Marathon Monday: The Dreadmill Treadmill Attacks.

After doing a glorious amount of nothing from Saturday – Tuesday, this past week of workouts made me feel like a rockstar. I was rested, well-fed, and totally on fire.


It’s so strange – a 9:00 pace for 3 miles feels like an all-out sprint on the treadmill, but outside I can run over a minute faster, for longer, without feeling as tired. I never used to be a “dreadmill” hater but I think I have officially converted.

Monday: 3 miles on the treadmill. Ours doesn’t show pace, so I actually have no idea. I rotated between a few speeds / inclines but it was slooooooow.

Tuesday: OFF. My last day at home. 😦

Wednesday: 5 miles @ 7:55. One of those OMG I freaking love running kinda runs. Although I called out “on your right” a couple of times and the person moved to the right on both occasions. I may or may not have sarcastically replied “or your left” the second time around. I was tired! That evening I also did some easy upper body weights.


Thursday: 4 miles @ 8:36. I did some random rolling hill intervals, as well as 3 x 400m hill repeats! Well, “hills” as it was on the treadmill. For whatever reason, treadmill hills are so so so much less intimidating for me! My legs can be working just as hard, but because I don’t see how much farther I have to go it’s easier. Leg strength in the evening.

Friday: upper body strength. 

Saturday: 8 miles. 11 degrees & sunny for this run. Beautiful all around.

Because nobody told me it was Friday already...  to a casual Carter the Coyote on campus. Nope, I didn't die! ✌️This picture from late summer / early fall, and it STILL looks like this. I love this city. 

Sunday: total body strength. Because of reading week, the gym opened at 9am on the weekends! Which made for one happy camper over here. 10am is such an awkward time because it’s too late for me to go before breakfast, but too early to eat a meal + digest. Anyway, I went into total beast mode since this week is all about laziness + lounging.


Do you run faster or slower on the treadmill? 

And do you love it or hate it? 

7 thoughts on “Marathon Monday: The Dreadmill Treadmill Attacks.

  1. YOU ARE A BEAST. Seriously, I wish I was as speedy as you! I haven’t done any of my runs on the treadmill yet, and I’m trying to avoid it for the exact reason you mentioned above. It feels so much faster on a treadmill! Plus, I live in the most gorgeous place in the world so why would I shut myself in a gym when I have the ocean and cliffs to run on ;). OH OH OH. Small accomplishment, but I’m excited about it… I ran 6 miles in an under 9:45 pace yesterday night with negative splits :). WOO!

    • I am seriously considering flying to Santa Barbara just to take advantage of your beautiful weather. 😉 HOORAY for awesome running! I’m really sorry if I am making you compare yourself to me…please don’t!! I’m so far from crazy speedy but like you I am just finding success in myself wherever I can – and I’m waiting for some more Garmin pics from you girl!

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