Why I Want to Be a Personal Trainer


I feel like I was hyper-aware of all the other people at the gym this morning. Normally I don’t notice them at all – I go there to do my thing, enjoy it, and carry on with my life. But the guy doing some freaky arm exercise with dumbbells 2.2cm away from my face caused me to pay more attention to my surroundings.

comfortable100% how I felt. Awks.

He then carried on to do what I can only describe as painful shoulder presses. His back quite literally looked like it was going to snap as it arched back and forth, and he seemed like he was attempting to generate momentum with his neck.

I know that I am not a personal trainer (yet). I definitely do not have the qualifications to be critiquing exercise form, and that combined with my conscience + introversion means I never ever will.

I just felt so bad for the guy! Here he was, making an effort to get/stay healthy (likely quite difficult considering he was 60+ in a gym full of university students), and was at best making minimal progress.

Like the girl that comes in every morning and does bodyweight calf raises for an hour. GREAT FOR HER for doing something- but…is there really a point? I understand that everyone has different goals and preferences, so I don’t want to judge. I”m just being contemplative here.

I get a lot of strange looks when I say I want to be a personal trainer. I don’t want that type of job because I want to help people lose their 5 vanity pounds or “tone up”. It’s not because I think it would be fun to basically live in the gym (although I do), and it is most definitely NOT because I think that physical fitness is the single most important thing in life.


On West 4th ave in Kits, there is a billboard that says “physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” Um, excuse me? What about family, friends, passion, and love?

I want to be a personal trainer because I dream of helping people achieve success. Of watching people achieve something that has absolutely nothing to do with me, and everything to do with their own inner drive and passions. This is why I get so excited when a friend tells me they went for a run (hi Christine!) or made it to the gym. It’s less about the actual working out, and far more about the motivation, determination and achievement behind it.


And it is because I so so badly want people to succeed that I cringe when I see someone floundering – for whatever reason. Maybe it’s their first day in the gym, or they are just doing what they think is best. Heck, maybe it really is the best and I’m just an idiot. But I don’t think that is the case, and the countless hours I have spent researching exercise science makes me feel like I have at least a little validity to back myself up on.

BKin and CPT, here I come! And to the guy who hit me with a stick while rotating his neck…I’m comin’ for you too. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Why I Want to Be a Personal Trainer

  1. These are awesome reasons to be a trainer; I love that you love hearing that people did something healthy for themselves 🙂
    Also, I just have to add that I laughed out loud at the “to the guy with the stick” comment. #hilarious 🙂

  2. First off, HI <3!!! I'm hoping to get in my longest run ever (6 miles) today, so your shout out is the best kind of encouragement xoxo. Also, love all of your reasons for wanting to be a trainer. I think most people only focus on aesthetics and vanity pounds, when really, health goes so much deeper than that!

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