Top Five Quotes from Emma the Crazy Canadian

I seem to say a lot of hilarious things. They don’t sound that ridiculous coming out of my mouth, but once my friends hear them, they become impossible to let go. It’s all good fun, and we still laugh about things I said in October. So I decided to bring you my Top Five Quotes from the “Shit Emma Says” note in my friends phone. Because, yup, that definitely exists.

Alternatively titled: Favourite Times Emma Sounded Insane


1. “You’re going back to New Zealand?! Can you bring me something made of sheep?” I suppose I could have just said “wool”…but that would have required me to actually make that connection.


And on the same note…

2. “I’ve never seen a sheep before. Does it look anything like a lamb?” I was most definitely imagining “Mary Had A Little Lamb” while asking this question. I DON’T LIKE ZOOS OKAY?!


3. “William Shatner – the guy who wrote my Pyschology textbook!” “YES, HE DID WRITE IT.” “I will bet you money!” “Oh…Shacter.” All you Star Trek fans, I am deeply sorry. Please forgive me.

4. “Why do you care if it’s raining when we go to the waterpark? It’s inside!” Apparently in places with normal weather (aka everywhere except Alberta), they have watermarks outside…what a concept! Although I would definitely be down with going down a water slide on a toboggan.

wem-waterparkI used to love this place so much I had my birthday there.

5. “How many people does it take to lift the ship’s anchor?” Righhhht. Because an anchor heavy enough to secure a 200 000 ton vessel in the middle of the ocean can just be, you know, casually tossed off the edge.

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Thinking Out Loud – If It Doesn’t Kill You

Thinking Out Loud returns! I know I posted last week, but I actually wrote that draft the Friday before I left for my cruise – so it’s really been two weeks since I’ve been able to join the randomness party.

1. I watched a two hour movie – and lived to tell the tale! I have literally been dreading this past Monday’s Film Studies lecture since the start of the semester, after seeing we would be watching Hitchcock. I a) already hate watching movies and b) have been scarred for life by The Birds. But, although it was pretty slow moving, Rear Window was not so bad! I may or may not have been giving my two friends death grips at the end. 😉


2. Does anyone have plantar fasciitis miracles? I haven’t been diagnosed, but I think I feel the beginnings of it – heel / arch pain and some outer kneecap discomfort as well. There is a strict NO INJURIES ALLOWED rule for this training cycle, so this need to be nipped in the bud!

3. As does my McDonald’s craving. I know – it’s so bad. I can’t believe I just admitted that on the internet. But I ate chicken nuggets at Atlantis last week and haven’t been able to get them out of my head. Where are you, carrot cravings?!


And while we’re at it…


I die. So easily amused.

4. My balance is still suffering from the cruise. At least once per day after getting off the ship, I have wobbled, feeling like the (very solid) ground is moving beneath my feet. There haven’t been any falls…yet. Unlike that time I fell down on the ice next to a deer skeleton…now that’s a throwback.

old-winterI was 14(?) in this picture. Always a charmer. 

5. Still no news on the Kinesiology application. Because I know you know I am still checking every hour daily.

6. I am seriously considering moving back home. Don’t get any crazy ideas – not until I am finished my undergrad at UBC. But the University of Alberta has an excellent Master of Physical Therapy program that I would have a solid chance at getting in to (being from Alberta), and I would be able to save a ton of money by living at home and working my perfect cafe job.

This is . And yes, mine is almost empty.     ❤️

7. Because I can’t live in Vancouver for a long time! I really think that I do want to move here permanently eventually. But housing is so so incredibly expensive, and I won’t be able to afford it until I have a solid job with no student debt. Plus, I actually miss Alberta. Who would have thunk it?

winter-albertaIt’s kinda pretty, hey? 

8. There is a chance my teeth may fall out. Back in eighth grade, we were investigating alternatives to braces. I didn’t end up getting it, but an option was this retainer-style contraption that actually moved your teeth. But if you didn’t wear it consistently, your teeth moving back / forth created a risk of them falling out! I’ve worn my (non-teeth-moving) retainer a couple nights per month for the past year, so now I’m a little worried… 😉

9. I will definitely be going to see this opening night.


I do make exceptions to my 90 minute maximum movie rule – mainly for horizontal running.

