Five Fast & Fantastic Feasts

Don’t you wish there was a word for “meals” that started with F? Yeah, me too. All day, er’ day. OH WAIT – there is! Thank you, thesaurus.

Last summer, when my only responsibility in life was to show up to work a few hours at a time, I had a lot of extra hours on my hand. Sure, I’ll spend half an hour grilling waffles to perfection on this random Tuesday morning, why not? 

wafflesIf I go to a fancy restaurant, maybe. 

These days, that doesn’t really fly. Not only do I not have the time available to do that, I have no desire to! If I have an hour break for lunch between classes, I want to spend at least 57 of those having a break. Sue me! But a girl can only eat so many pre-made sandwiches while retaining sanity, so something’s gotta give. Enter: the fast and easy-to-prepare meal. It feels homemade and tastes homemade, minus all of that prep work!

These are my five favourites that I rotate through pretty much daily. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, am I right?


1. Peanut Butter Overnight OatsThe first one is a shameless plug – my apologies. But there is just seriously nothing better than waking up and having breakfast already made for you. 

2. Avocado / Hummus + Egg Toast. <– always unsure whether or not I want to capitalize things like that – not a recipe title, but still a title. #englishnerdstruggles. There are so many nutrients packed into this, and if you throw the pan in the sink to wash later, it takes less than three minutes!


3. Microwave Egg White Oatmeal via Peanut Butter Fingers. What can I say – oatmeal makes my world go round!

Three-Minute-High-Protein-Egg-White-Oatmeal-Recipe_thumb Image from Peanut Butter Fingers

4. Sweet potato + ground turkey. If you pre-cook these two (!) ingredients, this meal takes literally 30 seconds. Every time I go home we cook up a few batches for me to freeze, so that I have instant meals even with no oven access! Just mix it all up into a bowl and devour hot or cold – this is one of my all-time favourite meals.

5. “Beefed” Up Snack Plate. Seriously – when all else fails, don’t forget it is totally acceptable to throw a bunch of everything together and call it a meal. One of my favourites is veggies + hummus (I will go for at least 1/2 cup!), deli turkey and an apple + almond butter. So much crunchy satisfaction, and again – probably less than a minute of prep time! I also love wrapping carrot sticks in turkey and then dipping them in hummus. Try it!

 What is the maximum time you will spend preparing a meal? 


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