Unstoppable Strength Workout

I am not a girl that likes to sit still. Despite being in week nine (!) of my Film Studies course, I still dread the 3.5 hours of sitting in one place. I have the attention space (or lack thereof) of a squirrel – doing one thing for too long makes me fidgety, anxious and lethargic, all at the same time.

So when faced with a day of studying, what’s a girl to do? Hit the gym, obviously (obbbbbviously). In need of a mood boost, I decided to create a workout based on all of my favourite power moves – exercises that make me feel strong and hardcore. Hence, why this is called Unstoppable Strength – you will feel dang near unstoppable!


It’s a very straightforward format, because I don’t like to mess around when I workout. I get in, do my thang, and get on with my life. So the workout is comprised of four supersets, each of which you complete before moving on to the next.

I think that the majority of people are familiar with supersets, but if you aren’t, it would look like this:

  • 8 back squats –> 8 pull-ups
  • rest
  • 8 back squats –> 8 pull-ups
  • rest
  • 8 back squats –> 8 pull-ups

And then onto the split squats / dumbbell press superset! I love supersets because they allow me to rest one muscle group while still exercising – I don’t know of anyone that has time to just stand around timing rest between sets anymore. The other awesome thing about pairings like this is each muscle group truly rests. If you are combining, for example, leg extensions + deadlifts, or pull-ups + tricep extensions, some muscles never fully recover. Which has a time and place, but not for me.

I hope you try this out and love it! I can’t do strict pull-ups yet, so I use the assisted machine at the gym – but you can also do banded, jumping, or negatives. And remember that I am not (yet) a certified personal trainer, so use your best judgement and knowledge of your own abilities. 🙂

Do you have a “power move”? Back squats are my all-time favourite!


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