Thinking Out Loud: I Love Magic!

So I pulled an awkward little disappearing act these past few days – sorry about that! I should have planned for being home a bit better and scheduled some posts, but I think I’m delusional about my productivity levels at home. It’s basically a huge challenge to do more than eat -> run -> coffee -> McDreamy. My life is rough.

Gotta thank Amanda for bringing me back into the blog world gently! It’s a Thinking Out Loud Party over here!



1. Disappearing act -> magician. So obviously I had to bring Harry in – you aren’t surprised. When I go home in April I have grand plans of reading eeeevery single book again. My life will consist of books and coffee and I am A-OK with that.


2. Carbs & rest are running’s best friend. I did two treadmill runs at home (hello -20C), both of which were slooooow 3 milers that made me want to die. I come back to Vancouver after eating my bodyweight in burgers & sweet potatoes, and bust out a 5 miler at 7:55 pace! Given the fact that is my dream / I would die happy half marathon pace, I was thrilled! My last mile was a 7:22….which I’m pretty sure is my fastest mile ever. More pizza and sleep please.

3. Don’t freak out, but I am attempting to implement a one coffee per day rule. I’ve started to get a caffeine headache / slump around 3pm and I cannot be that addicted to a substance. A morning one – wonderful. More than that and I’m actually worried for my well-being.

I call it smurf-spresso.  Adventures in latte art - I'm just a wannabe .I can still drink smurf-spresso though. ❤

4. The Aeropress is most definitely coming on the cruise, though. My only other option would be Seattle’s Best. Which I have never tried and think I would like to keep it that way.

5. So are my running shoes – obviously. Can you say morning sunrise runs ON THE OCEAN?! I’m actually dying already. I also offered to share them with my friend who isn’t sure if she wants to bring her own. Is that gross? 😉

Will Run For Coffee. ☕️ first long run since October, this kid is BACK IN THE GAME! ✌️They’re just so beautiful though.

6. Half a suitcase is appropriate for shoes, right? I mean, I need running shoes, non-running sneakers, nice sandals, and flip-flops. I don’t see how any of those are even remotely negotiable.

7. Does anybody live in Dallas? I’m spending 11 hours there on a layover (overnight thank goodness) and in the spirit of TOL, this just popped into my head! Come hang out with me and my sleep-deprived crazies if you do. 🙂

canada-texasIt’s gonna be a good time.

8. Shakira is my jam these days. I’ve been absolutely addicted to Spotify, and have taken to just typing in a random artist and listening to their songs on shuffle. So far, I’ve gone through Maroon 5 & Rihanna – for freeeeeeeee!

9. Is American Idol still on TV? In case you were wondering, this was my thought process: Marron 5 -> Adam Levine -> music shows. See?! Not obscenely random, even though TOL says that is still ok. But seriously – what happened to it? It definitely was hopeless after Simon left, but I wonder if it’s still hanging on.

Simon-Cowell-Will-Return-To-The-X-Factor-UK-Next-YearHandsome hey?!

10. Do you know what is not hanging on? Emma’s stomach. No Emma, you cannot finish writing this post because I AM GOING TO YELL AT YOU until you feed me.

So off I go for some sweet potato & Grey’s Anatomy! I hope your Thursdays are equally fabulous.

Do you know what happened to American Idol?

What music are you listening to lately? 


6 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: I Love Magic!

  1. I have no idea what happened to American Idol, but then again… I don’t watch a tonne of TV so I have no idea what’s happening with -any- shows 😆 I do have some sentimental memories attached to the earliest seasons of AI, though. I’d always watch ten with my mom and we’d make bets on who’d win. Good times.

  2. I just moved to Dallas from Vancouver for a job! I haven’t had much time to check out the sights. A car does seem necessary if you want to get to downtown. If you are downtown there is a wonderful farmer’s market that runs everyday. Hope you enjoy your layover 🙂

    on the other notes., I love your shoes! Ave Harry Potter, the 1st movie was on the other day and I actually cried of happiness bc I haven’t seen it in so long. Then again from sadness. Anyways, please explain the blue coffee? Haha!

    • HOORAY!! I don’t even want to know how long I have spent watching it haha it is just way too addicting!

      The drink looks blue because when we learn to steam / pour milk (at least at my cafe) we use blue food colouring to contrast the milk with, so that we can practice art without wasting 900000 shots of espresso. 🙂

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