Marathon Monday – Fantastic Speed Workouts for Runners

Happy Monday! I’m attempting to approach this week in a better way than last Monday – I started asking for Friday at approximately 10:52am. 😉


Back when I started training for my first half marathon, waking up in the mornings to run was killer. I woke up exhausted, feeling like the last thing I wanted to do was run. As the weeks progressed, though, I started looking forward to my morning runs before even falling asleep! And I would jump out of bed, eager to hit the pavement.

This time around…not so much. I wouldn’t say I’m dreading my runs – doing them all at an easy pace with zero expectations helps that – but I almost always wake up not wanting to get out there. And then once I do, I just feel kinda meh through the whole thing. Usually not awful, but never great. The paces are fine, but it feels like a shuffle.

shinee-shuffleJust not this excitedly.

Now that I’ve built my mileage up to a 10 mile long run and 25 miles per week, I think it’s safe to start adding some faster running! I definitely need a new spark of motivation, and mixing it up should help a ton. So instead of recapping last weeks runs (they were very very boring: three 5-milers and one 10), I’m going to list some of  my favourite speed workouts that I can’t wait to incorporate into training!

1. Hill Pyramid Workout via Canadian Girl Runs


I’ve gotta represent one of my favourite running bloggers, especially because she is a fellow Edmontonian! Well, St. Albert, but there are so few of us out there that it counts. 😉 A lot of speed workouts only end up being about 3 miles in length, which means for a significant amount of boredom while I finish remaining miles. Not with this one – this baby is good for 80 minutes of sweat. 🙂

I am sure a fantastic treadmill workout will also be much appreciated if I return to Edmonton in May and there is snow on the ground…but let us just pray for that not to happen.

2. The Need for Speed Workout via Eat Spin Run Repeat


This one is a favourite because it keeps my mind occupied! I am constantly shifting gears and never have a chance to settle in and get bored. Also, Angela just announced her move to Vancouver, so I have to love my west coast runners as well!

3. The Long Descent via Lifting Revolution


I am a sucker for decreasing rep schemes in the gym, and the exact same goes for running! As we get tired, it becomes harder and harder to stay motivated – so knowing you only have to run 1/4 of the distance you started with is incredibly motivating!

Do you have a favourite workout? 

Any tips to banish “meh” running?!


7 thoughts on “Marathon Monday – Fantastic Speed Workouts for Runners

  1. Thanks for featuring my workout, Emma! And I’m not sure if you know this but I’m originally from Edmonton too! I lived there for the first 13 years of my life so while it doesn’t feel like home any more, I certainly know what an Edmonton winter involves. Have a great Monday!

    • That’s funny – it’s actually easier for me to motivate myself to do speed on the treadmill, hence the myriad of easy runs that have been happening lately! And why I am forcing myself out of my comfort zone with these workouts. 🙂 I hope you love them!

  2. Speed workouts can help banish the meh runs for sure. They go by quick and challenge you! I like switching things up and hitting the trails when I begin to feel meh. Trail running is like finding peace with yourself. Plus, it adds a certain obstacle course feel to running with roots and such 😉

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