Some Sweaty Thoughts

It’s an attractive title, I know. But I’m sitting here on my bed, sweating as I type this post and deemed it appropriate. Sorry Amanda. 😉


1. I didn’t wear a coat yesterday. TEN DEGREES in Vancouver. It’s the truth. I strolled out of my room bright and early at 9:30am (I’ve gone soft) without a care in the world. But most definitely with a hot mug of coffee.

image-16Some things just cannot be sacrificed.

2. But it’s just as warm in my hometown? Like really Edmonton. You couldn’t have given me a nice winter while I gave you eighteen years of my life?

3. I have a confession: I’m writing this post for the second time. So it’s a bit less wordy, bit more to the point angsty. Hey, I’m a teenager, I’m allowed.


5. I ALSO HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT! But I’m not telling you until tomorrow. Suckers. Well actually I probably would, but I have approximately 7800.1 words to say on the subject and that doesn’t feel very in the spirit of Thinking Out Loud, am I right? Just know that it is equal parts exciting, frightening, and delusional.

6. 200 pages of Film Art were consumed by my brain yesterday. And I would much rather it be consumed by McDreamy.


7. Does anyone know the name of this yoga pose? I’ve been obsessed with it ever since doing it in a class a couple weeks ago, but it doesn’t seem to exist on the inter webs. It’s basically a pigeon pose, but kneeling like you are going to propose. It is probably the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced but it let’s me walk after running and I kinda like to walk.


8. I still haven’t run in the rain. I always wimp out and head to the ‘mill. Which results in the pleasant scenario of emma + nonstop football. hooray for university gyms.

9. I should really delete Facebook again. Because as much as I want to say that I’m not even fazed by a stupid act of pettiness that I just discovered, it sorta bugs me. GAH. Maturity, please come to me faster.

What are your thoughts on Facebook? What should I do? 

I really like it for meeting people at university, but…STUPIDDRAMAUGH


9 thoughts on “Some Sweaty Thoughts

  1. You may or may not believe the following words I utter, but here goes: I have never ventured into Facebook or any of the likes (instagram and what have you) ever. I’m not sure if I’m just hopelessly outdated or I’m confident that I wouldn’t enjoy any of them! I’ve heard about. the various “issues” that arise within however – my sympathy is with you on that. One.

  2. I try and stay away from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the likes, just because I feel there is so much obsession and judgement over petty things like ‘friends’, ‘followers’ and ‘likes’. But I guess you have to just weigh up the pros and cons of them all. Facebook is great for keeping in contact and socializing with friends (especially those who are longer distances away). Sorry I can’t help you with the yoga pose! Very much a yoga newb right here. Waiting expectantly for your next post…

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