10. I also definitely freaked out seeing “2015”. What?! That’s way too far away!! ….we’re only 2 months in already, Emma. 😉

Where is your dream place to live? 

But also kind of realistically…I would absolutely love to live in New York City, but there is just zero chance of that happening.

What I (Wish I) Ate Wednesday

Wow, it has been a while, hasn’t it?! I stopped doing WIAW for a few reasons – I didn’t like the inevitable comparison trap that comes along with posting a full day of eats, and frankly, since moving to university, my food looks gross. Like, every single meal. Nobody wants to see a picture of that! But because I always occasionally browse through my photos and drool over my beautiful meals from the past, I decided to rejoin the world of What I Ate for a week.


Acai Bowl from Juice Generation in New York City. I’m pretty sure the price of a trip back there would be worth this breakfast, and that is not an exaggeration. I’m pretty sure I said “Oh my goodness this is so good” after every. single. bite. It’s a good thing I don’t live in the city or I would be broke from this place alone.



I also vividly remember this bowl of oats. I had just gotten back in from my longest run ever (at the time), an 8-miler. I did it in -15C and rode the elevator afterwards with a Credo regular, unable to move or speak. It was super classy. But I don’t think oats have ever tasted so delicious!


Lunch: Oh come on. Are you really surprised? If I had to choose one food from home that I miss the most, it would hands down be panini. There is just nothing that compares to those crispy grill lines & melted cheese… swoon. ❤ And yup! I’m getting cheesy about cheese. It happens. I think the one I’m craving most right now is hummus, avocado, turkey + cheddar. Dipped in salsa + tzatziki, obviously.


snape-obviouslyNecessary every time the word comes up. Every. Damn. Time. 

Dinner: I could most definitely put another panini here and be happy as a clam. Buuuut there are some other pretty freaking delicious foods out there that this university student has no access to. Case in point:


Nothing too fancy, though. Just a nutritious, home-cooked meal in the comfort of my own home. ❤


19+ in British Columbia. That is all I have to say about that. (Except for the fact that this was my first legal drink ever and it was a pretty phenomenal beverage on an absolutely perfect day.)

caesarP.S. Hop on the Caesar train, Americans. You will not regret it. 

While we’re talking about my 18th birthday, we might as well remember this beauty. I didn’t tell the waitress it was my birthday until she saw me crying over my present, and then a few minutes later she turned up with this! Cheesecake for breakfast dessert? Don’t mind if I do!


What is the #1 thing you wish you were eating RIGHT THIS MINUTE?

The Balance of Nutrition & Activity

As I wrote a novel about yesterday, last week I went on a four-day cruise! All the food was free onboard, which led to a rather lot of unconventional eats / snacking. There were waffles for breakfast, ice cream for 11am snacks, the list goes on. I didn’t gorge myself, but I absolutely indulged 1-3x per day. Personally, I am a believer in moving more when I eat more. It’s not to punish myself, and it’s definitely not to “burn off dessert”. It simply makes my body feel healthy and balanced.

Dessert2Because it is impossible to say no to something like this. 

I know there are a lot of schools of thought that food and exercise should remain 100% separate – and while I totally respect that ideology, I know it is not possible for me. I need to increase my protein intake when lifting a lot of weights, eat more carbs & calories when running more, eat a bigger meal after a hard workout, smaller meals when doing nothing but sitting, etc.

7-mile-runBack in September when I ate burgers every night for dinner. I have no regrets. 

With that said, I was most certainly not perfectly balanced this week. I did 3 four mile runs on the ship’s treadmill this morning, and probably walked 2-3 miles max throughout the day. Compared to my usual level of activity, that is way down! And my food intake was way up.

I am incredibly happy with how I have reacted to this whole experience, though. Not once did I feel guilty for indulging in dessert (although my stomach definitely complained a few times). I didn’t deprive myself of anything but I also did not eat everything in sight “because I’d already blown it”. I have struggled a lot with the “all or nothing” mindset with regards to food, so I’m seriously proud of my level of moderation on this trip!


