Weekly Reads Wednesday

Confession #1: Sometimes the only thing that gets me through the day is the promise of stretchy pants at the end of it.

Confession #2: Sitting on the floor allows me to be infinitely more productive than sitting on my bed. (I can’t sit at my desk because it is currently serving as a storage facility for a 20 000 square foot house).

I’ve read a couple of times over at Fitting It All In that some people have been making her Weekly Reads Wednesday into a linkup, so I decided to join in! Half because I spend an embarrassing amount of time scrolling through Twitter and half because I’ve been running around campus all day like a chicken with my freaking head cut off and have no time for a properly coherent post.




12 Women Who Had The Best Response to Society’s Biggest Expectation –> nice to see a different choice becoming more mainstream and respected.

26 Year Old in Charge (of the ND Democratic Party!) –> I’m fascinated by both Canadian & American politics, and it is incredibly cool to see this girl doing such powerful things!

Star Trek & The BFG in Vancouver –> so…I’m both horrified that there will be a Star Trek without Leonard Nimoy, and jumping up and down that my favourite childhood book will be made into a movie. IN MY CITY!! (sorry, you pretty much don’t need to click the link anymore)



Ultimate Guide to No-Bake Energy Bites –> aka my most favourite form of snack ever. No getting bored now!

Is Coffee Healthy? –> not that it would have stopped me from drinking it, (spoiler alert) but the huge list of health benefits is pretty cool!


Health Lessons We Can Learn from France –> reason #9871 why France is my dream home



Q & A With Elite Runner Alexi Pappas –> inspring!

FueledByLOLZ Shamrock Half Marathon –> even more inspiring. This girl just pulled off a 1:33 half marathon, three weeks post-marathon, AND battling an injury.

 Half Marathon Training Phases –> an awesome breakdown of what to focus on, when!


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