tongue out” emoji ! Too cute..and required with all the kidding around I tend to do 😉 .

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