Spring Skies Playlist

A couple of things that are making me incredibly happy right now:

1. It is currently 6:19pm and STILL LIGHT OUT! This is such a beautiful experience that it almost makes up for the fact that my runs are now starting in darkness again.


2. The dining hall started serving single chicken breasts! Something that I did not realize how much I appreciated was being able to have a simple piece of protein, and add whatever I want. Until now I’ve had to eat things like sandwiches (a LOT), and complex / pre-prepared meals in advance. So I’m pumped!

We can save the rest of the random thoughts for Thinking Out Loud this Thursday. 🙂 But staying on the happy track, even during the madness that is midterms…


There are some songs that just make me feel happy. That, no matter my mood, never fail to put a little pep in my step and make me feel good about the day to come. So during extreme midterm procrastination, I decided to create a playlist of all the music I have been listening to in the mornings, to start my day off on a good note!

I feel like this is an excellent example of my taste in music – we’ve got some classics like Aerosmith, but there’s also JT for you “cool” folks, and Taylor Swift because I feel like it is impossible to hate that girl. Or at least not feel happy when you listen to her music. 🙂


And with that, my stomach is currently talking screaming for dinner, so I’m off to go get one of those fancy chicken breasts! Plus a whole shamble of other stuff, obviously.

One awesome song & one awesome thing: GO.

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