Thinking Out Loud: I’m Still A Coffee Snob

1. Every day this week has felt like Friday. And that is incredibly unfortunate since it’s still only Thursday. I may die. If it weren’t for Amanda making it okay to have a weekly brain dump, I would likely be staring at a blank screen right now.

2. But I am (mostly) staying strong to my March goal of only one coffee per day! It’s only possible because a decaf americano is my new afternoon ritual. Although sometimes that ritual happens closer to lunchtime…it’s fine. Yesterday a (caffeinated) espresso happened because Wednesday.


3. Spirit of the Marathon 2 expired before I got a chance to finish watching. I am incredibly sad about this, but still haven’t decided if I’m willing to pay $5 extra to rent it again. The struggle is real.

4. So is the need for grilled cheese. I’m sorry dining hall, but your barely grilled Kraft cheese thing just does not cut it. I am craving a delicious, crispy, cheese-filled sandwich of wonderfulness so badly right now. And the best Vancouver food trucks are only open when I have class!! Life is so rough.

grilled-cheeseThis is exactly what I need in my life. 

5. Is long run hunger supposed to last for a week? I ran 10 miles last Friday, and I have legitimately been extra hungry every day since. It’s a good thing I never go anywhere without snacks, because there have been lots of close calls lately. 😉

6. The entire country is having the worst winter ever except British Columbia. Seriously – a weather report stated that we are the only province escaping with a mild winter and early spring! I think if I saw snow right now I would legitimately freak out. And then run inside. #softie

Because nobody told me it was Friday already...  to a casual Carter the Coyote on campus. Nope, I didn't die! ✌️This is literally what it looks like outside. So basically August in March. 

7. And yet I am (almost) craving the treadmill. Is that a thing? Can you actually crave running on a hamster wheel? I haven’t allowed myself to run on it lately, because while my hands freeze in the mornings it’s a thousand times nicer than E-town will be for months. I’m fully expecting being relegated to the thing for most of May – #albertalife – so I’m making sure to take advantage of this weather while I can! I mostly just need some new routes – I’m beyond bored!

8. This makes every part of my body hurt. 


Not only are you actually writing expresso instead of espresso, a DOT is not “signature latte art”. I mean, really. REALLY!!! Ugh.

9. I ate a cupcake for lunch today. It was a good decision. I don’t know why I felt like telling you that but perhaps it will inspire some of you as well. 🙂

10. And some timbits. The sugar cravings are real, guys. Part of me wants to get a handle on it, but another part most of me is A-okay with the situation. Especially now that mini eggs are back in stores (!!!).

11. There is ONE MONTH left of school. As in, 4.5 weeks of classes until my first year of university is over. What?! I’m only 1/5 done since I will most definitely be needing an extra year to graduate but it is still unbelievable that I’m nearly done with my first year.

What is the best thing you’ve had for lunch lately? 

Should I re-rent Spirit of the Marathon II ?


6 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: I’m Still A Coffee Snob

  1. One coffee a day is a SERIOUS challenge for me as well. Oh, and how’s this for sad. I’t’s 6:30 in the morning and I came downstairs to find that we are completely out of coffee grounds. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!?!?!??!?!!? Ugh. There’s coffee joints all over my college town, but that involves putting pants on and I’m not sure if I’m ready for that step in my morning yet 😉 . And that grilled cheese… holy moly.

  2. I forced myself to stop drinking coffee every day over winter break, and I’m still doing pretty well now. It helps that I bought a lot of nice tea, so I still have something warm to drink in the morning. I have a couple cups a week, though, since I have 8am class one day and that’s not happening without more caffeine than tea can provide (plus I need a coffee for surviving the annoying class!)

    I’m still treadmill running since we’re still getting snow–we’re setting records for snowfall. I can’t wait to run outside, though. It’s so much easier when I can run and shower at home instead of lugging all my school stuff and gym stuff to the campus gym early in the morning. Plus the track team has been doing hour+ runs on the treadmills and so it’s really competitive to get a “good” treadmill!

    • Yeah, if I have some super delicious tea it most definitely makes things a lot easier. I cannot even fathom the idea of an 8am class!! I’m pretty sure I would just sleep through it – way to rock it!

      What is the definition of a “good” treadmill?? I hear so many people talk about that – maybe it’s because all the treadmills at my school gym suck equally, hahah.

      • I’m in grad school, so I don’t get any control over my class schedule. They’re paying me to be here, so that means early mornings or late nights (on Fridays I actually have class 8-11, 12-1, and 3-5:30…but I don’t have any other classes all week.)

        Stupidly our brand new gym has huge windows without curtains overlooking a courtyard. It’s nice sometimes, but in the winter when the grass is covered in snow it’s blinding with the snow reflecting off it! You definitely want to avoid those. There’s also a wall of treadmills without a ledge to put something on. I use my iPad to get work done or watch netflix while I’m running (I get to the gym by 8am most days, so the stuff on TV is pretty mundane) so I don’t like those treadmills either.

  3. You know what I could do with? More time in my days. I know I’m not the only one saying that, and I guess I can’t complain, what with being drop-dead exhausted when bedtime rolls around 🙂 . Ok that was a random ramble.
    Emma, that sign just makes my heart bleed – there are humans ignorant on the delicate coffee matters of the heart !? Erm yes I find it challenging to limit to one mug a day too. Hahaa I totally went for a decaf americano the other afternoon on a coffee date..because you know, decaf doesn’t count.

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