My Life-Changing Announcement

How’s that for a dramatic title? Apologies that this post is coming out later than usual – a cancelled morning class = leisurely shower + stretching for Emma. So basically I’m lazy, sorry.

In my English class on Wednesday, I had an epiphany. I was just sitting there, an average level of boredom, when my professor asked us about the significance of a certain character in the novel we are studying (My Year of Meats, if you’re curious!). And then, all of a sudden, I had an overwhelming sense of who freaking cares??

I used to adore English. The analysis of plot and characters was genuinely fun to me. And while I always have and always will love writing, that’s the only part of it that brings me joy anymore. Not the readings upon readings about theories and (quite honestly) total BS.

Even the Bachelor of Media Studies is not quite for me. I was really only hanging on to that for the journalism aspect of it, so that I would be able to work for fitness companies and do health journalism. I do love my one journalism class, but that is only available as graduate degree.

I’m transferring to kinesiology. 

BOOM. The girl who hated science is now choosing to study it. And I know it’s going to be a hell of a lot of work. The biology and physics will probably make me cry. Finals will be incredibly stressful. I will be out a fair bit of money as I make up the credits. But I will know that it will all be worth it in the end because I’m pursuing my true passion, not taking the easy way out. And thanks to The Great CompSci Sufferfest of 2014, I know I’ll succeed.

^ This is providing I am actually accepted into the faculty…

So there you have it! Maybe you care and maybe you don’t, but once I get into the actual kin portions of the degree (Versus biology) I’m sure this blog will become wonderfully geeked out with exercise science. You know you are excited!

Now please pray for me that I

a) Actually get in and

b) Don’t fail biomechanics

Does anyone have a similar experience? 

I don’t need to take calculus…right???


14 thoughts on “My Life-Changing Announcement

  1. I know you’ll do great no matter what major you’re in. I’m not in college yet, but I’d been on the business path for about 2 years now. I got into business school and everything, and then boom, late December I really started thinking about it all and thought that maybe it’s not what I want to do. Isn’t it weird how it just suddenly hits you, and you realize what you really want to do? I wish you the best of luck girl! 🙂

  2. I can totally relate to your changing feelings about English. I too, used to consider it to be one of my favourite subjects, but now I just feel like banging my head into a brick wall every time I have that class. Yet, the allure of science draws me in too, learning about our world is really fascinating. So excited for you on your new path. I’m sure taking the plunge will pay off in the end. After all, we’re talking about a lifetime career here, so there’s no point pursuing a course that isn’t your passion which in turn may lead to a career you aren’t happy with. Change now, when your options are still option . Wishing you all the best in your exciting new endeavours!

  3. OH MY GOSH! Such huge news!!! I think this is the right decision for you and I’m glad you figured it out early on instead of working for years in a field you weren’t passionate about. Let me know if you need any bio help- it’s my specialty :)!

  4. That feeling of being hit by a sudden epiphany in the direction you want to persue…and accepting that you need to let go of previous mistaken “passions”. In a way I majorly relate despite not having done the whole college thing; I understand that undeniable thrill at having something made clear to you..high five onfollowing through on it Emma. Best of luck and yes – go geek on us 😀 !

  5. You are going to rock the socks off of any career that you choose ❤ I'm super excited to hear all about this new career! I have so much respect for you transferring into a career that you know will be difficult, but also rewarding 🙂 You are awesome, Emma!

  6. sadlyy… as far as i know… you might stilll need calc 1! its a university requirement at most places i know but once you get past that youre all good girl!! 😀 thats so exciting!!

  7. Woohoo, that’s a HUGE announcement! Good luck in kinesiology. I love writing, too, but nitpicking over an author’s every word choice in English? I don’t like spending more time analyzing an author’s work than they spent writing it! 😉

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