Goals for March

Having read approximately 7.8 billion “monthly goal” posts, you would think this idea would have come to me before this! I’ve written a couple before, but they have always been a little half-hearted, and I never followed up on them. So when I read Sean’s post recapping her past month and what she wants to do for the next one, I was instantly inspired.

Monthly Goals

I’ve definitely been honest about how often I fail at the goals I set, so I feel like not only setting monthly goals, but following up on them will be the exact motivation I need.

1. Reduce caffeine dependancy. This is SUCH a big one for me. I will have two shots of espresso every morning without fail, and then succumb to a second cup (more like 16oz) of coffee late afternoon.

Couldn't have put it any better  . Last week before exams, let's do this!

I’m going to start by only consuming my morning coffee, and from there switch to half decaf. I use an Aeropress, so it will be super easy for me to just buy two bags of beans! And honestly, the vast majority of my addiction is based on a delicious, comforting cup of wonderfulness, not the energy boost.


2. Run 100 miles. I have now done two weeks of 20 miles and one week of 22, so I feel like 25 miles per week is an extremely attainable goal! I’ll just have to bump up my Monday / Wednesday / Friday runs to 5-6 miles instead of 4, and maintain a weekly 10 miler.

3. Stay on top of readings. Last week I quite literally read 300 pages over two days because I was so behind. It’s pretty safe to say my eyes and brain were fried for days afterwards. Instead of getting overwhelmed by one 30+ page reading, I’m going to chunk it up so I only read a little bit at a time.


4. Journal weekly. Something happened to me on Wednesday afternoon that I did not deal with well at all. I ignored all texts / calls from everyone except my best friend (sorry mom!) and skipped my Friday classes to do a long run.


While I don’t really regret the latter, because it was amazing, it was not a smart reaction. So I’m hoping that by setting aside some time to write out my feelings once a week, I won’t feel the need to cut off the world again.

For my first real goal-setting attempt, I would say this is an excellent start! I’m super excited to come back in April and see how I did. Plus, my goals for next month will likely all revolve around simply not failing my finals. 😉

Tell me one of your goals for March!


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