Weekend Recap + Half Marathon (Training) Prep

I’m so sorry for abandoning y’all yesterday, but my lovely mother came to visit me in Vancouver this past weekend, so I was busy enjoying every moment I could with her! Only six more weeks until I’m home for good – it’s pretty surreal.

Friday was spent devouring some delicious happy hour appetizers – roast beef croquettes, mushrooms in gravy & “OMG cheese bread” from The Flying Pig. I’ve been there three times now, and every single thing I’ve eaten there has been beyond phenomenal. I can only vouch for the Gastown location, but if you’re in the area, it’s a must-see! Or must-eat, I suppose.


It was a bit too dark for pictures, but don’t worry – I got several shots of some pretty darn attractive food for tomorrow’s WIAW. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen the preview to my new favourite breakfast spot:

My kinda place in the morningI mean, what else could you possibly need in life? 

In between eating delicious food at every available opportunity, there was some shopping done, – for clothing OTHER than running attire, I know – much needed haircuts, several hours of wandering and a good chunk of laziness with the bestie McDreamy.

I feel so so lucky and thankful to have had this weekend with my mom! Before she came, I was feeling pretty overwhelmed at the idea of two remaining months of school, but I am so refreshed now. There are only four weeks of class and two weeks of exams until my first year of university is dunzo! I can totally do it. 🙂

Okay – now onto the #runchat.


This is hard to believe, but I’ve actually been running 4x per week consistently for almost four months now! Following several months of sporadic running  after my first half marathon, I went from barely finishing a slow 2 miler to sprinting the end of 11 miles. I’ve had a handful of long runs within 10 seconds of my half marathon goal pace, which made me feel absolutely amazing! But recently, all of my runs have felt difficult and slow – some clear evidence of cumulative fatigue.

The last thing I want is to be burned out on running before I officially start training on March 23, so my plan is to do a “taper” of sorts. Last week I did only three easy 5 mile runs, with no long run on the weekend. And this week, I will do three 5 milers plus one 7-8 mile run on the weekend.

My run last night was absolutely phenomenal! After saying goodbye to my mom yesterday afternoon, I dropped my stuff and headed straight out to hit the roads. I managed to time it perfectly with the sunset, and it made for a beautiful evening. Somehow, I ended up with a perfect progression and 7:59 average – aka goal half marathon pace. It’s crazy what a little rest will do, hey?

Obviously Snape

Next Monday I will be posting my official training plan! I’m going to be making it myself based off others that I’ve seen and what I know works well for me. I’m incredibly lucky with the fact that I will only have class during the first three weeks of my 12 week plan, and the rest I’m either studying for finals on my own schedule or on summer break!

So this next week is going to be all about the rest, recovery & nutrition. I baked lots of sweet potatoes over the weekend thanks to oven access, so at the very least my beta kerotene levels will be safe and sound. 😉

Tell me the best thing you did last weekend!

^ And happy St. Patrick’s day! I just remembered this after hitting “schedule”, hah. Apparently I don’t have enough Irish blood in my hot mess of European genealogy. Try not to get pinched and eat some delicious chocolate, okay?


4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap + Half Marathon (Training) Prep

  1. Great job on consistent running! I created my own training plan, but that went out the window due to no treadmill access/timing/sickness. At least I’m going into my half with no expectations 🙂
    I’m super excited to hear all about your training – you’re going to rock it 🙂

    • That happened to me last year as well – I’m so excited about actually being able to follow a plan this time around! Honestly, there is a time & place for having no expectations – we all do it! And you will still have a ton of fun and be amazing regardless. 🙂

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