Thinking Out Loud – If It Doesn’t Kill You

Thinking Out Loud returns! I know I posted last week, but I actually wrote that draft the Friday before I left for my cruise – so it’s really been two weeks since I’ve been able to join the randomness party.

1. I watched a two hour movie – and lived to tell the tale! I have literally been dreading this past Monday’s Film Studies lecture since the start of the semester, after seeing we would be watching Hitchcock. I a) already hate watching movies and b) have been scarred for life by The Birds. But, although it was pretty slow moving, Rear Window was not so bad! I may or may not have been giving my two friends death grips at the end. 😉


2. Does anyone have plantar fasciitis miracles? I haven’t been diagnosed, but I think I feel the beginnings of it – heel / arch pain and some outer kneecap discomfort as well. There is a strict NO INJURIES ALLOWED rule for this training cycle, so this need to be nipped in the bud!

3. As does my McDonald’s craving. I know – it’s so bad. I can’t believe I just admitted that on the internet. But I ate chicken nuggets at Atlantis last week and haven’t been able to get them out of my head. Where are you, carrot cravings?!


And while we’re at it…


I die. So easily amused.

4. My balance is still suffering from the cruise. At least once per day after getting off the ship, I have wobbled, feeling like the (very solid) ground is moving beneath my feet. There haven’t been any falls…yet. Unlike that time I fell down on the ice next to a deer skeleton…now that’s a throwback.

old-winterI was 14(?) in this picture. Always a charmer. 

5. Still no news on the Kinesiology application. Because I know you know I am still checking every hour daily.

6. I am seriously considering moving back home. Don’t get any crazy ideas – not until I am finished my undergrad at UBC. But the University of Alberta has an excellent Master of Physical Therapy program that I would have a solid chance at getting in to (being from Alberta), and I would be able to save a ton of money by living at home and working my perfect cafe job.

This is . And yes, mine is almost empty.     ❤️

7. Because I can’t live in Vancouver for a long time! I really think that I do want to move here permanently eventually. But housing is so so incredibly expensive, and I won’t be able to afford it until I have a solid job with no student debt. Plus, I actually miss Alberta. Who would have thunk it?

winter-albertaIt’s kinda pretty, hey? 

8. There is a chance my teeth may fall out. Back in eighth grade, we were investigating alternatives to braces. I didn’t end up getting it, but an option was this retainer-style contraption that actually moved your teeth. But if you didn’t wear it consistently, your teeth moving back / forth created a risk of them falling out! I’ve worn my (non-teeth-moving) retainer a couple nights per month for the past year, so now I’m a little worried… 😉

9. I will definitely be going to see this opening night.


I do make exceptions to my 90 minute maximum movie rule – mainly for horizontal running.

10. I also definitely freaked out seeing “2015”. What?! That’s way too far away!! ….we’re only 2 months in already, Emma. 😉

Where is your dream place to live? 

But also kind of realistically…I would absolutely love to live in New York City, but there is just zero chance of that happening.


11 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud – If It Doesn’t Kill You

  1. When I was having some plantar issues my athletic trainer had me do this exercise where you lay a towel on the floor and have to curl it up with your toes. Also if you have a tennis ball or something like that, massaging the bottom of your foot will really help.

  2. I can’t wait for Pitch Perfect 2. I keep meaning to re-watch the first one!

    Vancouver is definitely on my list of cool places to live as are Seattle and Portland. Basically, get my off the east coast and I’ll be happy.

  3. I had that same issue after our cruise. You sort of feel like you’re on an elevator…but you’re not! Also I love Vancouver–I’d love to explore more of Canada…We are recently back from living in Alaska, and obviously spent most of our time in BC, some in the Yukon. I feel like there’s so much more to see!

  4. Regarding g #2… I would go to a Dr (podiatrist) and get your feet scanned. I have it and orthotics aramazing! But ob guess if it’s just temporary problem then the ball idea is good 🙂 I’d also recommend calf raises 3 ways

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