Thinking Out Loud: Six to Go.

1. Six more Thinking Out Loud’s until I’m home. That seems both incredibly long and incredibly short at the exact same time. Thanks for the randomness link party, Amanda!


2. I really need to make rest days a priority. I haven’t been because frankly, I have the time to workout every day at this point in my life, and it gives me such a mental / emotional boost! But after feeling 10000x better on a run following two rest days, I know I need to resist exercising so much. So I’m trying to decide whether it should be the day before or after my long run – thoughts?

3. I’m running the Calgary Half Marathon in Edmonton. Well, not quite, but almost. I’m so sad to be missing it this year, since it holds such a special place in my heart being my first and all. BUT the finances just do not add up this year so I will be sitting it out. But I’ve decided I’m going to do 13.1 on June 1, the one-year anniversary of my first half marathon, and go for a PR! Not my 1:45, but a mini confidence booster for getting it two weeks later.

4. I am finally getting sick of overnight oats. I’ve had them at least three times per week since September (seriously) and this morning they just did not do it for me. I could try to find a new work breakfast, but I’ll probably just deal with them for the next month until I’m back in my kitchen. Come April 29: ALL. THE. SMOOTHIES!!


5. There is something wrong with my CamelBak. Every time I drink out of it it makes this super awkward farting noise and considering I drink approximately 9L of water per class, this is a serious issue. The mouthpiece has also turned black on the inside which is mildly VERY concerning.

6. I should probably just have this in my life instead. I absolutely love mason jars, and it is impossible NOT to love Cassie, so it’s a win all around!


7. Bloglovin’ has a pretty excellent app. I kept getting frustrated that every time I refreshed my browser, it would try to force me to download the app. I already get the “limited storage remaining” notification way too frequently – I DON’T WANT ANOTHER FREAKING APP! But it actually works really well and I’m happy I didn’t take my anger out on anything. 😉 If you don’t already, follow me to have new posts delivered straight to yer face! Or eyes, I suppose.

8. I finally bought an iPod shuffle. After three weeks of boob scabs from my phone jumping around in my sports bra, I decided enough was enough. (TMI? sorry.) So now, my screamo music and Jillian Michaels podcasts are all in one compact, safe place! Just watch me get lost the first time I use it and not have my phone on me.

ipod-shuffleNot my fingers… I promise!

9. Every time I see the #9 I think about soccer. I was always #9, and then one year my “friend” took it because she knew it was my favourite. Oh, the problems we have at ten years old…

10. My cravings lately have been shameful. As if it wasn’t bad enough I haven’t been able to get chicken mcnuggets out of my head, now I’m thinking about mint chocolate chip ice cream and Kraft peanut butter! I had a taste at the place we were staying at last weekend and I’m hooked. Just don’t tell, okay?

What is one thing you are craving right now?

Anything you are looking forward to? 


9 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: Six to Go.

  1. Oh no, definitely stop drinking out of your camelbak! It sounds like black mold, which can happen if you don’t clean it all the time, I’ve heard. But you can buy replacement mouthpieces, I think 🙂

    • Yup, I’m trashing it and switching over to a normal water bottle until I have access to proper dish cleaning again! It’s funny, my mom has always been freaked out that I barely ever cleaned it, but I didn’t see why – it’s just water, right? Buuuut I definitely deserve an “I told you so”, hah.

  2. I soak my camelbak mouthpiece in alcohol to sanitize it (pop it off the bottle first.) Ideally rubbing alcohol, but in college I definitely used vodka because it’s what I had. Eventually those mouthpieces give out, though, and you have to replace them. I got a bunch of extras online but I’ve also seen them at stores.

    I’m still looking for my perfect water bottle. After years of using a camelbak bottle (actually…I think I’ve gone through 5 or 6 of them) I’ve decided that they leak too much in my bag and I don’t love them at the gym (and I don’t want to carry around two bottles!) I’m using disposable bottles for now because I got a flat for free, but I’m tired of all the guilt that comes with that.

    • I love CamelBaks because unscrewing a lid every two minutes to drink water drives me crazy! And so does the mess that comes with leaving the lid only partially on…so I’m with ya on the water bottle hunt. Lately I’ve been buying one disposable water bottle in the morning, and refilling it at water fountains so that I’m not wasting too much.

  3. So funny you mentioned smoothies – my TOLT post today is about my rather random smoothie combo that I tried last night 🙂 I am still (always?) on the search for the perfect water bottle. I just got a glass one with a cover from Target, but then found out that most pools won’t allow them for obvious reason – so I guess the search is back on! Enjoy your iPod Nano – I too can not imagine running without my phone 🙂 It’s just so heavy compared to the Nano!

    • It’s definitely annoying, but the security of knowing I have it with me makes it worthwhile! Once I’m home I will probably run with it a lot less, since If I don’t come back from my run my mother will obviously be aware! Ever paranoid, it seems, hahaha.

  4. That CamelBak in the trash can now! Eek. Its funny, you would make drinking water lethal. LOL . Love that you’re counting down in TOL’s!
    Hmm I would take a rest day before the long run..but you know yourself girl – all the best 🙂 .

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