The Balance of Nutrition & Activity

As I wrote a novel about yesterday, last week I went on a four-day cruise! All the food was free onboard, which led to a rather lot of unconventional eats / snacking. There were waffles for breakfast, ice cream for 11am snacks, the list goes on. I didn’t gorge myself, but I absolutely indulged 1-3x per day. Personally, I am a believer in moving more when I eat more. It’s not to punish myself, and it’s definitely not to “burn off dessert”. It simply makes my body feel healthy and balanced.

Dessert2Because it is impossible to say no to something like this. 

I know there are a lot of schools of thought that food and exercise should remain 100% separate – and while I totally respect that ideology, I know it is not possible for me. I need to increase my protein intake when lifting a lot of weights, eat more carbs & calories when running more, eat a bigger meal after a hard workout, smaller meals when doing nothing but sitting, etc.

7-mile-runBack in September when I ate burgers every night for dinner. I have no regrets. 

With that said, I was most certainly not perfectly balanced this week. I did 3 four mile runs on the ship’s treadmill this morning, and probably walked 2-3 miles max throughout the day. Compared to my usual level of activity, that is way down! And my food intake was way up.

I am incredibly happy with how I have reacted to this whole experience, though. Not once did I feel guilty for indulging in dessert (although my stomach definitely complained a few times). I didn’t deprive myself of anything but I also did not eat everything in sight “because I’d already blown it”. I have struggled a lot with the “all or nothing” mindset with regards to food, so I’m seriously proud of my level of moderation on this trip!


I also have no intentions of doing anything dramatic this week. Obviously, it will be nice to not crave sugar 24/7 as I did when it was at my fingertips, and I am of course looking forward to things like kale and chicken. But I won’t run more or eat less than usual. I will only BE HAPPIER because it is impossible to not be after a once in a lifetime trip at sea.

Do you think food & exercise should be related? 

Tell me if you disagree!


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