I also have no intentions of doing anything dramatic this week. Obviously, it will be nice to not crave sugar 24/7 as I did when it was at my fingertips, and I am of course looking forward to things like kale and chicken. But I won’t run more or eat less than usual. I will only BE HAPPIER because it is impossible to not be after a once in a lifetime trip at sea.

Do you think food & exercise should be related? 

Tell me if you disagree!

My First Time on a Boat.

As you very possibly might have gathered from the title, this past week I went on a boat for the very first time! If you were wondering why my posts decreased, or I replied to exactly zero comments, that is why. Technically I have been on a canoe a couple of times but everyone I’ve talked to says that doesn’t count. I wonder why? 😉

enchantment-of-the-seasJust a tad bigger than I’m used to.

Only ever living in Alberta, a 100% landlocked province, set the stage for some pretty minimal water action. Add in competitive ski racing for eleven years, where our only travel was to/from the mountains, #boatlife (thanks Sarah) just didn’t enter my mind.

That is, until I moved to the west coast, where it was apparently blasphemy. One of the reactions I got was:

“Wait…not even a ferry?”

Oh, right, I forgot! I took the ferry over to Calgary all the time. 😉 LOLZ.

One of my close girlfriends – the first friend I made in Vancouver to be exact – just so happens to have a father who is a cruise ship Captain. And he just so happened to be sailing to the Bahamas over our reading break.


Because I'm at the airport & I do what I want.Emma’s Airport Excited Face! 

So last Sunday, my three best friends and I headed out to Port Canaveral, Florida, for a four day cruise on Enchantment of the Seas, part of the Royal Caribbean International Fleet. I truly could write ten posts on this trip and still not be done, so because I actually like having readers I am going to attempt to condense it.

Day 0: our first flight was delayed the exact length of our layover, which led to us sprinting through LAX barefoot. We definitely arrived at the gate sweaty, begging to be let on. The flight attendants were not happy at all but thank goodness gracious we made it.


Day 1: we arrived in Port Canaveral after a whopping 0 hours of sleep the night before due to a red-eye. After hitting up IHOP for breakfast, we headed to Cocoa Beach for the morning before we could board the ship. Despite being absolutely exhausted, as soon as we got to the beach I was completely overcome with adrenaline and joy. I literally sprinted straight into the ocean, and spent a solid hour jumping over waves, taking pictures, and basking in the glow of the water. I have no idea what came over me – I have spent years saying I despise/am terrified of water, and there I was loving every second of it!


Once we got onto the boat, we explored, ate from a delicious buffet, and hit up the Sail Away party. I definitely sprinted to the front of the ship to watch as it left the docks. And after dinner, we all promptly passed out at 9:30pm!

Day 2: 

So. Much. Awesome. There was an attempt at a run on the outdoor track, but it was foiled by extremely strong winds. I actually fell over twice before heading to the treadmills, where I almost fell over a couple more times – balance champ, right here. There were afternoon naps, line dancing, and lots of relaxed fun throughout our day at sea.


The highlight, however, was definitely dinner at the Captain’s Table. He had his own plates and menu! What?! The 70s dancing that followed was a close second.

Day 3: 

Our excursion to Atlantis (which I definitely thought was the Lost City at first) started out amazing – we were riding slides, running around, having a ton of fun.


Then, on a much-needed coffee run, a torrential downpour ensued. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before – and I live in Vancouver! That came and went, and we waited out the worst parts while eating fruit loops & chicken nuggets for lunch under a cabana. Two of my friends went to go ride some more slides, while my friend Mikayla and I sprinted headed for the hot tub. When the other girls showed up minutes later ordering us to get out, “NO!” was our obvious answer. But they were evacuating the park due to thunder & lightning! So yes, I was evacuated from the Lost City of Atlantis (kinda). NBD.

Day 4: 

Another sea day! We were supposed to have a beach day at Coco Cay, but the high winds wouldn’t allow for the anchor to go down. The Men’s Belly Flop Competition kinda rocked, as did the Captain himself joining us for dinner.

