Thinking Out Loud – The Vancouver Brain.

I feel like my Thinking Out Loud intros are always the exact same. So why fix what’s broken? Hi, I’m Emma, a university student with a dysfunctional brain. Here are my dysfunctional thoughts.


1. Apparently Vancouver is not catching on to this beautiful weather. I took advantage of the sunny blue skies the other day, and was referred to as “the woman in shorts” with that weird side-glance at the grocery store. Don’t tell me how to live my life.

Hi, it is currently January 25 ✌️and I am wearing shorts.

2. My life frequently flashes before my eyes. I’ll be walking through a parking lot, a car will drive up about 10 feet away from me and I instantly have a vision of being hit, flying across the sidewalk. It’s fine…

3. I’m hungry. It’s Thinking Out Loud Thursday and thought you ought to know. <— name that scene / movie!!

4. Don’t run with your phone in your sports bra, people. Not only will you end up with a horrifying amount of chafing (still rockin’ a scab, btw), your phone will decide it is acceptable to do this:

Just a warning to all my  ... This is what happens when you run with your phone in your sports bra.  Plus the chafing, oh the chafing

5. I’m going on a cruise! I have no idea how this wasn’t #1 but I guess that just shows you the state my brain is in right now. One of my friend’s dad is the captain of a cruise ship, so three of my friends and I are going on a Bahamas Cruise over Reading Week. This is the girl that has never been on an island, never been on a boat and is terrified of being submerged in water. And yet I’m beyond excited!!!

6. But mostly for the free food. I mean, that’s what everyone prioritizes, right?

7. Vancouver is trending on Twitter! Not that I tweet. Ever. But I just randomly logged on for kicks and, hey, I guess we rock more than I thought. (which is hard to do considering I absolutely love this city!)


8. My first film assignment is on a short film called “Death’s Marathon”. Which is ridiculously appropriate since that class (3.5 hours of boredom) always feels like a slow shuffle towards my death.

9. Does anyone know where to buy one earphone cover? You know, that squishy thing that you put in your ear? Well, mine randomly fell off a week ago and I’ve just been listening to music without it, but it is actually quite painful and I would prefer to stop. There are also the (totally irrational) electrocution nightmares.

10. The Kinesiology application is going well! I’ve finished the first draft of all my answers and found my references! Now it’s time to edit and polish before pressing that scary SUBMIT button…

Please name the scene from #3 or I will cry. 

Tell me your reading week / spring break / random life plans!


8 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud – The Vancouver Brain.

  1. I’d be jealous that you’re rocking shorts, but we’ve been experiencing our fair share of gorgeous weather here in Edmonton too, so I can’t hate -too- much. I AM jealous about your cruise, though. I’ve never been on one, but it’s on my bucket list!

  2. That’s awesome that you are about to send in your kinesiology application! Also, have an amazing time on your cruise, girl ❤ That's amazing!
    Also, I have no idea where you can buy the squishy thingy – maybe new headphones are in order?

  3. I cannot for the life of me, name that movie. Please don’t cry! I suppose I ought to say thank you for getting me in giggles with your marvelously dysfunctional brain 😀 !

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