The Thoughts Always Come…Out Loud.

I’ve been feeling rather quiet this week – I haven’t had the never-ending amount of thoughts / post ideas as I usually do, so it will be interesting to see where this Thinking Out Loud takes us!


1. I am infuriated by shipping costs. Yesterday, I got all excited to order a box of Mazra bars, an awesome company. They are 100% peanut free, have zero added sugar, and made of totally whole, organic ingredients. They are similar to Kind, but a tad more perfect. (And Kind bars are pretty darn amazing!) Well, turns out that Mazra has free shipping within the US, but it costs $50 to come to Canada. Luckily they said they will be shipping from a Canadian outpost within a few months – I do love the company’s philosophy! So to all you Canadians out there, just hold on a little longer – we will get our bars soon!

2. I didn’t let that deter me from buying running things! Obviously, when it comes to running, my wallet has no bounds. I spent $15 on shipping for an order that would have been free had I lived in the US, BUT I will soon be the owner of Believe Training Journal, by none other than Lauren Fleshman! I’m three months into the year, but it should arrive just in time for half marathon training to start, and I can’t wait! I’ve been feeling a bit “meh” about running lately, and a big dose of inspiration is exactly what I need.

3. There are reasons why one does not live in Alberta. This is one of them.


16 degrees and sunny one day, to 5 degrees and snowing the next. Although, to be perfectly honest, I don’t think I would mind right now. The rain finally returned today, and I’m definitely missing the feeling of spring in Edmonton – snow and all.

4. I’m sorta done with the school year. I’m at that awkward point where it’s too early to really look forward to the end, but I’m just over school. I’m so excited to go back to having my own room (O.M.G – you will probably have seventeen posts just on that come May), working at Credo, and delicious food. This year has been life changing and wonderful and all of that, buuuut, it can be over now.

5. I’ve been on a musical kick lately. Maybe it’s an attempt to combat these rainy doldrums of mine, but I have not been able to stop listening to fun, cheery soundtracks! Mamma Mia, ABBA, and Hairspray have all been making multiple appearances.

Hairspray-Wallpapers-----hairspray-84584_1024_768Oh yes. .

6. Evening workouts have become a new favourite. I don’t even know who I am anymore! It used to be that if I didn’t exercise in the morning, it just would not happen. I still run in the mornings, but on lifting days, I have come to love starting around 6pm. It gives me such a nice transition from day/work to evening, and I also have the benefit of lots of food inside me. I cannot feel strong when I haven’t even had coffee yet, let alone no proper meal.

7. But I am very thankful I don’t have one today. I did 5 miles this morning, and now at 4pm I am ready to collapse. I’ve got one more hour of work followed by studying before that can happen, though!

8. Have you ever had a hot cross bun? I never have, and didn’t think they were that big a deal, but COBS tweets have me thinking otherwise. Am I missing out on the candy corn of Easter?


9. I’m finally getting into Twitter! I made an account several months ago, but basically never did anything on it aside from automatic post notifications. But over the past week I’ve been following interesting people and actually interacting with them (what a concept), so you should follow me! I also don’t hesitate to rant sarcastically about my life’s troubles, such as phone-in-sports-bra-scabs.

10. Only four more hours until it is acceptable to put on stretchy pants. Is it incredibly sad that that is what I look forward to these days? Like I said, it needs to be summer STAT. (but let us just thank our lucky stars I’m no longer in grade school and have to wait until July… #tragic).

Which would you prefer: hot cross buns or stretchy pants? 


4 thoughts on “The Thoughts Always Come…Out Loud.

  1. I’m pretty ready for the school year to be over as well. Well, more like this quarter since I only have class three days a week in spring (holla at me 4 day weekend!!). Hope all of your classes are going well! Are you in any bio ones :)?

  2. I’ve never herd of the hit cross buns, although they do look interesting. I’m definitely hitting the mid term slump, luckily it’s spring break next week so that will be a nice refresher.

  3. Well lucky for you, this year is absolutely flyyyying. I swear just the other day it was January ! Hmm how about eating a bun IN stretchy pants. My mum makes a variation of those 🙂 .

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