Atlantic Ocean WeatherIt was also pretty awesome to have seen this on my phone. 

Day 5: 

Our flight didn’t leave until 8pm, but we had to be off the ship by 9am to allow for the weekend cruisers to get on. We ended up going to Florida Mall, and killed over 2 hours playing MASH. Does anyone remember that game?! Apparently I am going to live in Rio, with skis as my sole method of transportation, and be eaten alive by my seven cats. Awesome.

Overall, I am so incredibly grateful to have had this opportunity. It was a truly life-changing experience and something I will never ever forget. It made the mountains of homework awaiting me last weekend far more bearable, and finally gave me some pictures to put on Facebook. 😉

Have you ever been on a cruise? 

What was your best trip ever? 

Thinking Out Loud – On A Boat!

Good morning friends! I’m currently liven’ it up on a boat, so big thanks to Amanda for letting me spill! Time for a Thinking Out Loud partaaay.


1. I HAVE A PASSPORT! The relief I felt at the passport office last week was indescribable. I was so convinced that they were going to tell me something had went wrong, and then I wasn’t going to be able to go my trip and MY LIFE WOULD BE RUINED. Nope, I’m not even a little dramatic here.

2. It is physically impossible to get sick of cinnamon raisin bread. I brought back an Ezekiel loaf, and was scrambling to finish it before leaving for my cruise on Sunday. I ended up eating two sandwiches per day and toast + PB made up 99% of my snacks. I didn’t hate it.


3. The amount of water I can drink when I’m sitting down is staggering. I literally just drank 2L without even blinking. During the day it’s not such a bad thing, but I do it at night too, which makes for a fairly disrupted sleep. 😉 I figure it all balances out though, considering if I am running around all day I will make it to bedtime with exactly 1 cup in me. And I wonder why I get migraines!

4. It is Thinking Out Loud Thursday, and also Throwback Thursday. 


5. This is Vancouver’s weather forecast for the week that I am gone. I mean, really? I definitely cannot complain, as it has been beyond beautiful here this winter, but I was hoping to at least miss out on one rainy day.

6. I’m really hoping I’ve been on a sunrise run by this point. But since I am writing this post before I leave, nobody knows. 

7. Because I will be 100% disconnected for four days! Apparently there is no WiFi / cell phone signal in the middle of the ocean. Who knew?! I’ll admit, though, I’m not looking forward to not being able to text / call my mom. Love her!

8. There is a good chance I will be distracted though. I would say it’s reasonable…

9. I just downloaded TimeHop, and I’ve got to say, I’m not impressed. Perhaps if I was more charming at age 13…


10. It is officially possible for me to say “10 years ago…” yeah. It’s gross. But I haven’t been able to remember that far back until now. I’ll probably lose it when I can say 20.

Where were you 10 years ago. Can you remember? What about 20? 

My #1 Dorm Room Breakfast

Since discovering this breakfast, I don’t even miss my old staples. Yes, warm cinnamon apple stovetop oats are seriously delicious, and poached eggs on toast still makes me swoon, but as long as I have this breakfast, I can deal.


And I can’t without it. I definitely walked to pickup a container of greek yogurt at 10pm last night because I hadn’t realized I had ran out and god freaking help me if I had to eat something different.

And what is this magical meal of deliciousness, you ask?

PB&J Overnight Oats.

Perfect for those with minimal equipment (dorm life!), minimal time (college life!), or a general inability to function in the morning (dorm AND college life!). But I’m pretty sure the rest of you will love them too. 🙂


  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 4-6oz of greek yogurt
  • 2 tbsp PB2

Directions (these are tough):

  • Combine…
  • And devour the next morning!


  • For whatever reason, almond milk makes my oats much thicker, so that is what I usually use – but I have tried regular cow’s before and it worked just fine.
  • This recipe is okay with plain yogurt, but I way prefer using flavoured. No it’s not super 110% healthy but that is A-OK with me. I’ve found it doesn’t matter the size of container I use – just any individual container will work!