University Life // An Update.

Once again, I find myself desperately wishing it was Thinking Out Loud Thursday so that I could shamelessly share the things going through my mind (and they really are quite entertaining). Alas, it is only Tuesday (tragically) so we will disguise this as an update on life in university!


  • In Canada, college and university are NOT the same thing. I use them interchangeably on my blog because the majority of my readers are from the US where the terms are synonymous, buuuut here college is basically university’s little bro. You go there if you didn’t get good enough grades to get into a university, don’t live near one, can’t afford one, etc.
  • Dorm life is not all it’s cracked up to be. I mean, it’s fun living 2 seconds away from your friends, but it is NOT fun to

a) hear people screaming and running laps around your floor at 3am.

b) have a Cold War with your roommate

c) not be able to make your own food (well that’s only a con for some of us crazy foodies)

rp_eggs-hummus-768x1024.jpgSo simple, but I miss this so freaking much. 

I’m not trying to complain! I’m just saying that if you are torn between two options, consider your options. That is all. And I’m ridiculously excited to get my own apartment.

  • Speaking of my dorm room, it looks absolutely nothing like those dream rooms on Pinterest. If you saw my #stopdropandyoga Instagram that I did approximately 7000 years after Liz tagged me,  you quite literally saw half of it. One day I’ll show ya my super fancy office / kitchen / library (hint: it’s my bed).


  • I am technically broke. And yet daily coffees, Spotify Premium, and sea salt exfoliator are absolutely necessities.
  • But earphones are not, which is why I currently only have one working ear bud.
  • Some things take far too much effort. That’s why I haven’t typed a password (thank you autofill), painted my toes, or washed my coffee mug. Is that gross? Don’t answer that.
  • In university, you are either

a) looking forward to the weekend

b) loving the weekend

c) cursing the world that the weekend is already over

d) counting down the days to go home! 

Guess which one I am?! But I’m not going to lie, I would pay money for it to be Saturday right now.

What are your weekend plans? 

Tell me something that is just too much effort for you…so I feel 7% less lazy.


9 thoughts on “University Life // An Update.

  1. Something that is too much effort for me … figuring out how to get Bloglovin to WORK WITH MY BLOG. This is the bane of my existence right now, and I have given up. P.s. please help 😉

    Sorry that you aren’t getting along with your roommate – just think of the apartment you will eventually have 🙂

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