Intermediate Half Marathon Training Plan

I can hardly contain my excitement. There are exactly twelve weeks remaining until my second half marathon!!

And you know what that means – TRAINING PLAN TIME! My fellow type As can relate to the magnificence of having an exact schedule to follow. I based this off of several training plans that I’ve researched over the past ~4 months while obsessing over this race. I also knew that I wanted to run 4x per week, incorporate different activities and have a rest day. I’ve kept it both specific and flexible, though.

For example, “5 miles speed” – this allows me to do basically whatever I please, keeping running fun and preventing it from turning into an obligation. I may have big dreams with running, but at the end of the day it is still a fun hobby and I never ever want it to turn into more than that.

There are infinite possibilities – repeats, fartleks, or substituting an easy run if my legs just aren’t feeling it. That’s another reason why I didn’t want to pencil in specific workouts – I never want to push myself to hard and end up feeling burned out, or worse, injured! Been there, done that my friends.

Some more highlights of this training plan:

1. Long runs start at 10 miles. It just makes no sense to follow the buildup that is common in most plans when I can already run for 90 minutes! So this will help me get more comfortable with the distance.

2. Long runs include half marathon pace. I just wouldn’t feel comfortable attempting to run 13.1 miles @ 8:00 if I had only ever done that in speed / tempo runs. So there are a few long runs with miles at HMP sprinkled in there, and  a slightly slower test run one month out.

3. Increased midweek mileage. In my head, 6 miles is a longish but relatively easy run that I could do in the morning without much thought. Bump it up to 7 miles, though, and all of a sudden it is “OMG LONG RUN I’M GOING TO DIE”. So by doing this every week, that will hopefully disappear.

4. Running specific cross-training. Up until now, I’ve basically continued with my usual heavy weight lifting and running around that. I know it hampers my recovery, though, so these two cross-training days will be more bootcamp-style workouts and yoga. Each day specifically will depend on how I feel!

And without further ado, here it is!

Intermediate Half Marathon Training Plan


Remember, I am not a certified running coach nor a super experienced runner! But I absolutely will run the Boston Marathon one day, and 1:45 half marathon is the first step in qualifying. So I’ve come up with a plan that I hope will get me there! I’m so excited to be training for a race again, not to mention ALL the half marathon / running posts over the next few weeks!

I do want to keep it interesting, though, so please comment / email me with anything you would like to read about! Like I said, I’m not a running coach or pro runner by any means. I hope that makes a difference in a good way, though! You can follow along with an ordinary university student and hopefully be able to relate more. 🙂

What running posts interest you the most? 

Are you currently training for anything? 


6 thoughts on “Intermediate Half Marathon Training Plan

  1. Great plan! I am def a fellow type A and NEED a plan to follow lol I’m currently training for the Nashville country music marathon and aiming for a BQ TIME! Hoping, prying, training hard. I look forward to following your training 🙂

  2. I love reading training plans 🙂 And I’m training for a half (obviously 😉 ) and will run it in less than 2 weeks.
    Also, this looks like an amazing plan! I’m so excited to read about your training – you’re such a rockstar and your plan looks super intense 🙂

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