We Like Fast Running.

^For me. LOLZ. No Shalene ova here. 

We are not talking about the fact that it’s Monday. Even a mention is NOT. ALLOWED. Okay? Okay.


This week I did the first semblance of any sort of “fast running” since my super intense comeback this December. I woke up on Saturday morning, couldn’t fathom the thought of another boring easy run, and opted for some treadmill speed work. I don’t actually mind the treadmill – it’s a lot easier for me to push myself on it, and I get to wipe my sweat off. 😉

Let’s back up and look at the week first though.

Monday: 3 miles + legs. 3 easy miles in the morning and a short workout after class! I have this strange hatred of going back to my room before 6pm and was not in the mood to do homework, so gym time it was! All the heavy dumbbells were taken so it was a super easy workout.

Tuesday: upper body. I still suck at bench press. Enough said.

Wednesday: OFF. My Monday / Wednesday / Friday routine is set in stone and it was SO WEIRD not to run in the morning. But I knew I needed a break!

Thursday: 8.5 miles aka the most magical, glorious run of my entire existence.

seawheezeDefinitely thought about this the entire time. 

Friday: 3 miles + total body strength

Saturday: 4.5 miles aforementioned speed workout! I did 5 x 800m with 800m recovery, plus a short warmup and cool down. Yaaaaay running. ❤

Sunday: total body strength. I FINALLY SQUATTED! The only time I ever get to use the squat rack is if I show up the moment the gym opens and book it over there. My weekends have been consumed with long runs so I haven’t made it over in a while. It felt great, even though I am definitely getting weaker. Running more is so worth it though.

19 miles total! I figure I “peaked” at 25 miles during half marathon training (it’s tough for me to say peaked since I didn’t give a hoot about performance / running fast and just wanted to finish) so I would love to hang out at that milage for a while before getting super speedy in training. I feel like that 1:45 half could be mine after all….. !!!!

I’m off to go pretend to pay attention in class. Might as well be honest. 😉

How do you feel about Monday today? Remember…HONESTY.


One thought on “We Like Fast Running.

  1. That’s so awesome that you just busted out 8.5 – pretty sure that you just motivated me to get my six in after school. Weekends have been so weird for me lately that I’m doing midweek long runs; they feel totally awkward 🙂
    I actually love Mondays because that’s when my Bible Study group meets; sorry 😉

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