What I Ate Wednesday – Gastown Adventures!

Like I said yesterday, this past weekend I had the most wonderful time hanging out with my mom! It was a much-needed break before the final end-of-year/semester push, not to mention access to beautiful and delicious food. So of course What I Ate Wednesday is back to celebrate!

I don’t even realize how gross/boring/ugly my food is until I am presented with perfectly plated meals multiple times per day! So here are some of the super awesome things that entered my mouth last Saturday. Be prepared to drool.

Meghan over at CleanEatsFastFeets is taking over from Jenn today for the link party! So make sure to go check her out for 7.1 billion other awesome meals for your viewing pleasure.


Breakfast at Nelson the Seagull


We stumbled upon this place as it was the only restaurant we could find open at 9:30am on  a Saturday morning. Cold, hungry, and wet, I was really only looking for some basic eggs & toast, but this breakfast went above and beyond! The bread was hearty and chewy, eggs poached perfectly, and they gave me fried mushrooms. <– if you want to impress me, give me fried mushrooms.

I can definitely see myself coming back here! The place has a super cool industrial / hipster vibe, and all the employees were incredibly friendly and cheerful.



I have literally been craving quesadillas for months, but haven’t had any because I knew the dining hall would disappoint. These didn’t! I can’t actually remember where they are from… #fail. But they were chicken & cheese – yummy,  but nothing to write home about.



Apologies for the gross picture – but the food definitely wasn’t! I don’t even remember the last time I had steak / red meat, but my body has been asking for it. I didn’t even need ketchup it was so delicious! I didn’t quite manage to finish it all, but ate that sweet potato & mushrooms times four. 🙂

There was the usual apple + PB / grapes / random snacking after dinner, of course! And this next meal is actually from Sunday, but I can’t resist showing you because it is from my FAVOURITE restaurant in all of Vancouver!

Breakfast at Heirloom

This was pretty good, but I wish I had tried one of their specialities. I’ve heard the avocado toast is to die for, and the omelettes looked delicious as well! But my stomach had been fairly finicky over the evening and early morning, so I decided to stick with the ever-so-classic eggs & toast.


It was one of the only times I’ve ever enjoyed breakfast potatoes, though, so there is that!

Other than that, there were happy hour snacks (short rib croquettes and OMG cheesy bread, anyone?), grilled cheese sandwiches, and Whole Foods smoothies! I’m thinking that last one will start making a sizeable dent in my wallet – SO. GOOD!

What is your typical breakfast order?

#1 craving right now? 

6 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday – Gastown Adventures!

  1. Poached eggs are my favorite! I need to learn how to make that at home, because I don’t get out to brunch very often. I could go for one right now! Right now, I’m craving some Chinese food, mostly because I’m going to a retirement party at a Chinese restaurant after work. Can’t wait to enjoy some lo mein 😀

    • They are the #1 reason I go out for breakfast – I cannot figure out how to make them either! Hmmm…I don’t actually remember the last time I had Chinese food. I used to be absolutely obsessed with pineapple chicken. 🙂

  2. The breakfast potatoes in the last picture looked absolutely amazing! 😀 And so does the rest of the food 🙂 My typical order when I go someplace for breakfast is (are?) waffles or pancakes … so original 😉

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