Marathon Monday Returns.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are on week THREE of consistently running / increasing mileage! And I feel like I have come way further than I could have hoped to in such a short time span. I did quite literally stop running for two months, after all. This means that Marathon Monday hosted by the speed demon Christina is officially back!


The first time I ran for an hour was two weeks ago, and although it may have been a pretty dumb thing to do, I think it worked in my favour! I hadn’t run longer than 35 minutes since…October, so it was quite the jump. But I didn’t die and aside from some nearly-locked hips a couple days after it, all was well.

Will Run For Coffee. ☕️ first long run since October, this kid is BACK IN THE GAME! ✌️I ran out of coffee beans, so I ran to get some. Obviously. 

I’m planning to hold it there for a while until the distance feels more comfortable. My goal is to be able to casually crank out a 7 miler before school, so I need to get past giving it “long run status”.

Does anyone else do that? It’s so weird. Mentally, I can wrap my head around an easy 6.2 miles. It’s two loops of my usual route, feels long-ish but not terribly so, and doesn’t psych me out beforehand. Add 0.8 of a mile, though, and suddenly I’m all sorts of nervous. Thank goodness I don’t have to worry about distance for a few months though, right? But I still know that 60 minutes = roughly 7 miles. So the brain chatter continues.

7-milesI’m quite a bit slower than this these days. 

For all intents and purposes, all these runs are easy! I’m just base building right now so I could give a hoot about pace. (did that sound nerdy? Sorry I’m not sorry I’m obsessed with owls.)

Monday: 20 minutes My hips hated me after Sunday’s run, so I knew a short little jaunt was necessary to get them moving. I then proceeded to spend a solid 20 minutes on hip openers in the middle of my dorm room. Classy.

Tuesday: lower body strength. Nothing crazy, more focused on stability + balance.

Wednesday: 30 minutes. 

Thursday: upper body strength. My bench press sucks you guys. It is actually horrific. So I’m sorta obsessed with improving it right now. I’m so feminine. How much can you bench, bro? 

women-bench-press#SingleForLife. But got a laugh out of it anyhow. 🙂 

Friday: 31 minutes. I did my usual 3.1 mile loop plus a bit of back & forth running at traffic lights. Anyone else physically unable to stop during the middle of a run? I also went to yoga that night.

Saturday: OFF. I joined our house flag football team! Lots of fun and mud ensued.

Sunday: 60 minutes

My Sunday long run was a beauty. The plan was to do it on Saturday, but the weather had other plans. One rainy Friday run was enough for me, thanks! I ran all the way down to Whole Foods, enjoyed a fantastical green smoothie and then took the bus back to my dorm for a few hours of laziness. Total bliss.

Time for the Monday grind! Have a wonderful week everyone. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Marathon Monday Returns.

  1. I’m so jealous that you can bust out a 60 minute run – that’s insane 🙂 I definitely understand where you are coming from when you talk about adding .8 of a mile – for me, I’m at around 45 minutes of running, and the thought of adding 15 minutes scares me so badly!

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