Five Goals I’ve Abandoned

Every year I fall prey to the “New Years Resolution” trap, and usually abandon my goals right around when everyone else does. BUT, instead of leaving them to shrivel up and die, I’m acknowledging my slacking off right here and now – so that I can get back on the wagon and try again! I think that most people “break” their resolution by, for example, only making it to the gym three times instead of five and then completely give up. And while that is something I would usually do as an all-or-nothing type of person, it is not what is happening in 2015!

1. Eliminate artificial sweeteners. I feel like I cancel out all the good things I add into my diet like kale when I go on a crazy gum / Fresca attack. It’s not easy for me to access nutritious vegetables in university, so why would I undo that extra effort? GUM = GONE. Again.

kits-whole-foods-barIf I’m dropping $12+ at Whole Foods, it had better not go to waste! 

2. No technology before bed. It is honestly dramatic how much better I sleep when I don’t go on  my phone right before passing out. It’s tough for me to give it up since I sleep fine when I do it – just not great. I still need to use my phone for an alarm, but I can at the very least switch to a book / magazine while my head is literally on my pillow.


3. Wear my contacts less. Since I live on a floor with 30 other people, I fall into the trap of feeling like I always have to look “presentable”. So I’ve been wearing my contacts something like 16 hours per day, every day. It’s gross, and I know that I am overwearing them! So I will start with 12 hours per day MAX, and cut down from there. Ultimately I want to wear them 8 hours per day, 5 days a week.

4. Spend money mindfully. “It’s only a $3 coffee.” “It’s only a $2 pack of gum.” Well, Emma, that adds up to $50 and $100 charges like that. If I want to take next year off, I need to be able to pay back my student loans ASAP – which means not making them worse with unnecessary purchases.

rp_coffee1-1024x1024.jpgMy cafe at home is an exception, though, obviously.

5. Prioritize recovery. I haven’t completely abandoned this goal, but on Monday I definitely went straight from a 5 mile tempo run to sitting on my butt all day in class. Well, I showered too, but you get the point. I need to get back to the place where foam rolling + stretching is an automatic, non-negotiable thing, no matter the intensity / length of the run.

Linking up with Clare for Five Things Friday today!


Update me on your recent goals / resolutions! 


9 thoughts on “Five Goals I’ve Abandoned

  1. Those are all awesome goals – especially the one about being more mindful of spending. I’m definitely guilty of the “it’s only coffee … ” excuse.

    2 goals I haven’t been doing well are learning parkour and consistently foam rolling. Oops.

  2. These goals are so great. I’m awful with sometimes using artificial sweeteners because “it’s better than using real sugar”. Also, technology right before bed is a terrible habit of mine. I’ve started telling myself that 20 minutes before bed and 20 minutes after I wake up, I can’t use technology. It’s something you really have to be mindful about. It’s so easy to fall asleep with the phone right next to you! Also, I’m so proud of you for getting back on track! You are awesome girl!!

  3. wow i like that you awknowledge your goals 🙂 tip on the gum- since you have a WF semi close, they have some gums that dont contain artificial sweeteners. they also have these amaaaazing green tea mints!!! i highly recommend them, their by the chocolate section though haha. TJs has them for even cheaper though.

  4. I like the honesty in this post. I’ve given up giving up technology before bed. It’s not the highest priority on my list. The money one though… that’s always a big one for me as well!

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