My #1 Dorm Room Breakfast

Since discovering this breakfast, I don’t even miss my old staples. Yes, warm cinnamon apple stovetop oats are seriously delicious, and poached eggs on toast still makes me swoon, but as long as I have this breakfast, I can deal.


And I can’t without it. I definitely walked to pickup a container of greek yogurt at 10pm last night because I hadn’t realized I had ran out and god freaking help me if I had to eat something different.

And what is this magical meal of deliciousness, you ask?

PB&J Overnight Oats.

Perfect for those with minimal equipment (dorm life!), minimal time (college life!), or a general inability to function in the morning (dorm AND college life!). But I’m pretty sure the rest of you will love them too. 🙂


  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 4-6oz of greek yogurt
  • 2 tbsp PB2

Directions (these are tough):

  • Combine…
  • And devour the next morning!


  • For whatever reason, almond milk makes my oats much thicker, so that is what I usually use – but I have tried regular cow’s before and it worked just fine.
  • This recipe is okay with plain yogurt, but I way prefer using flavoured. No it’s not super 110% healthy but that is A-OK with me. I’ve found it doesn’t matter the size of container I use – just any individual container will work!

10 thoughts on “My #1 Dorm Room Breakfast

  1. When I was in college I would add frozen berries to my overnight oats. They melt over night! Now that I’m in grad school, I mix my oats before early morning workouts and they’re ready to go by the time I get to my office. So great in hot, humid summer months!

  2. Yep yep YEPPPP. Perfect college breakfast haha! Love how easy this is and anything with peanut butter? You really can’t go wrong ;). Lately I’ve been obsessed with greek yogurt bowls with clementines, frozen blueberries, and chopped walnuts on top. I think I’ve been eating a bowl twice a day? #cantstopwontstop

  3. girl. last week i went (walked, bundled) to the market to buy celery. CELERY. at 10:30 pm. it closed at 11. i had just gotten back to my dorm and had like 1 little piece left, and really wanted a light snack since it was so late.
    i didnt even know i liked celery that much! haha

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